The Obama doctrine in song

I’ve been reading all over the internet today that “the Obama doctrine has failed.”  Different commentators have different ideas about what, specifically, the Obama doctrine was, but everyone realizes, looking around, that whatever it was, it didn’t work.

As for me, every time I hear the phrase “Obama doctrine,” this song, especially the chorus, pops into my head:

Run, run away. You’ve tried to be all things to everyone, but when the chips are down, you run. You run from Iraq, you run from Afghanistan, you run from Syria, you run from Ukraine, you run from Poland, you run from the Czech Republic, you run from England. You just run, run away.

And for an infinitely more sophisticated analysis of just that, I high, high recommend J.R. Dunn’s article “Obama’s Last Card,” which is, I think, just about the best analysis I’ve seen to date of Obama’s now-collapsing house of cards.

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    The song in my head had more of a Calypso beat…
    Come, Mister Taliban, Tali ban me Obama Daylight come and me wan’ go it alone. Come, Mister Taliban, Tali ban me Obama Daylight come and me wan’ go roam.

  • Ron19

    That video sent me off in a different direction, namely the Nitty Gritty Dirt band doing Hand Me Down That Can of Beans in the movie Paint Your Wagon, one of my all time favorite movies:

  • Ymarsakar

    Watch him run from the US, with stolen assets.