Shared humanity, coming to you today from Russia

The other day, I posted about the inhumanity that is woven into the warp and weft of Pakistan culture.  Someone wants to make sure that we don’t view the Russians this way, and put together dashboard cam footage showing Russians, especially in winter, showing deep kindness towards each other and to other living creatures.  It’s very nice.  Indeed, in a time when we’re inundated with videos from around the world showing violence, death, and rapine, it’s a good thing when we stop and celebrate those moments when a country’s citizens spontaneously show their best selves:

(BTW, did you notice that the hard Russian winter accounts for more than its fair share of opportunities to help ones fellow man?)

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  • Ymarsakar

    Russians are funny.
    They translate a portion of South Korean and Japanese imported entertainment. It is as difficult a translation as Japanese/Chinese is going into English.

  • MacG

    Touching video.  Can’t help but wonder if it is promo by goods Samaritan to encourage good deeds as it seems there are a lot dash cams in Russia…even one a rear window.  At any rate it is good to see acts of chivalry and kindness.

  • Ron19

    I used to work with a guy like that.  He was an ex-Seal.
    Not only was he the deadliest guy I knew personally (more like Ding than John Clark), he was also one of the nicest.

  • jj

    The Russians aren’t bad people.  Between the f**king czars, the f**king Commies, and f**kers like Putin and his pals they’re the unluckiest people in the world, but not at all bad people.  I remember that, when the fading embers of the communists tried to take the country back and ordered the army into Moscow, the army went – but they went to keep order and adamantly refused to fire on their own people.  I wonder if the same could be said of us.  The asshole Holder would have fired.  Bull Connor would have fired.  The Seattle cops would have fired.  The California Highway Patrol would have fired.  And, if they’re willing to hire actors to entrap citizens at crosswalks, that’s pretty good evidence that so would the assholes who suppose they run Marin County. 

  • Ymarsakar

    A black woman, with a child, got disoriented in the streets of DC, designed for invaders, and ended up at a concrete road block with DC goons around her. They tried to surround her car, so she backed off, backing over some retard LEO that was behind the car, and started driving off. Then got killed as they shot her in the back, as if shooting a car driving away from a roadblock is somehow just as duty required of a car speeding into a road block.
    Then the Republicans and Democrats in DC clapped and thanked the DC kill squads for protecting them (the political class). And where was Hussein’s my son would be Tyrone? And where was hypocrite Jesse and Sharpton?
    So realize, Book, you got off lightly with just a few additional taxes that they called “tickets” or “citations” or what you call sting. You got off lightly. Plenty of Americans ain’t getting off lightly.

  • Call me Lennie

    The reason there are so many dashcams in Russia is because citizens feel the need to have independent evidence of incidents, so as to prevent themselves from being railroaded by corrupt cops …. or so I’ve read.
    Many of the incidents of good samaritans involve frail old ladies.   Russians apparently revere the “babooshka” which is their word for old woman.  Indeed, the word itself is a term of endearment, as the suffix “-ooshka” is a diminutive form that suggests endearment