Two videos to warm the cockles of your heart

Don’t let the fact that the second video is a Thai TV commercial deter  you from watching it.  It’s completely charming.  But start with the first, which Snoopy put me on to, because it’s real life, and incredibly moving. Both got me teary:

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  • Earl

    Warn us to get a hankie, next time, BW.
    Those are GREAT!!
    Two questions:  
    A. Has the person who thought of the program in the first video been decorated and celebrated?  Brilliant humanitarian….we need folks like that here, and a culture that would empower and celebrate them!!
    B. Why do we not see advertisements of the kind shown in Video #2 here in America?  Is it that there are no longer enough people who would respond to it the way that you (BW) and I did?  Or is it that those who make commercials are too worried about what their peers would say were they to make something that I’m afraid my kids would find “cheesy”?  
    Whichever, I don’t think it says anything good about what has happened to us, culturally.

    • Ymarsakar

      “Why do we not see advertisements of the kind shown in Video #2 here in America?”
      I think people who have been reading the analysts of the 3% in America, already know the answer to that or at least suspect the answer.

  • Ymarsakar

    Do you remember, Book, how patriots at home and abroad said that the media were ignoring the good stories in Iraq and preferring the bad ones? Many people thought it was mere the violence and sex leading the corporate profits.
    In reality, it was a calculated psychological warfare assault on American morale, to get people to reject Bush’s military authority on Iraq and replace it with… Hussein’s Peace of Death.


    Bless the IDF and Israel. It’s a life lesson on how to make the less than whole, part of the whole.  The words shalom and shalem, share the same letters in Hebrew – the first we all know as “peace” and second is complete or whole … you don’t have one without the other.
    The Thai video is just beautifully done. Giving without a motive always is.

  • GingerB

    These are wonderful. I was smiling and misty-eyed all the way through both of them.  Thanks for sharing!