Midday Tuesday round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansies[I’ve got to run, but I don’t want to delay publishing this by two or three hours. I’m therefore publishing as is. Please forgive the inevitable typos.]

I was reading an enjoyable book about the clash between good and evil. I commented to a friend that the only problem with the book was that too many good guys die. I like my books to end with the heroes still intact. He responded that “As to the deaths of good guys, when you’re fighting ultimate evil, some casualties are to be expected, lest ultimate evil be trivialized.”

His comment is correct as an artistic matter. It’s also correct as a practical matter. When we are threatened by evil, it’s the good guys who step and fight — and therefore die — first. The rest of us lurk in corners hoping the conflict will pass us by entirely. When the conflict finally ends, if there’s still a society left to rebuild, too often the good guys are gone and the builders are the cowards, and the whiners, and the useless people.

On that cheerful note, let me dive into what may well be the mother of all round-ups.


As if to make my point, I got word today that my fellow Watcher’s Council member, Tom White, who did yeoman’s work helping David Brat’s candidacy and who accurately predicted Brat’s victory, is on the receiving end of threats from the former Chairman of the Republican 3rd District. Tom put himself out there in the best possible way, and now he’s in the line of fire. Tom is more than capable of taking care of himself, but the whole thing is disgusting.


Okay, here’s something cheerful: This story illustrates perfectly why an armed society is a civil society and why, to gun-banners’ constant chagrin, when legally held arms increase in number, crime decreases in proportionate number.


We’ve all remarked here on the fact that the climate Nazis are remarkably flexible when it comes to attributing everything to anthropomorphic climate factors. Hot summers? Climate change. Cold winters? Climate change. Islamic aggression? Climate change. You know the drill.

It turns out that they’re equally flexible when it comes to data. This flexibility goes beyond the hidden data, the “adjusted” temperatures, and the manufactured hockey sticks. It now includes turning back time.


Sometimes a writer phrases something in a way that makes you think “That’s it! That’s what I was trying to say.” I had precisely that response to Stephen Hayward’s article about the corruption of Civil Rights, something that he addresses specifically in the context of the way in which same-sex marriage advocates are targeting businesses and individuals who object to same-sex marriage. Some of you may recall that I long ago argued that the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education was good politics and a morally correct decision, but a legal disaster that led to the corruption of the relationship between individuals, on the one hand, and the law and the state, on the other hand.


A few useful and interesting posts about the deaths of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel. Along with all of you, I was horrified, although unsurprised, to learn that the three boys were dead. I’ll say only that it was small consolation to learn that, because Hamas bungled the kidnapping, it killed them instantly rather than torturing them before killing them. As I said, it’s small consolation.

American Jews shouldn’t just weep, they should act. We Jews are always the first in the Islamic cross hairs and our own government has been exceptionally passive about rising Islamism, not to mention the Palestinian/Islamist nexus.

Just how bad was Obama’s behavior? This bad.

Bret Stephens looks at Palestinian mothers, who delight in sending their own children off to murder other children. (It might be behind a pay wall.)

As for the Palestinians and their inveterate sympathizers in the West, perhaps they should note that a culture that too often openly celebrates martyrdom and murder is not fit for statehood, and that making excuses for that culture only makes it more unfit. Postwar Germany put itself through a process of moral rehabilitation that began with a recognition of what it had done. Palestinians who want a state should do the same, starting with the mothers.

These horrible mothers raise children such as these, whose raised three fingers show that they are celebrating the kidnapping and death of three Israeli children:

Muslim kids celebrate death of Israeli teens


Mike McDaniel examines both the long, long list of illegal acts in the Obama administration and the power a president has to issue pardons. Adding these two things up leads to some very ugly conclusions.


With its despicable tactics to retain Thad Cochran in Congress, the once Grand Old Party betrayed its history and created what may be a very damaging schism in conservative ranks.

Of course, it didn’t help at all that the best known Tea Party groups, to the extent they bothered to show up, used their money ineffectually. My sense about these groups is that they mostly send out lots of emails.


I first became aware of Dan Bongino in connection with his impassioned speeches against gun control efforts. He seems to be a very solid conservative, something affirmed by an Open Letter he wrote to America’s political class, both Left and Right.


If you’ve been thinking that our federal government is increasingly looking like the government you’d see in a banana republic, here’s fuel for your fire: Congress has quietly done away with rules requiring elected officials to disclose information about trips they take courtesy of lobbyists.


In part because the media refuses to play along (unlike its behavior during Watergate), it’s perhaps inevitable that the House’s efforts to go after the IRS are bogging down into a mediocre political spectacle. Fortunately, others are also going after the IRS, including Judicial Watch. The exciting news is that Judicial Watch drew an honest judge — Emmit Sullivan. Judge Sullivan will not countenance any corrupt behavior in a litigation. The IRS’s “computer ate my emails” excuse should end in his courtroom.


And remember, even with the IRS, where there’s life, there’s laughter, this time courtesy of plaintiffs suing the IRS:


If you think our military is something special, you’re right. This video, of a Marine flyer with broken landing gear nevertheless sticking a landing on an aircraft carrier is epic:


Surprisingly enough, on the subject of Hobby Lobby, a writer for The Atlantic tells the Left to cool the hysteria.


Sometimes, one persistent individual can make such a big difference. Miriam Noujaim, a Sacramento DMV employee who is a member of SEIU Local 1000, the largest state-employee union, wants to see what the heck the union has been doing to create annual travel expenses that have gone up to $5.21 million. The union doesn’t want anyone to see its records, but Noujaim won’t let go. I have nothing but applause for her pit bull tenacity.


Guns are good. Keeping guns away from kids is also good. And this is a clever, slightly risque ad to make that point:


William A. Jacobson is putting words to my worst nightmare: He thinks that Elizabeth Warren has the potential to be 2012’s Barack Obama. I don’t know that she would be worse than Obama, but it’s doubtful she’ll be any better. Safe in her million dollar Ivory Tower enclave, Warren is an angry limousine socialist who will aggressively ensure that the government takes over the lives of everyone but for her and her cronies.


I’ve mentioned many times the brilliant friend of mine who says that the real issue Islam has with the West is control over women. Muslim men have it and want to keep it. Everything else is ultimately subordinate to their desperate efforts to ensure that women are sexually available to them. Two stories out of Iraq, one about women fearful of rape attacks and the other about ISIS’s demands that the women simply make themselves available for sex, lend credence to my friend’s contention.


Oh, this is a good one: Now they’re arguing that doctors should decide who can get a gun. Let me tell you something about the doctor’s in my neck of the woods: If they’re under 50, they’re DemProgs who demand gun control. They’re the last people who should be deciding who gets to exercise Second Amendment rights and who doesn’t.


When I first saw this Slate article challenging San Francisco’s housing policies, I thought it would be an intelligent article arguing against rent control. Boy, was I wrong. Instead, it’s part-and-parcel of the administration press to grow urban areas (Democrat strongholds) and kill suburbs (the last gasp of conservative thinking). We’ve been fighting this fight in Marin, where the federal government is trying to turn Marin into part of a vast, urban conglomeration with centralized management taking direction from the feds. No, thank you!


Is the Fed heading for the horrible crash that inevitably follows the bubble?


Ever since I was slightly taller than knee high to a grasshopper, I’ve known that societies that are friendly to the Jews are also societies that enjoy enormous economic, social, and military success. Societies that try to destroy Jews inevitably fail, not just when it comes to destroying the Jews, but they also fail themselves. Now, I have support from a great video that examines the Israel litmus test:



Dyslexic bank robbers

Gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone

Leading cause of hard drive failures

(Thanks to Sadie, Earl, Caped Crusader, and Danny Lemieux, all of whom contributed in some way to this post.)

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    When Hussein Regime ordered the CIA complex’s enforcement and action squad to stand down, only two people disobeyed and obeyed an internal calling to action.

    Everybody else was waiting to cash their retirement checks.

    That’s how humanity is. Remember that the next time you see some Democrat neighbor obeying the evil US Regime over anything.

    “requiring elected officials to disclose information about trips they take courtesy of lobbyists.”

    This is to hide their trips to certain countries on the sex trafficking list. They can’t get enough local targets, otherwise they end up like Californian actors and gun runners. Exposed.

    “The rest of us lurk in corners hoping the conflict will pass us by entirely. ”

    That’s the post modern Western culture.

    The warrior cultures always prioritized duty and responsibility of individuals, so the individual with the most responsibility also ended up with the most risk but also the most influence. Obviously when the West gives the most influence and power to cowards at the back lines, they will order the brave to the front to die, so that resources can be re allocated according to socialist principles.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Not sure where this story was linked:

    “He dropped the knife and purse and said “please don’t kill me lady….I’m just dead broke”.

    One of my sisters in victim hood laughingly said “What do we do with him now…..cut off his (insert your own term here)?” And out of the blue, my other girl friend said as she reached into her purse “You crazy #@%&*, you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”, and handed him ten dollars. “NOW TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS!” ”

    But, if I was the one with the gun, I would tell those two girls to stfu, because those kind of armchair fighting words are usually uttered by low level subordinates that don’t have any clue how to defend the pack and merely enrage and antagonize potential enemies.

    It’s also a distraction from the primary threat. “Handing him ten dollars”? Do you know what people can do to you when you “hand them ten dollars” at that range? They’re lucky they didn’t even face a half trained killer.

    Firearms gives the sense of power to a lot of people. But without a warrior culture to back it up, they are merely civilians playing with fire.

    As for the teenagers that end up getting killed, well that’s why I recommend people get trained. They mostly think it would never happen to them. They travel in groups, they are safe. Well, if you don’t want to drown then you must learn how to swim. The excuse for avoiding how to swim isn’t “it ain’t going to happen to me, so I don’t need to learn”.

    Israel even came up with Krav Maga, although it’s been diluted much now for civilian markets.

    As for pardons, if I was running the shop, I would put Holder to prosecuting certain people, then no matter what happens, the verdict is rendered before Hussein is out of office. Hussein then pardons them. Double jeopardy, they can never be tried for the same crime again, and they are pardoned forever too.

    The Lerner taking the 5th might have been the deal, to delay things long enough that Holder can setup a mass IRS prosecution, then slam the deck later. Even if they are sentenced to death, it won’t matter.

  • JKB

    Don’t assume the push to force people into the urban centers is just about money. For most of history, cities were efficient ways to kill off the rural population. Kids were born in the countryside, moved to the city and died. It wasn’t until the mid-18th century in England that the cycle was broken in England. Somewhat earlier in Japan but later, not until much later for the rest of the world.


    We can’t say that the killing aspect of cities won’t return with the rise in antibiotic resistance. We’ve all seen how quickly the cities become foul, horrific places when they lose power and transport. New Orleans collapsed quite quickly. This not just an academic matter given it looks like we are headed for even more global terrorism.

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      The border invasion is designed to distribute killer diseases to certain cities.

      • JKB

        It helps that the DemProgs have been pushing parents to forego immunizations.

        Although, I’m not sure government healthcare will rise to the occasion of a pandemic.

  • JKB

    BTW, I find Alan MacFarlane’s proposition that tea, with its antibiotic properties, was a major influence in freeing humans from a short and sickly life, interesting. He also demonstrates real intellectual learning in his comparison and contrast of Britain and Japan. We learn from the differences. If only one source is offered, there can be little but indoctrination.

  • Mike Devx

    What the GOP did in Mississippi in the Thad Cpchran vs Chris McDaniel primary fight is a serious violation.

    I don’t mind me a good primary struggle, even with dirty tricks. That’s how a party evolves, changes direction over time. I don’t even mind vote targeting efforts like Rush’s Operation Chaos in 2008.

    But when the GOP decides to openly collude, and plan and strategize, with DEMOCRATS, so that their favored son can win the primary, that goes beyond the pale. It’s an egregious violation. I don’t know if I believe today’s story that they were circulating envelopes of $15 in black neighborhoods – which is as illegal as you can get – but I guess time will tell on that one. Even without that, they went too far, climbing into bed with the the opposition party.

    There is no getting past this one. There’s no getting over it. The GOP is more at war with my conservative people than they are with the Democrats. I am close t0 100% certain i have no home in the GOP. I’ve been ever closer to completely abandoning ALL arguments in favor of voting for the GOP (Hey, at least they’re better than letting a Dem into office!).

    But now I am thinking, it’s over, completely over, and I will NEVER vote for a GOP candidate merely to prevent a Democrat from taking the office. If he or she is not a genuine conservative, I will NOT vote for him or her. No matter what.

    Not when the GOP has declared war on me. And colluded with Democrats to do it. They’ve gone too far. And I believe it is, now, completely over. I’m done with them. Completely.

    I’ll vote for the conservative when I can. Otherwise, it’s time for a new party. The GOP is dead to me.

  • Danny Lemieux

    As bad as the mainstream Republican party is, I refuse to let the perfect be the enemy of the good! Yes, it is corrupted. But still much, much better than the DemProg Fascist Left. If the DemProg Fascists win, our country is totally lost. I have serious doubts whether the coming elections of 2014 and 2016 will be clean elections. It may be too late, already. So, I will oppose the establishment Republicans …up until the general election. Then they get my vote.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    When Lieberman got purged from the Democrats, he ran as an Indeendent and run.

    The same should be true for McDaniels and the rest. So the whole “vote for Republican or Democrat only” is a catch 22, a result of the LEft’s strategic propaganda.

    • Matt_SE

      The thought of a write-in campaign (a la Lisa Murkowski in Alaska) has been going around, but I think MS has a “sore loser law” that prohibits losers of primaries from running on the ballot.
      I’m not sure if that prohibits only running as an independent, or also bars write-ins.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The whole sentiment behind fighting in the primary, a good idea but flawed due to sabotage by Repubs and Democrats and Leftist operatives, and then uniting behind the Republican primary candidate in the primaries is very much like the obedience of soldiers.

    But with Hussein at the helm, that obedience will cause Iraq, Afghanistan, Benghazi, and everything else to fall in due time.

    If Benghazi CIA action team’s two disobedient members were heroes, then what are Americans that fall in line to obey Republicans called? Are they saving the nation, or is their obedience to the Stand Down order the same as what led to the Benghazi deaths.

  • JKB

    The gun PSA isn’t bad. But shouldn’t we just follow the DemProg programs for the actual tools they use in the PSA as a proxy for guns? Shouldn’t we start teaching kids about them in kindergarten, so that they know what they are, what they can do, how to properly handle them? That they are not a toy?

  • Matt_SE

    Ed Gillespie is Mr. Establishment, as is his supporter, the former Chairman of the Republican 3rd District Michael Wade.
    For him to be throwing the term “RINO” at others is odd.
    Which makes me think the Republican establishment really is very close to the Democrats in attitude and tactics.

    We’ve already seen this in the Mississippi Senatorial race, now we’re seeing them coopt the language to attack Tom White…just like a Democrat would do.

  • Matt_SE

    “Is the Fed heading for the horrible crash that inevitably follows the bubble?”

    The economy isn’t doing well, and I increasingly expect we’re going into recession in the next few months.
    Zero interest rate policies and Quantitative Easing have lost much of their effect after repeated use, and the Fed is scaling them back.
    As Zerohedge notes, when interest rates rise (as they eventually must), the historic pattern is that GDP drops, the economy slows and jobs are lost.
    If the economy hasn’t recovered by the time the Fed is forced to raise interest rates to stop inflation, the U.S. is going into long-term recession or maybe depression.

    …and I see no evidence that the U.S. economy is fundamentally improving.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Already in a recession from 2008. It’s already long term.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    “We’ve all remarked here on the fact that the climate Nazis are remarkably flexible when it comes to attributing everything to anthropomorphic climate factors. Hot summers? Climate change. Cold winters? Climate change. Islamic aggression? Climate change. You know the drill.”

    Remember in the medieval days when something bad happens, everyone was said to always blame the Devil and witches for it?