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    The LEft Obeys Obama or whoever their next Messiah is. As a death cult, they require a Leader, a Fuehrer.

    And the Left has little defense against their leader’s orders. It’s why they often quoted Bush on WMDs.

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    This goes back to the point on made about gun and gun propaganda. The Left won’t pay attention to logick or facts about crime or guns. They will, however, pay attention to Hussein telling them to “bring a gun to a knife fight”, to get in conservatives’ faces.

    So long as you rely on American authority or your own personal authority to talk to Leftists, they will ignore you. But if you use Hussein’s own voice over and splice his command into the Matrix, the Left will listen and obey, strangely enough. That’s how cogs, robots, and zombies are. Do not expect human behavior from non humans.

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