Barack Obama should study the history of unlimited power and insanity

Imperial ObamaWhenever I get around to talking to fellow conservatives, the topic turns to Obama’s increasing lawlessness and the causes (malice?  stupidity? handlers?  feral intelligence?  all of the above?).  Regardless of the cause, Obama’s increasing autocratic behavior is dangerous on many levels, insofar as it undermines the constitution; creates a trickle-down disregard for the law; and places our national security, sovereign integrity and economy at risk.  But perhaps Obama ought to realize that he too is at risk.

When my kids periodically wish that I would discipline them less (and, believe me, I’m no great disciplinarian), I tell them they should be grateful, because I’m protecting them from insanity. I then regale them with historic tales about Roman, European, and various other monarchs who were raised without ever hearing the word “no” and who responded by going insane, usually sadistically so. It turns out the human mind needs push back or else it self-destructs.

Obama, being a narcissist, has built walls around his mind that enable him to ignore or disregard push-back from his political opponents.  That’s bad.  What’s worse is that he is surrounded, not just by “yes men,” but by passionate devotees, in politics, the media, and Hollywood. Not only does Obama not hear the word “no,” just like a Roman emperor, a Russian tsar, or a North Korean hereditary dictator, Obama is surrounded by non-stop, unhealthy, over-the-top adulation.

Thankfully, Obama does not have a horse, a la Caligula’s equine consul, Incitatus.  Still, I keep expecting to read a headline that Obama is insisting that Bo replace Biden as Veep, inaugurating a wave of sycophantic media reports about Bo’s foreign policy acumen.

Whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad. I hold no brief for Obama.  Should his self-destruction occur, I’ll know that he invited this madness upon himself with his arrogance.  But it’s a shame that, if Obama is indeed at risk, he’s insisting on taking the whole US down his personal primrose path to the mad house.

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  • JKB

    Well, I suspect we have a few amusing incidents in store with this year’s and the 2016 election.  Obama is not capable of sitting them out.  The DemProgs will be beside themselves as he steals their future.  
    Oh, and remember what the childish DemProgs did to the White House when Clinton left office.  I expect that 10 fold when Obama leaves, perhaps even if his replacement is another DemProg, especially if it is Hillary.
    Sadly, I won’t be surprised if we see Obama being “escorted” out of the White House January 20, 2017.  Plus, he’ll pop up in the spotlight that February for sure.  

  • Earl

    @JKB:  Isn’t that (almost) the worst!?!  We are NOT going to be rid of him when (and however) he finally leaves office.  
    The sycophantic press will still love him, and we can count on being buried in Obama, Obama, and more Obama for years and years to come.
    It’s beyond sad…….

  • Ymarsakar

    While it’s convenient to get Americans to feel the hate they should have felt all along, by focusing on a personal target like Hussein, never forget that the real problem was never Hussein to begin.

  • Michael Adams

    I worry rather little about Occupy Resolute Desk’s mental health. If he starts chewing carpet or drooling at a state dinner, no problem.  Jarrett,  et al have been running things quite well, to their specs, anyway, for nearly six years. They just would not let him appear in public any more. It would be  a negative blessing, but we take what we can get.
    However,  what ought to worry ORD is that he is protected by the Constitution as long as it is in force.  Were he to abrogate it completely, he would be no longer protected. I have no doubt that he does, indeed, worry about just that.  It seems plausible, and more and more likely, that the weird scandal involving Secret Service members who did not pay their whores was a quiet purge, to get rid of the sort of guys who would, finally, end the regime with extreme prejudice. It has happened before, although not to us.Think, for just one example, of the Byzantines.
    Ymarsakar or another of the Saturnine and probably correct comment writers  I read here and on other sites, tells us that ORD is trying to provoke us into open revolt, when he could then institute martial law. That is certainly a plausible reading.  Or, he really could be that incompetent. Neither is a very comforting thought.

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