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  • lee

    Re: Five Guys and “Kosher Style”

    The world of kashrut is a minefield. Someone’s heksher is invariably not “good enough” for someone else. Any one who keeps kosher goes by the heksher and not by the word “kosher.” (I knew people in NYC who didn’t think the trusty OU was “good enough”! That’s over the top.) So the only people who might get lulled into buying a finf bokherim “kosher style” hot dog thinking it was kosher is someone who: A) Doesn’t actually keep kosher; but B) might think they were reaching out to a shomer kashrut friend over a hot dog.

    The law makes no sense. It’s a stupid law.

    • Ron19

      It’s nice to know that they have something to keep them busy while waiting for their government paycheck.

      For the next rounds, let’s have the government arrest non-Catholics, or Catholics not in a state of grace, trying to receive Holy Communion.

      And arrest Protestant pastors who distribute at Communion services Communion hosts and wine or grape juice that has not been consecrated by a Catholic Priest, or distributed by people who have not been certified by a Catholic parish for handling such items.

  • Mike Devx

    congratulations, Book!