The differences between men and women

I must be awfully sexist, because I thought every one of these points was spot-on:

Difference between men and women

Hat tip:  Tickld

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  • Texan99

    Nicknames–I guess so.
    Eating out–Nope, I’ll pick up the whole check before I’ll sit through that, and I won’t eat with those people again.
    Money–Nope, I’m with the guys.
    Marriage–the 2d one should be:  “A man marries a woman hoping she won’t age, then is disappointed.”  OK, “not all men.”
    Bathroom–Nope, I’m with the guys.
    Future–100% reject as appalling.
    Success–100% reject as appalling.
    Dressing up–Nope, with the guys.
    Natural–Nope, with the guys.
    Offspring–Don’t have any, but that’s not a description of my family of origin.

  • Earl

    Those are hilarious…..and no joke is funny if it doesn’t have at least a core of truth.
    People being people, no generalization is going to fit everyone in any group.  These are close enough to make people laugh with recognition….!
    I’d take exception, personally, to several about “guys” (short people in the house is a biggie!), but I know plenty of  guys that fits.
    Anyhow, someone is paying attention.

  • Bookworm

    I don’t know, Texan99.  Some we wish weren’t true, but most play out as true in real life.  For example, Future and Success may be appalling, but talk to people and you’ll see that things haven’t changed much since the 1950s.  I’d say it has to do with babies.  Women know they want them, and men don’t care until they have them.  As for waking in the morning, if you don’t wear make-up, you wake up without make-up looking totally normal.  But those who do wear make-up, and who have long, fluffy hair, wake up with spots of old make-up on them (or the grease of make-up remover), and with their hair a disaster.  

    As for children, in my upper middle class, Leftist suburban world, the dads love their children; the moms love them and know everything about them.  So while the Dad part is a little exaggerated, the mom part is accurate.

  • jj

    And… if out at a formal occasion men not only won’t be devastated by some other guy wearing exactly what we’re wearing, we expect it!  (Although my wife says the world of formal occasions was designed this way purposely in order to keep it simple for us, or we wouldn’t play at all.)

  • sabawa

    Funny stuff.   I had to chuckle about men overpaying for lunch and other things.  My husband never even looks at receipts and he throws them away before I do the Visa bill.  I guess he’s really ‘normal.’     I cringe when it’s assumed women look for men who make money for them to spend.   I guess the world is full of them but I’m not one.   And at my current age, I finally go outside without make-up.  I discovered the world does not stop spinning. 

  • jj

    Oh, and another from my wife: two guys who are friends can sit in the same room, one reading, one watching TV or something, for a whole afternoon and never exchange a word.  During that entire six hours of silence, neither one will ever even once think: “why is he mad at me?”

  • Ymarsakar

    Be funny to read one for the Japanese dichotomy.