A climate change poster: Scientists seem to go especially wrong when they all agree about something

A new poster tackling the fatuous statement that scientists agree with the theory that anthropogenic climate change threatens the world.  Please feel free to share or to make a better version.  You can find full-sized images of the old cigarette advertisements here.  (Click on image below to enlarge):

More scientists agree smoking and climate change

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  1. Robert Arvanitis says

    My goodness, Book. You’re not equating warmism with something as deceptive, destructive and seductive to the young, as cigarette advertising, are you?

    • says

      Worse than that. With cigs you have a choice, if only to get out of the way. With Warming, you either believe or else. Or else they implant a bomb in you and make you into a heretic like Joan of Arc.

  2. Caped Crusader says

    Anyone besides me remember,”Lucky Strike Green Has Gone to War”. I believe it was on “Your Hit Parade” –“The tunes that you have picked to be played’,weekly big time radio show during WWll Heard it a million times during the war. I still have a metal 20 cigarette container from the war years that is painted in Lucky Strike Green. Story was the green paint contained a chemical dye needed for war production, so the green area was painted white and never returned.

    Also frequently heard in that era:

    “LSMFT– Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco”. Spoken with a degree of authority.

    “Smoke Dreams From Smoke Rings, While a Chesterfield Burns”. Sung with a dreamy voice by a seductive woman.

    Hitler might have won had there been no smoking in WWll If you have seen any old training films or combat footage the standard treatment was a shot of morphine, pour sulfanilamide powder in the wound, followed by a compression bandage, hang a bottle of plasma from the butt of his rifle staked in the ground with the bayonet, and last, but not least, light a cigarette and stick it in his mouth and wait to be evacuated.

    • lee says

      “Taste me, taste me. C’mon and taste me! Take a puff and let me do my stuff.”

      “Happiness is [...] To a smoker, it’s a Lent.”

      “Silly millimeter longer (101’s)”

      “What do you want? Good grammar… Our good taste?”

  3. Robert Arvanitis says

    As Caped Crusader notes, recollections depend on age:

    From 1829-1955 it was “The William Tell Overture.”
    From 1956-1965 it was “The Lone Ranger”
    And from 1965-1970 it was “Lark.”
    Banned thereafter, of course.

  4. says

    The only thing that threatens the world is Chinese expansion, Russian ego, and American pacifistic arrogance.

    Over them all, stands the Sword of Damocles, the Leftist alliance, and the dagger of human sacrifice, Islamic Jihad.

  5. JKB says

    I went to see if their was a climate change ‘Joe the Camel’. They don’t seem to have settled on an imagery to lure kids, although some attempts at penguins and polar bears have been tried.

    But I came across NASA’s Climate Kids website. Look at this page, for the imagery designed to mislead, and the now debunked hockey stick graph of CO2 concentrations. I looked at the reference which no longer makes the claim. In fact, they have a new graph that shows temp and CO2 flux but no runaway. Hmm


    New graph at NOAA: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/globalwarming/images/temperature-change.jpg

    Now, we expect such from the EPA. But would you trust an agency like NASA, who so blatantly misrepresent environmental data to send you to Space? Time to privatize so that legit scientists and engineers can keep space travel safe and free of political bias.

  6. SADIE says

    Gender equality in it’s early stages?
    HER: Virginia Slims: “You’ve come a long way baby”
    HIM: Camels: “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”

  7. Caped Crusader says

    Reward Yourself:

    The lady in the third commercial with the Lucky Strike new white logo is Dorothy Collins who was a singer on Your Hit Parade, so my memory is confirmed.


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