At the dentist Open Thread

I am not at the dentist for me, but for one of the kids. Still, I’m here, not at home, which is why I’m not blogging now. On the other hand, I had the pleasure of running into an old friend and discovering that he too is conservative. How cool is that?!

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  • Earl

    The dentist isn’t ALL bad…’s one of the few places I get to indulge my secret vice – reading People Magazine!!

    Now you know!!


    • Caped Crusader

      EARL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have never guessed.

      • Earl

        Well….by the time I get into the chair, I hardly need any anaesthetic at all!!

        You should try it.



    What a great place to meet a fellow conservative – at least you won’t get “drilled” by your politics!

  • Earl

    A report from the People Magazine front lines – I was at the doctor’s this morning.

    How many of you knew that Mick Jagger is a GREAT-GRANDFATHER!?!

    Here’s the story from Fox News:


    • SADIE

      Oh Earl, you’ve got me hooked now. Will you bring us updates after your next doctor’s appointment.

      As an aside, my own grandmother became a great grandmom when she was 68. Eat your heart out Mick!

      • Earl

        Yay, Grandmother!! Everyone got started early to achieve THAT!!

        I think Bookworm might have been interested in the feature on Julianne and Derek Hough….the Dancing With the Stars duo……Derek was the professional partner of Amy Purdy – they finished second.

        • SADIE

          Well, Bookworm does spend a bit of time in doctor’s offices for herself or for her mom. Do you think she already knows and has been holding back the good stuff from us. LOL

          To be clear, Earl, I’ve never seen DWTS, but did enjoy the brats in DC slow-swaying and singing, “We Shall Overcome.” Now, that was a hoot!

          • Earl

            I say…..does this comment make me look defensive?


            I’ve never seen DWTS, either….no TV, don’t you know?

            My only exposure is what BW has posted on the BookwormRoom, or links sent by friends to a YouTube clip. That’s how I saw that guy who was burned so badly – WHAT an inspiration!!

  • Bookworm

    I too have a People Magazine weakness. The DemProg thinking underlying the magazine is a turn-off, but I do love the nice gossipy bits — not the ones maligning people, but the ones giving interesting information. I saw the cover story about the Houghs, but the dentist didn’t have the issue. I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it at the local library.

    • Ymarsakar

      That’s why I like martial arts. Instead of worshipping and admiring famous people afar and looking into the details of their life, I can create my own methodology and delve into my own research material.

      Celebrities have this chain and ball attached to people due to people’s admiration and desire for social status. Thus often wise, people Obey celebrities when they should not. It’s because the people involved lack any sense of their own identity and personal self improvement, self progress. They have elevated stars, of any stripe, to a status above them, that they can never reach. It’s a New Aristocracy development.

      Of course, I have never seen a People magazine and wouldn’t recognize one if I did. But in any human endeavour, such as martial arts, people tend to admire the Bruce Lees and other people of lineages, because their assumption is that they can never get to the same level, or above.

      When it comes to a different topic that Americans are more familiar with, marksmanship, it would be the belief that only real marksman and shooters come from the US military’s training programs. That’s why people think, even to this day, the hand to hand or martial arts techniques are developed highly in military ranks. In reality, the opposite is true, the military has almost zero experience with using H2H in battle, while the civilian world has an immense scope of experience dealing with life and death outcomes via H2H (Range). So the belief that military organization and funding is the only thing that allows a person to access their shooting abilities, is false. It only provides a certain climate or environment to cultivate said abilities by testing them, it does not in fact cover all martial capabilities or applications merely due to organizational strength and money.

      A single person in the mountains, living by themselves, can harness their survival, war making, and shooting abilities to inhuman levels, if they so desired, without any organization or money sustaining them. That is the difference between human will and human “admiration” via stunted imagination.

      As with science, the common “wisdom” is retarded. Great success does not come from large organizations of dedicated scientists or soldiers. Great success only comes from one human violating the common expectations of retarded human societies. Society’s job isn’t to admire such people, but to hammer them flat and make them conform. Which means the people society Does Admire, fits a different evolutionary and social role.


    Earl, what can I say. I own a couple of TV’s. If you turn off the sound, they make for a wonderful nightlight. :)

    My grandmother used to adore those Hollywood gossip rags and amused herself with them during the 1950’s, until one day she saw a photo of herself in one of them. Too long of a story to get into here. Suffice it to say, they managed to scrounge up the most awful photo of her. It was as if the photographer was hell bent into making her look like a “bag lady” and that was long before photoshop. Had her name not been identified with the photo, I wouldn’t have known it was her. Hooray for Hollywood! – She gave them up soon after.