Sunday errands Open Thread


Heading off to catch the last gasp of the July 4th weekend sales. Hope to blog later. I actually have a lot of stuff lined up that I want to share, but it’s been a very busy, non-computery weekend.

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  • Ron19

    From the Orange County Register, update on the Un-Affordable Healthcare Act:

    Kaiser, my healthcare provider, spent $4 billion (with a B) dollars and about six to eight years to come up in-house with their own internal only computerized records system, including transcribing years and years of medical records from numerous Kaiser districts. The end result of all that time and money is a system that much smaller hospital systems and doctors will also need to have.

    Think of this for a comparison. The IRS declares that tax preparers and individuals must have a computerized system that can mimic the entire IRS computer system; Turbo tax will not even begin to fill the need.


    Did you know? I didn’t.

    The third longest parade in U.S. history was called the “Support Our Men In Vietnam Parade.” The parade lasted nearly nine hours, through the heart of New York City. There were approximately 250,000 people, including 15,000 Teamsters, 10,000 Longshoreman and 6,000 union carpenters. Vast numbers of young people can be seen marching. The parade was reported locally in New York, but not nationally.

    Correcting History: How Vietnam Vets Were Embraced

    • Bookworm

      That’s a reminder that the unions used to be rigidly opposed to communism. Now, they’re communist. Trevor Loudon contends that this was a very deliberate takeover, and I don’t doubt him.

      • Ymarsakar

        He is correct. I can find no records of unions participating in Leftist operations for Vietnam, WWII, or WWI. At least, they are not mentioned by name. Teacher’s organizations are the oldest mention by Bella Dodd in 1930s, but they aren’t the AFL C.

        In 1995 I did recall there was a mention of a merging. Unions used to be opposed to “wetback” and other low wage earners, scabs essentially, but now they contribute a fixed portion of their dues to 1. Democrats and 2. Union boss sex parties.

      • Ymarsakar

        The unions are essentially their own taxation society, its own nation-city. Unlike blacks, who get paid a wage for their vote, the unions get money from their slaves directly, and only return a job.

        In both cases, what your “politics” are is curtailed dramatically. If you go against the party line in a black community, the black thugs will be on you, to set you right. If you go against the party line in a union community, the enforcers that ensure people get a job, will be on you, to set you right.

        Few have the power to individually or in aggregate challenge or eliminate entire armies of union or black power thugs. It’s like a child against 10 adult child molestors. That’s why the Left doesn’t like arming the Kendalls or Palins, the blacks or the Mexican slave wages they hire. They don’t want to arm their slaves.