Israel is launching a limited ground offensive in Gaza

Israeli flagThere’s been a lot of discussion about whether Israel would follow up on her air bombardment with a ground offensive. On the pro side, if done correctly, it could potentially clear out Hamas forever, or at least disable it for the foreseeable future. On the con side, Israeli casualties, something that Israel always tries desperately to avoid.

It seems, though, as if the decision was made for Israel in the last 24 hours. The IDF killed around a dozen terrorists who were trying to sneak into Israel via a tunnel in Hamas:

Their objective (presumably discovered via searching the bodies) was to launch a major terrorist attack in Israel. This is a risk too great to take, so Israel is launching what it calls a limited ground offensive aimed at knocking out terrorist tunnels. Frankly, I’d be surprised if Israel was able to keep the ground offensive limited. These things tend to metastasize. Whatever happens, I will be rooting for the most moral military in the history of the world to defeat an enemy that is worse than the Nazis.

Ground operation in Gaza

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  • raymondjelli

    I’ve taken your advice and have been actively commenting. I haven’t tried to argue according to the Left’s rules (America, Israel and capitalism is guilty until proven innocent and we all know America, Israel and capitalism are never innocent). It is a useless enterprise.

    What I have done is counterattack Leftists as Leftists. I have pointed out that this is a cultural difference and not a real argument in favor of the Palis. I haven’t of course been all that nice. I have made anti-Israel commenting less than fun. The opposition is expecting to have easy attacks and don’t like counter attacks.

    I have pointed out Israel is not alone. Plenty of people take Israel’s side and many people hate professional leftists.

    Whenever someone says they support the Pails but all religion is stupid I ask them if they denounce worthless old Civil War era ideas like dialectical materialism, Marxism and Engels. Funny they don’t seem to denounce them. I ask whether those ideas are sacred to them. Again no answer.

    I like to point out that deflection and snark are basically the only left wing forms of argumentation thereby neutralizing the effect when the only thing they have is deflection and snark.

    I point out that leftist socialist ideas and attitudes are European ideas and attitudes and what relevance they have to what the Leftists claim is merely a local conflict with Israel totally at fault and not a worldwide Jihad. Not much answer to that other than screaming about conservatives.

    The thing is I truly enjoy it. Maybe I am mentally sick but it makes it very hard on them. They end up feeding the troll rather than getting fed and they feel lost and cheated. I feel oddly satisfied.

    • Bookworm


  • Ymarsakar

    Let God sort it out.

    I don’t like Palis for the same reason I don’t like Demoncrats.

    They remind me too much of what needs to be excised and purged from humanity, for the Race to advance. They are holding us all back. If they don’t like their Race’s contribution to the Race, then let them become extinct and start over.

  • jj

    A ‘limited attack’ is a good idea. I’d do a ‘limited attack’ myself. When every single Palestinian mook over the age of nine was hanging from a lamp-post, that would be my limit. There I’d stop.

    • Ymarsakar

      Easy to say, but hard to do.

      • jj

        In reality it’s a hell of a lot easier to do than trying to avoid actually hurting anybody. Simple, in fact. Having an army well-trained to kill people and break things involves nothing more complex than saying: “go.” Larding them up with: “Go – but not there! Not here! Not down there! Not over here! Don’t kill this guy!” That kind of crap makes the job practically impossible; that sort of anal-retentive delicacy is not what armies specialize in. Or do well. Letting them just go flatten out Gaza is by comparison a snap: they can do that in their sleep.

        • Ymarsakar

          So how many pets have you personally killed, instead of euthanizing at the vet’s office, JJ?

          Cause that’s the same difference in Will.

          Some choose Option 1. Others choose Option 2.

          • jj

            I often wonder what the hell you think you’re talking about. Pets are hard. You know them, they mean something to you: they bear you no ill will, and as an example – I suppose you think you’re using them as an example. Of something – they’re an obvious poor one. One that bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to people trying to kill you. George Patton couldn’t put his dog down, but was perfectly willing to engineer a great many dead enemy human beings. Pets are one holy hell of a lot harder than, say, NVA ever were. And yes, it is a shitload easier to just stop the tank a hundred yards away and open fire than it is to poke your head down every alley, peek behind every door, and look behind every bush to be sure you don’t kill somebody the Mission has asked you not to. Which should be obvious.

          • Ymarsakar

            When you don’t even have the will to do the job yourself, what makes you think you’re qualified to sit in judgment and push some buttons ordering some other goons to do the job you couldn’t do yourself?

            Is that simple enough to understand, JJ? Does that clue you in as to what I’m talking about here, yet. Or do you need additional hints.

            It’s easy pushing a button, and some bomb kills somebody you don’t like. Or order your nation’s soldiers to kill and die to kill some HVT.

            But don’t try to come anywhere near me talking about how it is easy, when you yourself lack the Will to do it yourself, face to face.

  • Earl

    I’ll be praying for the IDF……..

  • JKB

    Seems to me this “limited” operation could resolve a pressing problem, while providing cover for less conventional forces to excise looming threats deeper into the territory.

    Here’s to all the Hamas, not near the tunnels, who will wake up dead in the morning.

  • Earl

    Oh, JKB: From your lips to G-d’s ears!!

    • SADIE

      I’ll second that with an Amen!

  • Ymarsakar

    AQ can easily use the Mexican tunnels to smuggle in tons of Semtex and nobody would know, in time.

  • 11B40


    Back during my all-expense-paid tour of somewhat sunny Southeast Asia, my favorite Platoon Sergeant used to like to remind us all of a statue of a helmeted infantryman with his rucksack and rifle at the Infantry Training Center at Fort Dix, New Jersey. “The name of the statue was “The Ultimate Weapon”, he would intone and then continue with, “In this business you don’t have nothing until some 20 year old with a long rifle tells you you have it.”

  • Ymarsakar

    Concerning a different point you, JJ, raised…

    Somebody is going to die when you try to get “…every single Palestinian mook over the age of nine was hanging from a lamp-post, that would be my limit” to that point. And it won’t all be the enemy. Some of it will be subordinates and loyalists. A person that gives orders, yet treats his subordinates and soldiers as less important than the family pet… well, it is quite apparent what that is.

    So I gave you a test, JJ. And you failed it. Welcome to the 68% of mediocre humans, the ones you love to comment on in America. Anyone that thinks it is easy to carry out an extermination mission of that scale without suffering friendly fatalities (which hurts a qualified commander more than losing a pet), anyone that thinks it is easy to carry out such a complete wipeout without innocent “mooks” that were mis identified as the enemy being caught up in it, the ones that weren’t guilty of anything and would never be guilty of anything in the future, lacks the QUALIFICATIONS to be telling ANYONE how easy it is, let alone making other people do their dirty work.

    Is that easy enough to understand yet.