Late Saturday afternoon round-up and Open Thread (with lots of pictures and videos)

Victorian posy of pansiesMy new washer is so efficient that (a) I’ve gotten the greater part of two-and-a-half weeks’ worth of laundry done in a few hours and (b) my old dryer is performing better than ever. Yay! I was also able to spend the time in between loads finding all sorts of interesting posts, pictures, and videos to share with you.

One other thing. In order to make it easier for you to respond to a specific issue in a long round-up, I’m going to number each segment. If this new approach is annoying, tell me; if it helps, tell me too.


Something weird happened at ABC News: Someone uploaded an article with images of forlorn children living in primitive conditions at the border, and commented that this is what President Obama would see if he bothered to make the journey.


A lot of people have noticed that Obama’s approval amongst Muslims is sky-high. There’s actually an even more interesting number: Obama’s approval amongst American Jews is at an all-time low of 55%, a 22 point drop since 2008/2009.

Yes, it’s true that more than half of American Jews still support Obama, but it’s also a stunning collapse in support for him. It seems as if American Jews are finally figuring out that Obama is not their friend.

Several years ago, I told an American Jewish woman — an Obama supporter, of course — that Obama was hostile to Israel. It was a friendly conversation, so I didn’t hector her and she didn’t scoff at me. Despite the absence of scoffing, though, I could tell she thought I was a few cards shy of a full deck. I haven’t seen her since that conversation, and I sometimes wonder if her mind wanders back to that day….


If you would like to know the Hell that Obama unleashed on Iraq by withdrawing 100% of American troops and support, Gateway Pundit has a stomach-churning “ISIS on Parade” round-up.


The refugee crisis that Obama invited on our southern border is doing what all refugee crises do: it’s bringing disease into our country (one of the things border demarcations are meant to prevent). What’s different about this refugee crisis is that our government, unlike all other governments, instead of concentrating the refugees where they can be monitored and treated, both for diseases and criminal behavior, is instantly spreading the refugees throughout America.

Considering how fond Leftists are of the canard about settlers deliberately infecting Native Americans with smallpox infested blankets, one would think that they would be alive to the dangers inherent in deliberately infecting all Americans with disease-infested people.

And of course, the Diplomad always has something interesting to add, this time regarding this refugee crisis.


One of the beauties of narcissism is that there’s no past and no absolute truth. The past and the truth are always dictated by the needs of the moment. To the extent that the DemProgs are infected with institutional narcissism, you can see that “needs of the moment” psychology play out as Toure explains how unfair conservatives are being to Hillary Clinton.


If you think gorgeous, courageous, well-armed women are sexy, you’re clearly not a Muslim. You’ll also like this Facebook post.


Israelis do not target civilians. Period. To the Israeli’s great distress, civilians may sometimes die when Hamas uses them as human shields, but Israel will turn away from golden opportunities rather than knowingly strike children:


Portlandia captures the inanity and insanity of pretending gender doesn’t exist:


And the pictures that I promised:

Rockets are indiscriminate

Pay attention

Obama's priorities 3

Highly illogical

Hillary is dead broke

Rockets aimed at the Holy City

Israel and Hamas and their civilians

Hide the rocket

Hating Jane Fonda

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  • Charles Martel

    Book, thanks for posting the Portlandia scene. My wife and I were in stitches when we saw it. Her reaction got me to thinking: She is far left in her politics, but as you pointed out in another discussion, she is a blue stater politically but a red stater when it comes to her sense of honesty, hard work, morality, and knowing BS when she sees it. Thus, her hearty laughter at the Portlandia dykes.

    Portlandia itself is a closetly conservative show considering how deeply it pokes at the foibles of the Enlightened Ones. It’s very popular among the NPR/PBS crowd, which tells me that there’s remnant sensibility and humor among its members.

    Portlandia is only an eensy degree beyond plausible, so why can’t leftists put 2 and 2 together and see that if crazies like the LGBT “community” can be laughed at on the screen, they can also be laughed at in real life?

  • Ymarsakar

    2. Humanity is made out of the 3% independent type leaders, the top 20% in human potential, the middle average composed of 68%, and the bottom 25%.

    With Jewish support at 55%, that means around 25% (20+3) of the top level were always “aware”. And the other 25% were from the know nothings, no good dooders, and the average beings. As you try to get more and more of a supermajority, more and more of the bottom 25% must be recruited, for little benefit. Of course 55% can also be the top “smart” people allied with the bottom “retards”, although this has little to do with social status or society’s methods of measuring success.

    ” one would think that they would be alive to the dangers inherent in deliberately infecting all Americans with disease-infested people.”

    Of course they are alive. They Thought of It First. Get it? It’s intentional. They didn’t accidentally charter those flights to Republican towns.

    The numbers help if you were using multiple red links in a more than one paragraph format. The numbers will help separate those out. The single paragraph types were already separate.

  • Ymarsakar

    Air Force Pilot: I see what looks to be children at the target site.

    Hussein: I’m good at killing people. Are they white or black children?

    AFPilot: Cannot determine, looks white.

    Hussein: Drop the bombs on them.

  • JKB

    Volokh Conspiracy has a link to a liberal law prof who has reconsidered the Hobby Lobby decision. His very good evaluation highlights #5, the “needs of the moment” psychology.

    Interesting point he makes regarding the rending of clothing over a corporation exercising religion. Well, the DemProgs are constantly rabbling for corporations to be about more than profits, to have a social responsibility. As the prof points out, guiding your corporation according to your religious principles is top line social responsibility. I expect he’s already getting death threats.

    And, of course, ensuring any impositions on religious expression are a small as possible is all about toleration and respect for diverse viewpoints. Yeah, he’s getting death threats.

    • Ymarsakar

      The author still thinks Democrats and the Left are about liberty. Major Ivy League level ignorance and stupidity there. On par with the Veil of Maya.

  • JKB

    You know, I don’t think most people realize how small Israel is. I found this website Mapfrappe that lets you outline an area in the would then overlay that outline (adjusted for latitude distortion) over another area. I did this for Israel. If you put the NE corner of Gaze at the White House, then Baltimore is in the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv.

    That’s it, if Obama was shooting rockets at Baltimore, the Marylanders would be all about a drive down to the District.

    The link’s below, move around on the second map to over lay Israel to some familiar area. I tried for the Bay Area but no big towns were included in the rocket zone. BTW, all of Israel fits in the easter half of Alabama with room to spare. As well as running from Portland to the Canadian border barely taking in the Puget Sound area.

    • Ymarsakar

      It’s precisely because Israel has no territory to sacrifice, that they needed to kill the Pali by the truck loads, if they really wanted to “win the war”.

      That’s assuming the Leftists and Pali sympathizers in Israel itself don’t get the ax. A lot more George Soros types floating around in the “Jewish population’ than people want to consider.

      • JKB

        No, this war, like the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be won or lost in the media. Unfortunately, the media in the US, Western Europe, and to a large extent in Israel are with the enemy. And it will be fought hand to hand, street by street. It is an insurgency. The only way to win is to cut the funding to the terrorists. It is a significant set back that the US president, elected with overwhelming Jewish support in America, has also thrown his lot in with the terrorists.

        But, there is hope. The truth can get out now. The “journalists” still control the airwaves but few are watching there. Videos like the one above showing Israelis doing right area good effort. Showing the young sniper, a lovely young woman who must stand and fight a few miles from her home instead of obsess over Beyonce is another.

        This war, the Israeli war, the Tea Party in the US, the defense of the culture that is America, is a public opinion war. I don’t know how to fight it with the overwhelming conventional forces aligned with the enemy. But we must look to the history of insurgency and fight it for the opinion of the public and over the din of cat photos and celebrity “news”.

        • Ymarsakar

          Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t lost in the media. More accurate to say the enemy had alliances inside the US, that were giving military orders to the troops on the ground, on a schedule.

        • Ymarsakar

          “The “journalists” still control the airwaves but few are watching there. ”

          The Left’s propaganda is not founded on “journalists” to begin with. It’s too simple a picture of what’s in reality, an onion.

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  • Mike Devx

    Regarding all our struggles to be “public opinion wars”, I say, to hell with it. State your position boldly and proudly, and let the discredited media do their thing. I happened to turn on a news show this morning while preparing to record this afternoon’s World Cup championship. The talking head show was on for only a few seconds; David Gregory and a GOPer. I saw David Gregory ask one question: “Do you :LAMENT the Republican decision to make the issue about…”

    All I could think was, “lament? LAMENT? What kind of a journalist asks a question and uses the word, LAMENT? Perhaps a real journalist might have asked, “In retrospect, do you still consider the Republican position on (XYZ) to be prudent and justified?”

    So, screw em. Stand up for yourself and be proud, unapologetic, clear, and forceful. Screw em all!

    As to Israel, I can certainly say that Mr. Netanjanhu is my favorite politician of the last 100 years with perhaps the exceptions of Ariel Sharon and Winston Churchill. They’re the big 3. It’s clear the Palestinians will never choose peace, at least not voluntarily. How many more decades must they be allowed to continue to perpetrate their wrongs? It’s time to hammer them ruthlessly. I guess I am in “screw em” mode today, because I say, “SCREW EM! SCREW EM ALL!” If the UN is going to blast Israel no matter what they do, you might as well give them something really good to blast you about. Hamas is the enemy and must be CRUSHED. So crush them. At some point you have to accept that they are the enemy and they want to be the enemy. So treat them like the enemy. And crush them, mercilessly.

    • JKB

      It would be nice to ignore the media and public opinion but that isn’t an option. Insurgencies are beaten or win in public opinion. America exists because the opinion of Parliament shifted to letting the colonies go. Castro won because the people turned against Batista because he was an ass.

      But there are ways around the media these days and slowly they are working. Not to mention, the people go with who can and does provide security, that is Israel in the ME.

      For others in the ME to align with Hamas, they are signaling their populations that security lies with the Islamists not the current governments. Games over, it is real this time.

      • Ymarsakar

        There’s a big difference in ignoring psychological warfare entirely and saying what you have, JKB, that wars are won entirely based upon Iraq and the Israeli Left’s “propaganda apparatus”.

        “No, this war, like the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be won or lost in the media. ”

        This war, like all the rest, is determined by Will and Power. The idea that the media has All of the Will and Power levers to pull, is a point you’re either backing or ignoring.

        Then the other wrong idea is that if the media doesn’t hold all the levers, then it is ignored. This idea is some flow chart from some egghead at a tower. Wars are conducted along several fronts, and while each front is not critical necessarily, they aren’t “ignored” either.

  • Ymarsakar

    Bush chose not to pursue Americans as domestic terrorists in the US, such as the Democrats, and look what happened to him. Bush chose not to nationalize the NG because Louisiana was a Democrat in the South, and look what happened in Katrina. Bush chose to allow TSA and DHS, because most Americans either didn’t give a F, or cared about body armor in Iraq, and look what happened to Iraq and the TSA.

    Anyways, the point is, killing enemies across the border means nothing when you let all the enemies camp out at your capital making all the decisions.

    Remember what all the freaks accused us of during 2002, 2003, and 2005 for Iraq. Remember what they said. Now look at what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and Libya. Just take a look. They won’t.

  • David Foster

    Let’s have three cheers for Book’s new washing machine, doing its part for the American Restoration by freeing up more time for her to blog.

    Book, what is the secret of its much-higher efficiency? Is it just a matter of size? Faster spinning? Does it use Brawndo with Electrolytes?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Bookworm

      I ended up getting the Kenmore Elite Front-Loading Automatic Washer (Model 4107). It’s energy efficient in two ways: it uses less water and less electricity than other machines. It’s also energy efficient in two ways for me: Because it has a huge capacity, I have to do fewer loads of laundry and, because it’s front loading, it’s easier for me, standing at 5′ tall, to get laundry into and out of it. It’s ridiculously expensive, but a combination of sales, warranty pay-offs, and rebates brought it down to a very affordable price.

      • shirleyelizabeth

        We purchased an”efficient” machine four years ago when we bought our house. I thought it was great at first, but with time have come to realize clothes need plenty of water to fully clean and rinse. I find myself having to babysit the wash so I know when I have to go hold the button down to manually fill it for the wash or rinse cycle. If I forget, my husband’s undershirts come out still stinking like his deodorant, our there are lines of dirt/lint streaked across the clothes, or stains just weren’t washed out because they couldn’t be dealt with well enough in the low water. All of this requires a second cleaning. A lot like your low-flow toilet complaints.

        • Ymarsakar

          That’s why I like redundancy and consumer choice. A machine should have a number of settings so that the user can determine which is for mastery. A one type design by some far off eggheads, usually cannot optimize everyone’s problems at once.

          • David Foster

            “A one type design by some far off eggheads, usually cannot optimize everyone’s problems at once.”

            For an example of this that had fatal consequences, see my post Blood on the Tracks.

            (Not sure the people running Metrorail could exactly be called “eggheads,” though..)

  • David Foster

    Also, note that the term “efficiency” is here being used in the sense of “leveraging the time of a human being,” as opposed to the increasingly-common meaning of “saving a few kilowatt-hours and to hell with the time-value of human beings.”

  • Brendan

    I’m always interested in hearing when people like a washer – I’ve been looking to dump my old one (a Kenmore front loader with built in biological warfare capabilities). What type of washer/dryer did you end up getting?