Wednesday afternoon round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesI’ve had my Red Alert app for 36 hours. In that time, it’s gone off non-stop. I cannot imagine living under siege that way. It makes my own whines and gripes about life in the suburb (few though they may be) quite petty.


Back in the 1990s, I read Bill Buford’s Among the Thugs, about the unbelievably violent subculture of British soccer hooliganism. When I read the book, it hadn’t been that long since I’d lived in England myself, and I remember the early years of that thuggery.

Where I lived, when there was a home game, all of the businesses within a three mile radius of the stadium would board up the windows, as one would before a hurricane, in an effort to stave off vandalism. One of my friends went to a game in Wales and said it was an appalling experience, primarily because the hooligans would pee in beer cups, and then throw those cups into the crowd.

My point is that the feminazi canard about the brutality of male football fans in America pales when compared to the reality of real soccer hooliganism around the world. That’s why it didn’t surprise me at all to learn that the six Israelis arrested in connection with the horrific murder of Muhammed Abu-Khudair, aged only 16, weren’t religious radicals or ardent zionists, in the first instance but were, instead, soccer hooligans. There is something about soccer that leeches the moral fiber out of its most ardent fans.


I don’t know how to summarize David Horowitz’s editorial about Israel’s fight for survival against Gaza, about the world’s bass ackwards response to the fight, or about the way the Palestinians’ very existence is defined (in their own minds) by Israel’s destruction. All I can say is READ IT!


Joel Pollak thinks that Hamas might have overreached itself by attacking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A real-deal attack, as opposed to the border-land attacks that Israel has tolerated for years, forces Israel to respond with all of its might. In addition, surrounding Arab governments, shaken by rebellion within their own borders, are less sympathetic to Hamas than they once were. Indeed, a friend told me that an Israeli diplomat appearing on Fox said that, behind the scenes, these governments are urging Israel to strike hard. I don’t have a link for this, so I can’t vouch for its truth. Israel also knows America is gone (see more below), so it’s ignoring Obama. Read the whole thing. It’s good — and heartening.


The BBC, of all outlets, has exposed the fact that many of the pictures circulating on the internet that purport to show victims of Israeli aggression are, in fact, pictures from Syria and Iraq. Considering the BBC’s long-standing hatred for Israel, as well as its frequently dishonest reporting to give more weight to its hatred, I’m truly at a loss to explain the BBC’s inexplicable lapse into actual investigative reporting.

I’m quite sure that the BBC isn’t motivated by shame, although it should be. Even as Hamas aims at women and children, Israel, when it retaliates, lessens its chances of effective strikes by forewarning the enemy so that non-combatants can seek shelter.


You’ve all read about it already — the fact that the Obama administration official scolded Israel for treating Abbas badly, and praised Abbas for his exemplary behavior — even as Hamas’ bombs (joined by Abbas’s bombs) were raining down on his head.  If you haven’t, read it now.


At the end of the day, it seems that Obama’s utterly incompetent administration (hey! if you’ve lost Andrea Mitchell…) still has a firm grasp on two skills: antisemitism and cognitive dissonance. Oh, and rank stupidity and dishonesty. Let’s not forget those skills. Oh, and of course an incredibly knack for siding, invariably, with the individual, party, or nation that has no morals or decency. Can’t forget that.  (And I remind myself of this, except that we’re not talking about what Romans have done, but about what Obama & Co. haven’t done.)


Slowly, slowly, even journalists are catching on that there’s a problem. I mentioned Andrea Mitchell, above. In addition, journalists representing major journalist organizations have written a letter to the Obama administration complaining about its bureaucratic opacity.

Of course, whiny letters or not, the media’s going to be in trouble for a long time considering its profound ignorance.


Victor Davis Hanson says that Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost. We all knew that, but Hanson summarizes it so comprehensively and gracefully.


Ted McAllister posits that Obama is so bad it’s a good thing. Seeing the havoc he creates, the masses may still have the sense and power to rise up against his vast expansion of executive power. All I can say is from his lips to God’s ears.


No, Nero didn’t fiddle while Rome burned, but Obama is definitely goofing off while our Southern border collapses, Iraq collapses, our one-time ally Israel is being bombed, the economy continues to swing between torpor and collapse, etc.

The problem isn’t just Obama. It’s Obama and the entire White House both of which seem to be suffering from some bizarre syndrome that sees them incapable of connecting any more to the world outside their elite bubble. Are they in denial? Are they so arrogant by now that they no longer care? Is this their way of trying to “calm” the masses? I don’t know, but there is something terribly, malignantly, very dangerously wrong in the White House.


Some are saying that the border crisis is Obama’s “Katrina moment,” although I have no doubt that the media’s praetorian guard, even as they’re becoming a little worried, will nevertheless rally to protect him from that charge. Meanwhile, it turns out that the “Katrinia moment” label that the media hung on George Bush’s neck should more rightly have been hung on Mayor Ray Nagin’s neck.

You remember him, don’t you? He was the man who maligned Bush’s response to Katrina. It turns out that Nagin had his own response, which was to try to use the crisis to line his pockets. He’s finally going to jail, where he belongs.  Bush wasn’t the problem, Nagin was.  But Nagin was a black Dem and, for almost a decade, that got him a “get out of jail free” card.


Glenn Reynolds has an op-ed in USA Today about bureaucratic parasitism. I posted it on the real-me Facebook. No one cared.

I have no idea why the professionals in my circle, none of whom are bureaucrats, and all of whom have periodically complained about being bedeviled by some horrific bureaucratic nightmare, are nevertheless entirely unmoved by the thought that the problem isn’t just the DMV or that clerk in their town’s building department, but is instead the whole notion of an increasingly powerful, entrenched, and unaccountable bureaucratic class. I just don’t get it.


And while we’re on the topic of people in government with ethical problems, Lois Lerner’s attorney has suddenly announced that, well, yes, maybe, it could be possible that Lerner printed up some emails that are responsive to requests from both Congress and private lawsuits. At this point, we don’t know if the lawyer was lying from the beginning, or if Lerner was lying to her lawyer too. My bet’s on the latter.


In the six months since Colorado legalized marijuana, says a boastful Chris Miles, two things happened: Crime has fallen and money is rolling in. No one questions the second thing, although it’s probable that the excitement in this area of the economy will level out.

What’s more interesting is the first contention: a drop in crime. As the friend who sent me the link said, you could declare rape legal, and watch a massive drop in crime statistics, but it wouldn’t mean the world is safer for women. Instead, it would just mean you’ve given up fighting against something once thought criminal.

Miles, however, also says violent crimes and property crimes have dropped. If that’s true, it’s great. I do wonder, though, whether fatal DUIs have increased.


One of the things the Left loves is false analogies and comparisons. Charles C.W. Cooke takes on a poster going around, in which the Left compares a mass murderer to a woman spoofing Obama’s “bitter clingers” statement.


Once again, Senator Jeff Sessions has an incredibly lucid, pungent, entirely appropriate attack on Obama’s border shenanigans. The last sentence is a keeper (and it addresses that Leftist meme that Republicans are un-Christian for not wanting their borders to collapse): “When did we forget that a nation owes its first allegiance to her own citizens?”


If you’ve ever wondered what the vast left-wing billionaire and millionaire conspiracy looks like, Power Line has the documents.


And a few pictures:


Caption suggestions for this striking image of Elizabeth Warren looking tough on a parked Harley are welcome

What would you do

Middle Eastern double standard

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  • Matt_SE

    I can’t see anything special about soccer that would promote hooliganism. I can see something about the countries in which it is popular: all are more socialistic that the U.S. (but really, that’s almost everyone)

    I’ve noticed the extra coverage in the U.S. during the World Cup. Those who care more about it seem to be younger and reside in larger cities. In other words, more prone to leftism.

    I wonder if hooliganism isn’t so bad because these societies are using it as a pressure valve. Intentionally ignoring the violence.
    I wonder if the push to popularize it isn’t another tactic of the left.
    I might be paranoid, though.


    “I don’t know, but there is something terribly, malignantly, very dangerously wrong in the White House.”

    The tribal clan in the White House does not differ from the clan in Gaza. Obama & Co. were handed America and the Arabs 21 settlements.

    The sum of exports from the greenhouses of Gush Katif, which were owned by 200 farmers, came to $200,000,000 a year When the IDF left Gaza, thousands of Palestinians looted the area and greenhouses were left unusable.

  • raymondjelli

    The caption for the photo:

    My plan as President is to keep America in the bitch seat and take it for a ride.

    Don’t make a rude face Ms. Warren. I didn’t fart that.

    I’m not getting it. Its the one chance these guys have of meeting a future president and they’re just looking at that girl crossing the street.

    Are you sure that saying I’m as pretty as Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider is a compliment? I’m not used to compliments..

    Are you guys sure I can jump that hole? You wouldn’t kid me would you?

    You know Harley is the last vestige of American know how. I better sue it before its too late.

    Screw the free birth control. I wanna free Harley…..I wanna free Harley…..

    It’s okay but I prefer my broom.

  • MacG

    Caption: “Nice, reminds me f the Indian I rode into college.”

  • Libby

    Chris Miles and others may claim that everything is great w/legalized marijuana in CO, but only because no one in the government is monitoring it as they had promised to do:

    Regarding the there being ‘something terribly, malignantly, very dangerously wrong in the White House,’ Ace has picked up in the especially bizarre, attempt at cutesy #Thebearisloose meme that the WH is using w/Obama’s many, many work-avoidance side-trips.

    • Jose

      I have a relative in Colorado who, unknowingly, had a legal medical marijuana supplier for a next door neighbor.

      My relative learned of the neighbors occupation from the police, while they were picking up spent cartridges in said relative’s backyard, following a midnight gun battle.

      Oddly enough, there was absolutely no news coverage of the event.

      • Mike Devx

        “If we reported the wrong news, it could send the wrong message,”

  • Ymarsakar

    Your neighbors will turn Marin into Gaza soon enough. Don’t underestimate the Left there.

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course Nero fiddled while Rome burned, for the same reason Ayers toasted the Fall of Saigon.

    Nero needed large amounts of nobility owned land to build his public works glorifying himself as Divine Emperor. Since the nobles refused to sell, he ordered his henchies to set a fire, and then grabbed all the property afterwards when it lost its value.

    So of course he was fiddling while Rome was burning, he was enjoying it and celebrating. Do people not know the history of their Tyrants in the West?

  • Jane Dough 5000

    Warren cap – My great-grand-papooses’ll think I’m fer-schnizzle when I rolls up on this sweet mama-jama!

  • Ymarsakar

    The ironic thing is, how many of those attacks from Islamic Jihad were caused by Israel releasing thousands of Pali killers and supporters?

  • Caped Crusader

    Soccer is a socialist and commie game, pure and simple, no real American over the age of 14 plays soccer, “”nuf said”! Hooliganism is the result of extreme inebriation, which is what you have to be to sit for countless hours watching this stupid dull dame. No sober person could stand it!

  • Charles Martel

    I think the randomness of soccer fits right in with the mentality of third worlders and statists. So much depends on blind luck (yes, I know there’s supposed to be a strategy involved with higher-order soccer, which must explain all those high-scoring 1-0 and 2-1 games). But the overall impression soccer gives is that it takes lightning strikes and the hand of God to score goals.

    Americans on the other hand don’t wait for random strokes of luck. In a football huddle, teammates quickly engineer a results-oriented scheme for scoring a touchdown. A combination of speed, guile, and smarts conjures a score.

    Even in baseball, a tobacco-spitting manager consults his vast mental database to figure out what combination of hitters to put up against a pitcher. The idea is to outsmart the opponent. In soccer, “outsmarting” consists of getting in one another’s way, which. come to think of it, is how things operate in most soccer-crazy countries.

    • Bookworm

      Charles, I’ve never read or heard a more brilliant analysis of the differences between the games.

      As a parent, I liked soccer, since my kids ran until they were exhausted. As a spectator, I’m American football all the way!

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