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I’ve already voted on these, but it’s not to late for you to read this week’s nominations at the Watcher’s Council.  Also, be sure to check out the Council forum about reparations for slavery.  I got so choleric, I couldn’t get my response down in time to meet the deadline:

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  • Ymarsakar

    Every time the Left kills, murders, and tortures one of their enemies, I feel as if it was done to me. They are enemies of humanity, and “hate” is a very weak emotion that people feel and call “hate”. It is not the True Hate.
    Most people can abstract out victims by thinking “good thing that wasn’t me” as they watch in abstract disinterest the piles of bodies the Leftist Regime stacks up like cord wood over this planet. Not me.
    I will never forgive the Leftist alliance. I will never forgive any member of the Leftist alliance. I will never forgive any member of the Democrat party from a certain time onwards. By becoming enemies of humanity, they are no longer human to me. And thus the limitations and genkai fall away completely.
    The Left are so afraid and considerate of Islamic Jihad, since those true believers are floating around. Wait until the LEft sees what they have wrought.


    *First place with 4 votes!Bookworm RoomDear Democrats: If this administration can’t get socialism right, how will any administration, ever?
    The results are in from last week. Congrats!