Can’t he even do the gym right?

Putin being fitThe headline at the New York Post says “Obama snapped pumping iron at hotel gym.”

That’s so misleading. Obama is not “pumping iron.” He’s engaged in a desultory, aimless workout that involves hefting weights, many of which I, a foot shorter and a few pounds lighter than he is, would find reasonable to use.

There’s nothing wrong with a light work-out. If you worked out hard the day before, or if you have an injury, or if you have an important evening event and don’t want to be too tired later, or any number of other reasons could justify taking it easy.  That means that, while I just sneered a bit at the light weights Obama is using, I also know that he could have a shoulder injury. I’ve certainly lost my shoulder mojo since my rotator cuff got pinched.

What I find less easy to excuse is how unfocused his work out is. When I work out, I work out. Even if it’s a light workout, I give 100%. Otherwise, why bother? You’re just a poseur. And that’s, of course, what we see with Obama.

Last word: Putin’s going to have fun with this one.

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  • Caped Crusader

    WHAT A GUY!—–WHAT A GUY! (what a guy?). The earth trembles at his presence. We are so lucky!

  • sabawa

    Is he laughing or grimacing?  I cannot tell the difference anymore.

  • JohnC
  • Ymarsakar

    Use a weighted stick to stretch out your shoulder and rotate via sword exercises.
    At least Russia’s cult of personality has better propaganda vids and pictures. The US Regime is pretty weak sauce.

  • jj

    At least he’s not wearing his pajamas; I suppose we must recognize that as something.

  • Libby

    Iowahawk is having fun with this on twitter, “Inspired by the President, I’m doing some 12 ounce curls.”

  • Charles Martel

    The still most powerful nation on earth led by a girly boy. Few embarrassments can top that. 

  • Ron19

    The control freak who won’t let his fitness trainer set up and coach his first gym session even needs his teleprompter to use the ski machine?
    Ol’  TOTUS must be jealous of the foreign leader he said he would be more accommodating to after the election.

  • Ymarsakar

    The way people here feel about Hussein is why the Left chipped down Bush’s authority, generating BDS.
    The stronger the hate, the more powerful one’s emotions are for war.
    From our perspective, the Bush haters were fed a bunch of lies. To the Left’s perspective, we need to Obey them just like Berg and the Swiftboaters need to Obey the Regime.
    We might have thought Democrats should have obeyed the US President because of patriotism and the desire to win America’s wars. But the Democrats were traitorous wretches instead. So people’s appeals fell on deaf ears. But in order to make those ears deaf, the Left needed the strength and power of hate.
    Now that conservatives are benefiting from this emotion, perhaps they will look back and connect the dots. Why was the Left so impossible to convince? Well, what would you convince you, sitting there, that Hussein is a loyal and patriotic America that has the best interests of America at heart?
    There is freedom and liberty in being clear in communicating emotion. There is such a thing as emotional armor against enemies.