A little update to the picture I used in my Second Amendment rights manifesto

I included this picture at the top of my manifesto about guns as a bulwark against all forms of tyranny, from that imposed by the petty criminal to that imposed by the state:

American revolutionaries

Someone updated that picture, brilliantly:

Patriots and their guns

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  • JKB

    Of course the picture is misleading.  Successful guerrillas, as the Americans were, do not stand to take disciplined volleys.  They move around the fringes and turn the discipline into a hazard using terrain and obstacles.  Not unlike  how the Jews  did to Cestius Gallus’s Roman legions in 66 AD.  
    But that only shows the value of an armed populace.  True, guerrillas can’t normally defeat a main army without becoming one themselves or having their actions support a regular troops directly or by tying down enemy troops.  
    How the Americans fought the war is not well known.  The Continental Army under Washington did achieve victory.  But the Militias, operating as guerrillas, did a good part of the fighting, at Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill.  They denied the British regulars the ability to operate in New Jersey, except in large units.  And after the American regulars were captured in Charleston, the South was denied to the British exclusively by guerrillas for years.  All possible because the colonists had firearms.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Anyone remember how the Left cheers on suicide bombers and Pali freedom fighters with AKs, but think militia in the US should be disarmed?
    Anyone ever call them on their hypocrisy yet, but the Left snorts stats up like cocaine. They like it.