• http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Oh, so you’re watching Stephan Moly. eh?

    Well, while he is a libertarian pacifist, as an independent thinker, he must sound a lot more sane than your… Marinite neighbors.

    There’s no need to support Hollywood with dollars they’ll use to setup rape factories, Book. You can get the news from other people. Same for the news… from the internet news.

  • Mike Devx

    Yes, it is male-bashing, to the extent that there isn’t a positive male role model anywhere in the picture. The main male is quite the evil bad guy.

    But then, you could just as easily say that most of the original fairy tales are anti-women. Take Hansel and Gretel, and examine it for positive female role models. Nope. You have the very evil step-mother and the very evil witch.

    I saw it with my sister and her two daughters when visiting. (Their choice.) I did enjoy it, even with some “buts…”

    I still don’t like “artistic” efforts that take a classic and pervert it, turning it inside out. And that’s what Maleficent does to “Sleeping Beauty”. Aside from that, and its uncomfortably odd attempt at a pro-feminist message, it’s a reasonably good movie. In my mind, I’d recommend it for the second-run $1 theatre.