Thursday late afternoon round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesSorry for the long silence today. It’s just that, well, I’ve been busy. In addition to home maintenance and chauffeuring, I swear that someone has wanted to talk to me (by phone, in person, or through text) every 10 minutes all day long. Honestly, I don’t know why because I really am not that interesting.

Blogging is in my blood, though, and no matter how crazy the day, it’s going to ooze out. Here are a mish-mash of things that caught my eye:


Nice Deb tipped me off to the fact that Ted Cruz has been tracking Obama’s lawlessness. It’s a long, long ugly list. It’s also a reminder that, although Dems like to say that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than other presidents, the issue isn’t quantity, it’s quality. The others’ executive orders were uninteresting procedural matters. Obama, on the other hand, has used his executive orders to create new law or violate existing law. (See Ted Cruz’s entire collection of lists here.)


One of the reasons we have laws, especially border laws, is to protect public health.  Obama’s lawlessness means health outbreaks. The article to which I’m linking (one of many today about the scourge coming from the south) professes ignorance as to the source of TB, but I can tell you the sources of TB: immigrants and prisoners. Those are the two places in America that incubate the disease.

No wonder Eileen Toplansky makes a credible argument that Obama is president over the culture of death. Whether it’s his embrace of Islam, of abortion, or of illegal immigrants, or his abiding and manifest hostility to the military, Obama is doing what he can to get Americans killed.


Daniel Pipes thinks that Bibi Netanyahu might be the right leader at the right time for Israel. I sure hope Pipe’s is right, because Israel no longer has America at her back. What’s ironic is that Obama has turned America-the-nation against Israel just as individual Americans are supporting Israel more than ever.


Proving that it’s not totally immune to the death of teenage boys, the Obama administration breathed a sigh of relief when a 16-year-old teenage Arab youth turned up dead in Israel. Whew! The narrative is all good: Israelis are just as bad as Arabs.  After first being resolutely silent about the Israeli victims, and then softly castigating the “cycle of violence,” the Obama administration is in full throated weeping mode for that Arab boy (who may actually have been a victim of homophobia). Richard Baehr has more.

But of course, as my very dear friend Rob Miller says, to the Obama administration, Israel’s always in the wrong.


I once had a friend who got into fights with everyone. At first, I accepted the friend’s version of events, which was that this person was mean, and that person careless, and the other person stupid, and the next person vicious. Eventually, of course, I figured out that the single common denominator in all the fights (often with people I knew) was my friend — who is a friend no longer. Daniel Greenfield’s post about Islam being the problem reminded me of that old, unhappy friendship.


The Left’s war against the Redskin’s team name is not just a random happenstance. It is part of the way the Left functions, picking small battles so as to avoid large ones, fighting free nations so as to empower slave nations, and generally driving the culture down, down, down. Dennis Prager explains.


I was going to label this link “everything you always wanted to know about political emails but were afraid to ask.” Then, having read the article, I realized you were right to be afraid. Pretty nasty fundraising forces are at work to frighten and harass the American people, and that’s true for both sides of the political aisle.  In an information age, he who screams most hysterically apparently gets the most money.


We all dream of one day meeting our soul mate.  America’s shame is that its president’s soul mate is Bill Ayers.


Daniel Henninger slices and dices Barack Obama’s totalitarian disdain for Congress.  (That link might be behind a pay wall.)  Sadly, the Left half of Congress agrees with Obama and is anxious to cede its power to the executive branch.


Obama’s disdain for law has infected a lone Colorado court clerk who, in total violation of Colorado law, is issuing same sex marriage licenses just because she wants to. She’s totally correct that the 10th Circuit is going to change the law any minute but, until it does (a) those licenses are invalid and, let me say again, (b) she’s breaking the law.  The Republican state attorney is probably right, though, not to throw her Leftist derriere in jail.  She’d just become a martyr.  What would you do to punish her so as to avoid her martyrdom?


Hillary will say anything to get elected.  If she needs to sell herself to America, she’ll hew slightly to the center.  But when the chips are down, she reverts to her intellectual home, which is the hard left.  Paul Kengor explains how Hillary readily abandoned both religion and intelligence in order to pander to the base about same-sex marriage and the newly discovered right that employers must pay for their employee’s birth control.


On the subject of the Hobby Lobby case, I’ve got a cartoon and a few comments:

Not my bosss business

When I haven’t been talking to people today, I’ve spent a bit of time on Facebook trying to convince Lefties that (a) the Hobby Lobby decision is not five old white men denying women across America access to birth control and (b) that none of my hysterically unhappy friends has made a credible case explaining why it’s suddenly become a fundamental right that employers must pay for employees to have all possible forms of conception. I’m making no headway whatsoever. They’re in total paranoid hysteria mode and are not amendable to anything but a solid left hook, which I cannot deliver via Facebook.

(Ten minutes after I wrote the above, I got a message from someone who is Facebook friends with a gay man who imagines that concentration camps and gas chambers are around the corner, thanks to Hobby Lobby.  She was unable to comment directly on my post, since she’s not a friend, but she thanked me very much for my sensible, logical explication of the case.  I was grateful.)


My DemProgs’ hysterically-based stupidity is fully equal to the stupidity of this New Yorker author, who tries to claim that Hobby Lobby is no different from the Taliban. The article shows (a) a complete failure to understand controlling law, which would support the governments compelling (and traditional) interesting in preventing epidemic diseases to trump an individual’s or corporation’s religious scruples, and (b) the Leftist impulse to say that there’s no difference between modern Christianity, which ended slavery, child labor, the 80 hour work week, etc., on the one hand, and the Taliban, which wants to enslave everyone it doesn’t actually kill, on the other hand.

Of course, no one really expects anything approach intelligence from the New Yorker anymore. In the old days, even when it was wrong, it was wrong in a smart way. Now it’s just plain ole stupid.


Veterans died so Obamacare could live.


Here’s an interesting bit of historic trivia: The baby whom the Nazis touted as the ne plus ultra of Aryan beauty . . . was Jewish.


Oh, my goodness. I’m still laughing:

Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld


I thought I’d end this post by throwing in a couple of old Irving Berlin videos, made back in the day when America knew her enemies were and was proud to fight them. Longtime readers have seen these chestnuts before, so I’ll just apologize for the fact that they’re sort of my go-to videos when I’m feeling I live in a country besieged.

Before you watch the videos, you may want to remember that the American character was different back then.

(In addition to my own efforts, many thanks to Earl Aagard for his help finding interesting material.)

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  • JKB

    i came across this today

    To bad, even with common core, we can’t get a curriculum like that if your parents aren’t rich enough to send you to an elite private school.

    Instead we get the US Department of Education and the teacher’s unions.

  • Matt_SE

    The Colorado court clerk should be thrown in jail, martyrdom or not. The law is the law, and she willfully violated it, in a public way.

    However, if you insist there must be no incarceration, then she should be suspended indefinitely without pay, and a notice should be sent out to all the recipients that the licenses are invalid.
    If you’re not going to punish wrongdoing, at least make sure not to reward it.

  • Matt_SE

    The thing that gets me about the Hobby Lobby decision is the willful ignorance and intransigence of the other side. Never have a group of people been so proud that they know so little, all the while denying it.

    The people are like cultists; there’s just no way to persuade them.

    The irony of it is, had the left restricted their draconian policies to their own blue states, the rest of us might’ve let it slide. But no, they had to export it to everyone, everywhere. Maybe that’s an indication that deep down, they know even their own citizens would flee the progressive agenda if it were only local. It must be universal, so there’s no escape.

    If they actually believed in the superiority of their positions, then nobody should support states’ rights like they should.

  • David Foster

    As I commented at Ricochet:

    A depressing number of women, including some who are very smart, go absolutely nonlinear in any discussion relating to politics and contraception. It’s almost as if they believe there is a serious likelihood that the Republican Anti-Sex League will (1) deny them contraception, and (2) require them to have sex only in the missionary position, without benefit of foreplay, as in The Handmaid’s Tale.

    This has really become a serious political factor; it may well determine the next presidential election and hence the future of America. What are the reasons for this belief set being so common? Some thoughts:

    a) People who are very afraid of something often cannot be reached by arguments about its improbability. Someone who is terrified of flying will not be influenced by safety statistics and discussions about redundant systems; the mental vision of that last few moments is just too strong.

    b) Some women, especially young/single ones, perceive that Republican focus on contraception/abortion is really an accusation that they are, basically, sluts. Comments by some of the stupider among the Republicans definitely throw fuel on that particular fire.

    What other factors may be involved in this phenomenon? I think it is depressingly likely that the “war on women / war on sex” meme is a more important factor in voting decisions, among those under 35 or so, than is the threat of Islamic terrorism.

  • JKB

    Why do all the Hollywood movies on Catastrophic Global Warming end in snow?

    Turns out a gradual rise in global temperatures isn’t that dramatic. And besides the strident cries of DemProgs seeking to use the “disaster” for power and profit, it evokes very little emotion. Oh, there is the empathy with a few rich people having to move from their beach front mansions because the sea level rose an inch or two.

  • Ymarsakar
  • Ymarsakar

    “on the one hand, and the Taliban, which wants to enslave everyone it doesn’t actually kill, on the other hand.”

    You don’t see how the propaganda works on the Left.

    For them, because the Left is totalitarian but innocent, they need a scapegoat, some sacrifice. And Hobby Lobby thus must bear the sins of the Taliban, so that the LEft remains pristine. It’s not about Hobby Lobby or the Taliban, it’s about emotional guilt and atonement. Redemption. Religious stuff, you know. This ain’t about facts, and it never has been for the LEft.

    As for Aryans, Aryans came from Iran, pre Islam. So the whole Islam vs Jewish question still remains in conflict. The Aryans had more Judea and Syrian blood than they had Germanic.

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  • Ymarsakar

    “To bad, even with common core, we can’t get a curriculum like that if your parents aren’t rich enough to send you to an elite private school.

    Instead we get the US Department of Education and the teacher’s unions.”

    Hussein’s children and Chelsea get private education, JKB. Public is only for peasants that aren’t BOrn to Rule.