Memorial Day afternoon round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesMark Steyn writes movingly about something that American Jews, who seem have eyes, still resolutely refuse to see: the growing violent antisemitism sweeping across Europe. It’s a toxic combination of Islam, Leftism, and the antisemitism that seems hardwired into Europe’s genes. (And as always when I cite to Steyn, do think about contributing to his legal aid fund. He’s fighting the good fight on behalf of the First Amendment and he needs support. Even though, last I heard, he’s representing himself, the costs of suit, even without attorney’s fees, add up quickly.)


While I’m on the subject of European Jewry, you’ll notice I haven’t said anything about Britain’s and Europe’s elections.  I’m biding my time.  They’re definitely a blow against the EU’s bureaucratic rule and the dangerously porous borders between Europe and Islam, but I’m in wait-and-see mode.  

While the American “right wing” is focused upon individual liberty, market freedom, and respect for human rights, Europe’s right wing has the disturbing tendency to be the ugly mirror image of its left wing, complete with total government control and antisemitism.  Both are statist; both are ugly.  They differ only in their labels, and favored and disfavored groups (although both sides always hate the Jews).


Tom Rogan explains that MSNBC talking horse’s patootie Touré didn’t just sound like a one-trick pony when he contended that “white privilege” enabled Holocaust survivors to thrive in America. Instead, Touré showed profound disrespect to the Holocaust and to each person who suffered and died in that statist horror show. Touré would benefit from a visit to Auschwitz, except that there’s a good chance that he would reduce the entire experience to a tweet: “Auschwitz = sad, but blacks also died.”


In the mid-17th century, the English people, distressed by their king’s increasingly tyrannical rule, fought a bloody civil war, and then embarked upon an 11 year experiment with Puritanical rule. They discovered two things: (1) the Puritans were every bit as tyrannical as the king and (2) the Puritans were much less fun than the king. When Oliver Cromwell died, not only did the British embrace King Charles II, they embraced a return to life’s pleasures.

History may be repeating itself.  Michael Ledeen thinks that Muslims suffering under Islam’s increasingly repressive lash are seeing the absence of pleasure as the straw that’s slowly breaking the sharia camel’s back. The fact that Iran’s women are taking the terrible risk of taking their head scarfs off to feel the sun and wind on their heads suggests that he’s correct.  Of course, in England, the transition back to government that recognizes the human capacity for joy was made easier by Cromwell’s death and his son’s abdication.  In the Muslim Middle East, none of the powers in charge will yield gracefully.


It’s not too late to check out Jake Tapper’s twitter feed today. He’s dedicating it entirely to Memorial Day updates, honoring both the living and dead who serve and have served our country. Tapper keeps showing himself to be a class act. He’d always stand out as a journalist, but in a field peopled by party hacks, he’s truly exceptional.


Google, of course, is not covering itself in Tapper-esque glory. It’s chosen to ignore Memorial Day entirely, apparently considering it less important than Cesar Chavez day and other obscure, minor, or Leftist occasions. Bing has honored Memorial Day, which goes a long way to explaining why it, not Google, is my search engine of choice.


Keith Koffler makes an excellent point about those who died serving our country:

We can be cheered that their lives were not wasted. Many lives lived much longer are wasted. But dying for the greatest nation in history, for the hope of mankind – for the last hope of mankind – is not a waste.

But it is a tragedy. And it is awfully sad.

Until Obama leaves office, there’s little we can do to ensure that American military deaths, even as they cut short young lives, continue to be in a greater cause.  In 2016, however, if we don’t step up and reaffirm at the ballot box everything that America stands for, we will have wasted every American death from 1773 through the present day.


It’s also up to us to keep the pressure on this administration and on subsequent administrations to serve our veterans after they leave the battlefield. Perhaps when/if we dump Obamacare and go back to the open market, we should dismantle the VA and instead give vets an annual sum of money that they can apply to the best insurance the market has to offer, with extra money flowing to veterans who have suffered extraordinary injuries. After all, anything has to be better than the VA as it is currently configured.


This is the kind of thing you think must be a joke until you realize that it’s not; and then you realize it’s a tragedy in the making: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will no longer review employee performance because it’s possible that such reviewed might be discriminatory.

Even Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks was a more sensible government agency. With regard to the CFPB’s sinking into parody, does it matter at all to know that it’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s baby?


I don’t think I need to add any more today about the Elliot Rodger’s shooting spree. The Diplomad and Jack Cashill have said all that I would have.


On my liberal Facebook page, my liberal friends are being entirely predictable: the worst winter in living memory, they say, came about because of global warming, blah, blah, blah. Sadly, there’s no way I’ll be able to get them to watch this video. (Hat tip: Earl)


Sultan Knish makes a funny, sad point: For the last forty years, Leftism has successfully advanced itself by turning favored classes into victims, thereby using American’s basic niceness to change fundamental policies and attitudes in this nation. “Poor [fill in the blank, e.g., blacks, gays, women, Hispanics, etc.]. White people/America/dead white men/climate/nature/etc. have been so unfair to them. It’s up to us to spend lets of money, set up vast programs, and stifle speech to help them out.”  I actually can’t fault this appeal to decency insofar as it made us remember that the Bill of Rights extends equal protections and access to civil society to all, not just men, not just heterosexuals, and not just whites.

Now, though, these formerly dispossessed classes are in the driver’s seat, heading government and industry and what do they do? They still whine about how victimized they are. That’s funny, or it would be if they weren’t still intent upon dismantling all the best things about our country: her freedom loving attitudes, her citizens’ innate kindness, her social mobility, her vital marketplaces of both merchandise and ideas, and her self-reliant citizens.


And finally, while I’m on the subject of the good things in America, the following video is wonderful for two reasons. The first will be obvious to you as you watch it: it’s a lovely story about a faithful human heart. I’ll mention the second reason after you’ve watched the video:

The Amrines were married in 1954. Back in the mid-1950s, Little Rock wasn’t a very nice place to be. It was a deeply segregated city, with the local and state government leaders (all Democrats) doing anything they could to deny blacks their basic civil rights. That segregation took, a human face — ugly on the white side; brave and dignified on the black — in 1957 when the Little Rock Nine, thanks to President Eisenhower’s (Republican) intervention, walked through jeering crowds to the city’s first desegregated high school:

Little Rock Nine

Now think back to the above feel-good story about the Amrines: white man, Asian wife, black cops, all in Little Rock and all coming together in a spirit of love and charity. That’s pretty darn special, and something about which all Americans should feel very proud.

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  1. says

    “who seem have eyes, still resolutely refuse to see: the growing violent antisemitism sweeping across Europe.”
    Israelis don’t even see that releasing Palestinian baby killers for dead Israelis, is a losing strategy and is not in any way a way to achieve “life victory”.
    If perpetually bombed Israelis don’t see that… why should American Jewish princesses and their ilk realize something similar?

  2. says

    Hussein O: “Benghazi? Stand down the QRF. Let them suffer and die. I’m going into a fundraiser meeting, let Valerie handle the situation room.”
    Eric Holder: “Justice is not blind…. for I am her eyes”
    Valerie Jarret: “Obama is the smartest man in the room”
    Michelle O: “Barack will make you work”
    Vouchers aren’t a bad way for healthcare or education. But you know what Hussein said about vouchers? Hussein said public education is what people needs to support by sending their kids to. Meanwhile, Hussein’s two daughters go to a private DC school, not the public DC school that sent them an invitation.
    Oooooo. Vouchers. The slave masters of America ain’t going to let you have no V. O. U. C. H. E. R. S.

  3. JKB says

    Over at Instapundit, he had a link to yet another post declaring the Tea Party dead.  I keep hearing these pronouncements and they remind me of a cute song from the mid-1970s.  
    I’ve changed the words to reflect my thought:
    One day the fellas from Washington come by. They spied the tea party and turned white as sheet. They dug and they burned and they burned and they dug, trying to kill that tea party weed. Then they drove away. We just smiled and waved, sitting there on that sack of seed.Original was about something different, but….

  4. SADIE says

    I feel like a matching bookend. I’ve been reading off the same pages today. Google joins Bing and Yahoo – Memorial Day – must be too political. FEH!
    I am in wait mode regarding the elections in the EU, but heard myself singing, “Let’s do the time warp dance” ….
    It’s just a jump to the left.
    And then a step to the right.


  5. says

    But that’s strange. The UK party was said to be an extremist nazi go no where party.
    The Europeans think the same thing about the Tea Party, although for us it’s more of a grass roots organization than an official party.

  6. 94Corvette says

    Earlier this year I switched my search engine to ‘duck duck go’, a browser that does not track your history for use by others. 

  7. Mike Devx says

    Good for Bing!  And screw Google.
    Book, you said:
    In 2016, however, if we don’t step up and reaffirm at the ballot box everything that America stands for, we will have wasted every American death from 1773 through the present day.
    I think it begins by politically neutering Obama with the 2014 elections.  
    The Democrats dug their own hole deep in 2010 with an “It’s A Recovery Summer!” campaign that lasted until August, until it was too late for them to recover.  They’re not being nearly as brain-dead this time around.  Yet, I’m hopeful.  We’ve got a good shot at retaking the Senate and increasing the lead in the House.  I’m cautiously optimistic.
    It must be said, however: Republicans have a nasty habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Six months to go.

  8. Danny Lemieux says

    Nice story about the Amrines. It should be said that marrying a Japanese-American woman in 1954 was especially subject to racist demagoguery, given that memories of WWII were still so fresh. One of the many things that I admire about the Japanese culture is that, unlike so many others, it refuses to descend into onanistic orgies of self pity and entitlement. The Japanese just set their jaws, get over it, and move on.

    • says

      Something I was offended by was someone 10-20 years my senior thinking my shortening of Japanese to Jap in a chat room, was the old racism.
      No, the old stupidity was with the older generation’s prejudices. Continuing the old beliefs by impressing it on the young and ignorant, whether we liked it or not.
      The old farts need to know their place. Which ain’t the future. In a hierarchical society like Japan, they understand bone deep that the new generation will replace and continue the Japanese soul and culture. Thus they try to select only the best, the brightest, and the most beautiful of things to pass on. Human nature makes a lot of that fail, but it’s important that people try.
      The old farts in America seem to think in the reverse, where if the newest generation doesn’t experience all the pains and hardship of the past, then nothing will be passed on. The WWII generation didn’t want to pass on certain hardships, which resulted in the Baby Boomers *unintentional consequences*. The Baby Boomers then outlaw everything they had in terms of liberty, for the kids, such as academic freedom, freedom of conscience, and freedom of worship.
      In some ways, the previous generations got a lot of things wrong and tried all the Wrong things, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This is not how one continues a culture or a nation.

  9. says

    Book, you ever wonder why people hated black people and feared them?
    It’s the same reason that the Confederate soldiers fought against the North, even though the people on the bottom didn’t own slaves. It’s the same reason why cool kids and their cliques will torture and exclude weak individuals in high school.
    It’s because they don’t want to be exiled and die. The social consensus in the Confederate states was merely this. Obey the aristocratic belief that slavery is righteous… or else. Or else you lose your job. Or else you lose your marriage. Or else your house will go on fire, mysteriously. Or else your business will be robbed. Or else your political campaign will be sabotaged. Or else your wife will be harassed. Or else.
    Do it, or else. Take this glass of water and dump it over that kid’s head, or else. Go to that kid’s locker and put a bunch of dirt in it, or else.
    Do it, or else.
    Obedience to tyranny and evil, Book, has always been with us. Because the weaklings are always with us.

  10. says

    You will make this cake for the homo marriage, and like it. You will put down adornments that glorify and applaud it, and you will like it. Or else. Do it or else.
    You will believe in the Leftist dogma about race, gender, and global warming. Or else.
    Eich, you will say what you are told to say and you will support the MPAA’s DRM whether you like it or not… or else.
    You will vote Democrat and get your welfare check… or else.
    I’m sure people can come up with more examples.
    Although this one might be a lot more familiar to Book. The way that girls in regency novels would always shame and socially exclude women who got pregnant. There would always be the ones out front, leading society, by upping the hate. Then there would be the people who liked the person being cut up, but would obey society’s rules and exclude their friend. Then there would be social mavericks that didn’t give a damn what society thought and would still treat humans as humans. Remember that, Book? It is not that all of humanity was taught to hate blacks. You only need a few. A few Democrats in power.

  11. Mike Devx says

    Perhaps you’ve all seen what google has done NOW.
    Yesterday, Memorial Day, they refused to honor our soldiers and vets.  You went to google dot com, and all you got was the usual sparse, very empty page.
    Well, go there today.  Today, they have put up a tribute to Rachel Carson and “Silent Spring”.
    Words fail me.  This insult is too tremendous, too huge.  Before tyoday, I had decided to merely *avoid* google.  As of today, now, I am 100% dedicated to  boycotting them.  NEVER!  NEVER! NEVER!

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