Flying pig alert: Jeffrey Toobin says Obama “clearly broke the law”

220px-Jeffrey_toobin_2012No, I did not smoke any funny tobacco as a prelude to informing you that Jeffrey Toobin says Obama “clearly broke the law.” This really happened during one of Toobin’s appearances on CNN to discuss the Bergdahl prisoner exchange:

“You realize, of course, you’re accusing the President of the United States of breaking the law” [Wolf] Blitzer observed.

“I do think that his critics have a very good point here,” Toobin asserted. He noted that Congress and the courts are unlikely to do anything about it. “But, you know, it matters whether people follow the law or not,” he concluded.

Yes, indeedy, Mr. Toobin. It matters a great deal whether people follow the law — and it matters even more that their leaders do. If the guy at the top is a scofflaw, it’s implicit permission for everyone else to be one too.

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