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    Go Sadie.

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    Book, you like those Californian common sense beliefs about Nixon?

    Check this out.


    Down the Rabbit Hole it goes. As usual, and as predicted.

  • JKB

    Theodore Dalrymple, speaking under his real name at Hillsdale College, provides examples of the twilight zone of government in his discussion of how the ‘underclass’ have come to change the way they say things. No longer is it that they are getting their check, but rather that they are getting paid (gov benefits). But for what? Not unlike as he begins the murderer says “the knife went in” as a way to avoid acknowledging their part in the knife going in. Like all those guns that the DemProgs are always so fearful will go on a rampage.

    It’s a good speech. Very on point in regards to the drug addicts and their symbiotic (and financially rewarding for the bureaucrats) relationship with the government agencies.

    It’s in the current issue but there is the longer term link to the PDF which shouldn’t break when a new issue is put out:


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    When the US Regime is allied with Islamic Jihad, when the Leftist alliance supports Californian Congressional gun runners and death merchants for gangs, why wouldn’t they support everybody else under the sun of slime?

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    All these “fact checks” about guns do little to no damage against the Left’s religious faith armor.

    To do real damage, one would need to destroy their authority, using guilt or hypocrisy charges. Sort of like calling gun control people the same as Californian gun runners, on the same level, for the same reason and purpose: profit.