Saturday evening round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesJust a few things that caught my eye as the day went by:

In one of his weirdly counter-productive defenses of Hillary, Bill said that there was nothing wrong with her — except that it took her six months to recover from her head injury after her fall.  That’s a serious recovery time.  Even when my mom fell and gave herself a brain bleed, once she had surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain, she recovered in much less time than six months.

People are carping at Rove for putting this issue out there, and I concede that he did it inartfully, but the public should be apprised of the status of Hillary’s brain in the event she runs. Much as the media may pretend that it’s still 1960, when they successfully covered up Kennedy’s serious illness and drug use, the internet gives the people a voice on important subjects such as a potential president’s physical and mental health.


All of my local Dem friends trust Jerry Brown, so I’m sure that they’re all good with him saying that, insofar as the new Bay Bridge span apparently has a serious design flaw, no one should worry. Maybe we shouldn’t, or maybe he’s just rearranging the deck chairs….

I’m not so sanguine about bridges in our earthquake rich territory. When I’m on them, I invariably drive too fast so that I can get off them as quickly as possible. I also have two of these in my car, in the unlikely event that I survive the moment (God forbid!) when my car plunges into the Bay.


Despite the fact that Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann sued Mark Steyn for daring to question his intelligence and veracity, Steyn has not been cowed. He’s not only counterclaimed, he also continues to challenge Mann’s “climate change” data, using the ever-increasing number of stories about failed predictions, hidden data, and McCarthyism. He’s at it again, in a wonderful post that touches upon the latest McCarthy-ite moment that proves that “climate science” isn’t a science at all but is, instead, a faith.

Incidentally, while you’re visiting Steyn’s site, if you have some change rattling around in your pocket, please consider donating to his legal defense fund. He’s fighting the good fight, but even the staunchest warrior needs cash.


I like Alex Trebek (that’s what thirty years of watching Jeopardy will do to you), so I was very pleased to see that he’s come out in favor of the Redskins keeping their name. His common sense, though, isn’t why I’m linking to this particular article. Instead, please note that, just as Voldemort’s name must go unspoken, so too has the Redskins’ name been stricken from the lexicon. That’s how you end up with incomprehensible sentences such as this one, quoting Trebek (who was making sense when he voiced it): ““They weren’t called the [WFT] because we thought [WFT] were terrible.”

Huh? WTF is a WFT? It turns out that an WFT the one and only “Washington Football Team,” formerly known as the “Redskins.” I preferred “the artist formerly known as ‘Prince.'” It had more of a ring to it.

We live in ridiculous times.


Andrew McCarthy is never better than when he’s writing what is essentially a prosecutor’s opening brief. And so it is with this article he wrote about the IRS scandal, a scandal that grows with every document produced. I, of course, will remind you all again that I said early on that the IRS scandal was the worst scandal ever in American history and I stick to that — especially as it’s becoming increasingly clear that this exercise in banana republic governance had its genesis in D.C., and quite high up in D.C. (as in “close to the President”).


The Left is starting to realize that both the IRS and the Benghazi scandals hit way to close to the President for anyone’s comfort (well, the comfort of anyone on the Left). That’s why the Financial Times announced today that the worst scandal for the President is the VA scandal (you know, the one where VA hospitals have been killing veterans by ignoring them to death). The VA scandal is heinous and disgusting. It stands as a savage indictment of both socialized medicine (which it is) and the American bureaucracy . . . but it doesn’t go up to the White House. Claiming that it’s the worst scandal for Obama is a red herring.

If you think I’m wrong about that interpretation, just consider the first paragraph in the FT article, which expressly warns people away from the genuinely serious stuff (emphasis mine):

Amid contrived outrage over Benghazi and the improving fortunes of its healthcare reform, the Obama administration could be facing a genuine scandal about its treatment of military veterans that has the potential to attract broad political condemnation of its competence.

That’s not journalism. That’s crisis management for the White House.


My husband brought the movie Philomena home from the library yesterday. I was going to write a scathing review, but I see that Kyle Smith got there before I did.

Even if every word of Philomena was the God’s honest truth (which apparently is not the case), it still is a nasty movie. The thing about movies such as this is that all nuns get tarred with the same brush. Think about it: If you see a movie about a woman who is a bad mother, or a bus driver who is rude, or a doctor who commits malpractice, you don’t immediately indict all mothers, bus drivers, or doctors. But a movie about bad nuns somehow creates the belief that all nuns are bad.

While I may be Jewish, I have a deep respect for nuns. During WWII, Belgian nuns sheltered my Jewish grandmother at great risk to themselves.  Moreover, when my mother was in the Japanese concentration camp, the Dutch nuns she was imprisoned with were gracious to all, including the Jewish prisoners. My mom still speaks fondly about their cheerfulness and helpfulness no matter how bad the circumstances were.


And finally, would the Atlantic have Photoshopped a picture of a watermelon into an article about Thurgood Marshall? I don’t think so. But they were willing to do this. Hey, isn’t that microaggression?

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    • Mike Devx says

      MacG, your link had some bad chars at the end of it.  Here’s the repaired link
      I’m struck by how well these two young ladies can speak when they’re in the studio, compared to their vocal presentation on the debate stage, a presentation which is almost 100% incomprehensible to me.  It’s clear from the juxtaposition that that “debate style” is no accident. They are TRAINED to debate that way?  And what is the debate purpose of all that hyperventilating?
      Worse, for me, is the presence of the laptops, and the fact that the girls’ gaze is glued to the computer screen, with hardly a glance to the actual audience.
      Check out the link.  I’m betting you’ve NEVER seen “debate” like this before!  Be sure to contemplate the fact that this is a university debate, and, seeing the calmness and clarity with which these girls speak while off the stage, that they are actually TRAINED – at a university! – to do this, um, performing, while ON the stage.

  1. says

    MacG, “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”
    “All of my local Dem friends trust…”
    That’s all I needed to know, thx. And a full stop.
    “Claiming that it’s the worst scandal for Obama is a red herring.”
    Indeed. They’re probably going to vent the bottom part of their sinking battleship carrying American slaves, by ejecting Shinseki the “more troops in Iraq” expert authority general Clinton used. Tools eventually lose their effectiveness.

  2. JKB says

    I don’t know about others but the incomprehensible sentence about the Redskins got read with a transposition to the familiar form.  The sentence was still incomprehensible, but “WFT” became “WTF”.  Which actually makes more sense.

  3. lee says

    At least “the artist formerly known as Prince” had an interaction legal reason for it. We may have thought it was a wacky, self-indulgent rock star, but like the brown m&M’s story, it was a lot more interesting.
    I started carrying a mini seat belt cutter and window breaker do-hickey on my key chain after friends of my mom’s died in an accident. There car skidded of someone’s drive way and into a fairly shallow pond. (But deep enough to cover the car by about a foot or two. Apparently, the water slowly-ish came in. But they couldn’t get their seatbelts off. He couldn’t reach his cell phone in his pocket (which is also why I know tuck mine in my bra when I get in the car.) They drowned. I got the mini one at the great hardware store on redwood highway, on the other side from the Safeway. Near the Indian restaurant.
    Thanks for the My Fitness Pal tip–it’s just what I need! I just lost 30 lbs through a pricey weight management program at the hospital where I work and it’s done, but I still have about 25 lbs to go, and one of the things I’ve been having the biggest problem with is keeping the food diary. This is perfect!  (I’m addicted to my phone…)

  4. jj says

    Ol’ Bill – could there be a bigger sack of excrement than him? – is very weird in general about that thing to which he’s married.  I have remarked before that nobody likes her and that includes him.  That dynamic is just fascinating when gazed at through the shrink monocle, and may well be the most f***ed up relationship in North America that has yet to result in a capital crime.  He knows he has to defend her in public, and he knows [on some level] he owes her enormously, but it pisses him off to be in the position of owing her because he also knows she’s an inept idiot.  (He doesn’t mind at all that she’s a lair.  Just that she’s so awful at it.)  I think the biggest shock to him in 2007 was what a shitty candidate she was.  He wasn’t kidding when he remarked to whoever it was, I forget now, about Obama that “a few years ago he’d have been bringing us coffee.”  And, even with his help, Hillary couldn’t beat that?  Come on!  Exactly how dumb is she?  That he owes her does not change that simmering a half inch beneath the surface is a well of contempt, and – yes – positive dislike for her.  He knows – better than any of the rest of us – what a harridan she really is.
    So, fascinating as it is, his defense of her is always going to be tinged with something an opponent can grab onto to torpedo her.  Ammunition provided by Bill, and some sort of backhander that drops even acid he’s being a good boy and – allegedly – defending her.  He’s actually a very simple fellow, this Bill Clinton, and not nearly the artful dissembler he thinks he is.  For someone whose had as much practice lying as he has, he is, weirdly like Oabama, (like Hillary herself) no damn good at it at all.  We all know when Obama’s lying, we all know when Bill’s lying – yet they’re both compelled to lie over and over again.  This is very strange behavior in anyone over the age of about six.
    And Bill, not being nearly as smart or artful as he thinks he is, has no apparent ability to control his subconscious, which will absolutely not let him create a false impression of what be truly thinks about her.  “She’s fine, but…”  There is always a ‘but‘ in there, and I for one find it hilarious.  You see through this guy like his head was made of glass: it requires very little effort!
    It’s just a riot to me that (a) America elected him to anything in the first place; (b) anybody at all listens to him at this point, and; (c) it isn’t perfectly apparent to all and sundry that he hates and despises her.  I mean, Jesus, America – really?  How f***ing dense is the electorate around here?

    • Libby says

      Heh. Yes, the recent statements by Bill & Hillary have been an excellent reminder of what a dysfunctional duo they are. Neither of them – let alone both – should be anywhere near the White House again (their departure was bad enough). 
      In addition to JJ’s reasons above, I’m betting that Bill wants no part of having to give up his NYC, world-traveling, international VIP lifestyle in order to once again pretend to be the loving, doting husband.  He’s been able to indulge in his appetites out of the spotlight with Hillary safely in DC. Double goes for the financial scrutiny her presidency would bring (hello, Clinton Global Fund financial shenanigans!).

    • lee says

      Bill owes her nothing. She rode his coat tails out of the ignominy of getting canned from that watergate committee to some sort of political redemption. He’s a slime, and she’s no better.

  5. Charles Martel says

    jj, but Bill is charming and good looking, and culturally black! That’s good enough for me! And Hillary has a pudenda. What a wonderful thing it would be if our children could proudly point in 2017 to a POTUS—Pudenda of the United States!
    Book, regarding the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, I think we’re looking at a disaster in the making. A bureaucrat-encrusted process has left us with a costly experiment—a “self-anchored” suspension bridge whose cables are not tied down at opposite ends but instead wrap around to meet themselves. Can you say, “Ooops, our models didn’t predict that kind of seismic wave. How could we have known that it would strain the tower’s cables to the breaking point?”
    Add to that crappy Chinese steel (can the Chinese make anything that’s high quality?), poorly manufactured and tested bolts, and a series of bland lies and explanations (“Not a big problem; the fix will only cost $2 million”) from the careerist parasites that run Caltrans.
    When I take the Bay Bridge, I break the speed limit when I reach the tower section. The drop from the roadway there to the bay is more than 150 feet, so I’d pretty much be dead on impact if the bridge designed by California’s best and brightest collapses. Best to pass over it as fast as possible, whistling as I do so. 

  6. SJBill says

    Justic Scalia and I grew up just a few miles from each other in the Trenton NJ area where we went to different schools together – he to Steinert High School in Hamilton, and I to Trenton Central High School. The area shared an absolute love for what was the regional Trenton tomato pie – NOT what is termed a pizza.  Similar but somewhat different in construction and baking.
    DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies remains a Hamilton food landmark, and in Trenton we had scads of incredible tomato pie joints. Some remain in business with over 100 years family ownership.
    To this day I still dream of a great tpomato pie cooked in a coal fired oven, and I’ll wager that Justice Scalia does as well. They. Were. Incredible!
    Now I’m hungry. ;-)

  7. SJBill says

    I must be getting old and confused: Justice Scalia, born in Trenton, left the area with his family while he was a child. Justice Alito, also an Italian-American, was the one that graduated from Steinert High in 1966. So how’s that Book, two Supreme Court Justices from one small area? It was the food, I tell you!

  8. says

    Maybe we’ll start hearing Hilary is not old but jokes…
    Things like I’m not saying Hilary is old but she’s already scheduled naptime during her debates.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old but she calls her campaign bus the Metamucil Express.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old but she wants Matlock for her vice president.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old. I’m saying that the mosaic of her at the Sapphos archeological dig shouldn’t lead to questions about her personal life.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old but the first bimbo eruption she ever handled was for Henry VIII.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old but her first college protest was during the French and Indian war.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old but her face has more wrinkles than a Bill Clinton apology.
    I’m not saying Hilary is old. I’m saying she’s a miserable lousy candidate and the punchline is that America is dumb enough to elect her.

  9. Charles Martel says

    “I’m not saying Hilary is old. I’m saying that the mosaic of her at the Sapphos archeological dig shouldn’t lead to questions about her personal life.”
    Thread winnuh.

  10. lee says

    Ooooh! This is rich:
    “The government may be paying incorrect subsidies to more than 1 million Americans for their health plans in the new federal insurance marketplace and has been unable so far to fix the errors, according to internal documents and three people familiar with the situation.
    “The problem means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people are receiving bigger subsidies than they deserve. They are part of a large group of Americans who listed incomes on their insurance applications that differ significantly [...] from those on file with the Internal Revenue Service, documents show.
    “The government has identified these discrepancies but is stuck at the moment. [...] And, even when they [consumers have provided proof of income], the federal computer system at the heart of the insurance marketplace cannot match this proof with the application because that capability has yet to be built, according to the three individuals.”


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