Appalled by its brief moment of decency and morality regarding Israel, the WaPo bounces back with pure antisemitism

The Washington PostTwo days ago, I lauded the Washington Post for publishing a rare anti-Hamas editorial.  I say “rare” because Israel supporters have long felt that the Washington Post has consistently slanted its news to be hostile to Israel.  This hasn’t been done too overt a way.   Instead, it manifests itself in spin, subtle digs, and put downs to the Israelis, balanced by unreasonable praise for the Palestinians.  American Thinker has done a good job of catching these digs, slights, rubs, sneers, and disses.

That’s why, as I said, it was so surprising to read what surely constitutes a common sense, even morally correct, editorial about the current war between Israel and Hamas:

SO FAR Hamas’s military campaign against Israel has been a dismal failure.


Why would Hamas insist on continuing the fight when it is faring so poorly? The only plausible answer is stomach-turning: The Islamic movement calculates that it can win the concessions it has yet to obtain from Israel and Egypt not by striking Israel but by perpetuating the killing of its own people in Israeli counterattacks. More than 200 people, including a number of children, have already died in Gaza; Hamas probably calculates that more deaths will prompt Western governments to pressure Israel to grant Hamas’s demands.

So far, the tactic is not working. Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Tuesday condemned Hamas for rejecting the cease-fire and “us[ing] the innocent lives of civilians . . . as shields.” But Hamas’s commanders, who have burrowed into underground bunkers, appear to be doubling down. They are urging civilians who have left their homes to return, including some 15,000 who evacuated the northern part of Gaza in response to Israeli warnings.


To its credit, Israel has used sophisticated technology, including targeted text messages and dummy warning missiles, to minimize civilian casualties. But innocent people will inevitably be killed in attacks on launchers and missile factories that are purposely placed in densely populated areas. The right response of the international community is not to surrender to Hamas’s despicable tactics but to continue insisting that it unconditionally accept the cease-fire proposed by Egypt.

Maybe my reading skills have degraded lately, but I read the above to mean that the Washington Post editorial board understood that Hamas is deliberately placing its citizens in danger because that’s the only real weapon it has in the war against Israel:  pictures of dead bodies used for propaganda purposes.  The editorial board also seemed to understand that Israel is making every effort to avoid killing the citizens Hamas pushes into the line of fire.  Was it possible that the editors were actually bothering to read the brilliant opinion pieces Charles Krauthammer has been writing on the subject?

Apparently it was not possible that the editors were exposing themselves to moral decency.  Indeed, it appears that, just like a fat person ending a virtuous diet with a grotesque bout of binge eating, The Washington Post, have experimented briefly with virtue, didn’t just get back to subtle sneers and misrepresentations, but instead opted to launch itself straight into out-and-out antisemitism.  And that’s why you will find this video on the Washington Post’s internet site:

Sadie, who sent the above video to me, says that you can make your feelings known by sending an email to or by mailing a letter addressed to The Editor, The Washington Post, 1150 15th Street NW, Washington DC 20071. Sadie adds, “The Washington Post prefers that letters be kept to two hundred words or less. I can’t decide on “DROP DEAD” or “UP YOURS” one hundred times.”

I guess we now know the WaPo’s unofficial motto: “The American paper that Hitler would have loved to read.

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  • Tom A.

    The anti-Israeli bias of the MSM sickens me. This should be required reading for aspiring journalists:

    Hitler didn’t lose the war. Not the war [that] was most important to him: the racial war. Hitler won that war. Six million to one. (From the Afterword to a new edition of Ron Rosenbaum’s Explaining Hitler:

    The MSM and various fellow-travelers on the left just don’t get it. The aim of Islamic fanatics (perhaps most adherents of Islam) is the same as Hitler’s aim: the extinction of Jews. And, like Hitler, they will die (and lie) to attain their aim.

    The evil lives on, but the MSM is (willfully) blind to it.

    • Ron19

      Which is reality?

      The little family man with a short-range, low explosive-power RPG, or the group of terrorists with a warehouse full of longer-range more powerful rockets fired indiscriminately at cities. The little family is close to the instigator because he knows that Israel can be very precise in its targeting

  • Ymarsakar

    They are already Democrat controlled. You want them to be like Hitler too? That’s cruel and unusual punishment there, Book.

  • David Foster

    A truly vile cartoon.

    I’m not sure there’s much point in writing the Washington Post about this; they are what they are. A better approach might be to write Jeff Bezos (Amazon), who now owns this newspaper, and ask him if this cartoon is consistent with his standards of business ethics.

  • Mike Devx

    For me, the WaPost continues to be consistent. It *is* surprising that they chose to publish *anything* critical of Hamas.

    What the published is a criticism of Hamas *tactics*, not a criticism of Hamas goals. It is very difficult for anyone to defend raining missiles down on innocent women and children, and hiding those missiles and launchers among your OWN women and children.

    But the WaPost, like all leftists, remains entirely consistent in their view of Israel and Hamas:
    – Hamas are freedom fighters, just like the American Patriots of 1776, fighting a struggle against an oppressive, evil regime,
    – Israel is an oppressive, evil regime

    The Washington Post’s position can be compared to this analogy: I support the American Freedom Independence Fighters of 1776, but I deplore what Samuel Adams is doing by harassing British loyalists, beating up their men and burning down their homes. Samuel Adams is wrong in his tactics, but England is EVIL!

    Similarly, Hamas is wrong in its tactics, but Israel is EVIL! EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL! And that’s pretty much the position of the UN, too.

    And that’s really all you need to know. No other nuanced arguments about the right or wrong of each side is worth wasting any time over. And you will NEVER change their mind about Hamas vs Israel. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your breath, don’t waste your arguments, don’t waste your cartoons, don’t waste anything. Just walk away. Debate these leftists ONLY when the mind that matters is a moderate who is listening. You want to convince the moderate, not the leftist.

    WaPost did NOT suffer a brief moment of sanity. They just recognized that Hamas has a weak propaganda position, is all. No biggie there.

    • Ymarsakar

      “You want to convince the moderate, not the leftist.”

      If that’s the plan, then go talk to the moderate directly, without the Leftist present.

  • Libby

    Despicable! Reminded me of some of the outrageous Ted Rall cartoons portraying U.S. soldiers.
    Isn’t it interesting that Jew hatred (and Israel hatred) always exists right beside America hatred?

    • Ymarsakar

      People are supposed to hate their enemies. Otherwise how else would they pull the trigger as often as they do?

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  • Asunder is Surrender

    A non-liberal, non-conservative humanist perspective

    I fail to see what is anti-semitic about the cartoon. Netanyahu is a public figure and represents the Israeli government. What the cartoon depicts sends a message closer to a correct assessment of the current situation. The idea that Hamas is putting people in the line of fire as shields comes from propaganda. ( See ) Gazans do not say this. I will argue for a different picture. Unleashing collective punishment on Palestinians is the opposite of moral.

    It’s hard to fathom how bombing schools with children, hospitals with patients and staff, or homes with families could ever be justified. Self-defense does not work that way, with mostly civilians dying. That’s like saying one country’s people are more important. But children make up a global community. The civilian death toll is disproportionate. One death of a citizen in your country does not justify killing one hundred innocent people in another. If we accept the premise that everyone is equal (as citizens of the world) that defies moral logic.

    Operation Protective Edge has killed over a thousand innocent people

    To date rockets into Israel have killed 28 innocent people

    The humanist approach is to minimize overall casualties or “casualties.” The Israeli government’s aggressive military approach only results in many many more unnecessary deaths. Thousands of lives would be saved if Israel refrained from using violence and collective punishment. It is unjust to kill one hundred for the death of one. Palestinians overwhelmingly think people have the right to resist the siege of Gaza. Similarly, Iraqis had the right to resist U.S. occupation. To put yourself in their shoes, remember that you agree that Americans had the right to resist and overthrow their British oppressors up to and including the War of Independence. If they didn’t and there was not resistance there would be no U.S.A. today.

    You might still be thinking that this is about defeating terrorism and protecting a population.

    Again, any people who are oppressed have a right to resist the source of their oppression. The U.S. and Israel invade, blockade and repress, violating people’s sovereignty and right to self-determination. (Part of this involves suppressing democracy. Israeli soldiers have been firing rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition at peaceful protesters. To express disagreement and outrage can get you shot in the foot or arrested (because “maybe” you are connected to Hamas?).)

    Gaza is blockaded. Unemployment is over 40%. They can’t import and export. Poverty is high. It is a very bleak situation and people are desperate. Even fishermen are restricted in their livelihoods. People can’t leave without significant money and days going through checkpoints. Their airport was destroyed by Israel and has been in shambles for years. Nowhere is safe.

    Low quality of life begets countermeasures

    Since people are without critical supplies and sealed in from sea by warships and from land by the patrolled borders of Egypt and Israel they resort to measures to bypass such conditions. That’s the reason why there are tunnels. The tunnels are used to supply civilians with goods they need that could not otherwise be obtained and provided. They get resources to hospitals, schools and impoverished people. These save and improve lives. A secondary use is for weapons. But the weapons pale in comparison to the superior fire power of the IDF.

    Even if this was about battling a terrorist network, the arguments made earlier about disproportionate losses and humanism still ring true. However, and while I disagree with the tactics of Hamas’ that are injurious, Hamas is not considered a terrorist organization by a majority of countries. They were elected to join the Palestinian Authority in unity with other parties. Any military operations, including missile firing, is part of what they see as an effort to pressure Israel to end the siege/occupation/blockade. (The main effect of missile fire into Israel is the creation of widespread psychological trauma and the accompanying disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace. This is supposed to hurt the Israeli economy to further pressure Israel to get their demands met.) It also includes self-defense, such as fighting Israeli soldiers in neighborhoods being shelled by tanks and bullets. But their political perspective is short-sighted and incorrect.


    While militant cross-border multi-issue organizing to stop the bombing and starving of Gaza and occupation of Gaza and the West Bank (and the billions of U.S. tax payer dollars funding this) is necessary, this pressure can only last as long as it is sustained and not overpowered. Getting there requires telling the truth, winning hearts and minds and building a United Front movement with a solid political analysis based on the economic interests of the Israeli working class and super-exploited Palestinian workers. It must be an international effort, with Palestinians and their allies, including their anti-zionist Jewish allies, working together in solidarity. This is key, especially with the IDF, hired student propagandists and private media spinning a different tale. Moreover, Palestinian women and women around the world should lead the way. They are the oppressed of the oppressed.

    Ultimately the creation of a single secular state with democratically controlled public institutions that are not beholden to corporate interests can assure peace and prosperity. No breaks should be put on the movement until this is attained. No compromises with Democrats or Greens or others who talk high but once in power rub shoulders with the corporatist elites should be tolerated. No privileged union bureaucrats or movement misleaders should keep down the rank-and-file and their democratic rights. It is workers, who create the wealth, who must conquer power from those who have it now, be they “left” or right. Nothing is built without work. Protection of secular humanist gains can be cemented by other revolutions that domino into world revolution. Only then can people be truly free and live in peace.


    I have no intention of addressing all of your comments or self-determined facts as you see them.

    Let’s start with this one:

    “The civilian death toll is disproportionate. One death of a citizen in your country does not justify killing one hundred innocent people in another.”

    What about exchanging 1,000 prisoners for one captured Israeli (Gilad Shalit) was that a disproportionate demand from Hamas?

    Next one: “The tunnels are used to supply civilians with goods they need that could not otherwise be obtained and provided.”

    Do those include the dozens that are burrowed directly into Israel for the purpose of attacking, maiming and murdering, including the plan to dress as IDF soldiers this coming Rosh Hashanah for the purpose of taking prisoners?

    Last one: “It’s hard to fathom how bombing schools with children, hospitals with patients and staff, or homes with families could ever be justified.”

    Even harder to fathom how placing rockets into school basements, firing from hospital rooftops and well as homes would benefit Gaza. Particularly in light of the fact that the IDF placed calls, dropped leaflets and announced in advance to get out of the way. I don’t seem to recall a single announcement from Gaza as they sent 10,000 rockets into Israel the past ten years.

    Bonus: “Ultimately the creation of a single secular state with democratically controlled public institutions that are not beholden to corporate interests can assure peace and prosperity.”

    You obviously have not read the Hamas Charter!

  • Charles Martel

    Sadie, I applaud your attempt to reason with a commentator who has presented us with what is basically warmed-over Marxist swill, masquerading as sweet reason even as it waves off provable instances of Hamas using women and children as bait and shields, and completely ignores the stranglehold that Islam has on the Middle East (Israel excepted). It not only reads like boilerplate, it reads like a collection of leftover slogans and placards from the 1955 May Day parade in Red Square.

    In other words, no new, useful, or logical insights. Nothing to see here, folks.

    • SADIE

      I heard about Area 51 years ago and thought I’d try a dry run with an alien posing as a humanist.

  • Ron19

    If somebody is credibly threatening with deadly force, you do not have to wait until someone is killed before responding with deadly force.

  • Danny Lemieux

    It’s funny how the human-hating DemProg Left (they love “humanity”, it’s people they can’t stand), always anxious to place itself on a pedestal above the rest of us humanity-beings, consistently overlooks the blindingly obvious.

    Such as, Gaza doesn’t just border Israel, so how can Israel put an economic blockade on Gaza? Egypt, too, borders Gaza and the very Muslim Egypt has pretty much the same problem with Hamas and the Palestinians that the Israelis do. Yet, it is only Israel that gets condemned for trying to restrict the inflow of weapons into Gaza, not Egypt.

    Overlooked, of course, are the tons of humanitarian aid that flow from Israel into Gaza. Somehow, that never counts.

    No, it is quite clear that protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, Anti-Israel IS anti-semitism for the DemProg crowd.