Boogie-Woogie that’ll knock your socks off

In St. Pancras International Train Station in London, Henri Herbert sat down at an open piano. After a few flourishes, somewhat like a speaker first clearing his throat, Herbert went to work — and what he did will knock your socks off. Passers-by at St. Pancras seemed blasé about it, but Herbert is getting the attention he deserves thanks to the internet:

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  • Earl

    I suppose we have to cut the people at St. Pancras a LITTLE slack – it’s the international terminal for trains to Europe, and unlike the tube, you can’t miss your train and then just catch the next one.
    Still…..with that kid playing that music, it boggles my mind that a few more folks didn’t spend a minute or two listening.  He was just plain impressive!!

  • jj

    Usually you have to pay to see Herbert do this, so it’s kind of fun that he just sat down and fired away.  (With a convenient camera and sound guy along…)  But yeah, St. Pancras is full of highly focused (another word where what was once a misspelling is now the norm) people, trying desperately not to blow it while attempting to get out of town.