The round-up I meant to do yesterday

Victorian posy of pansiesI got so taken up yesterday with my post asking if Obama is truly deranged that I never got around to sharing with you all the great material I found. Some things, however, only improve with age, so here they are.

** 1 **

When I was in Norway last summer, part of me really liked it, because it’s exquisitely beautiful and has fascinating museums commemorating its history (especially the Viking museum and the Open Air Museum). The other part of me, though, couldn’t forget that a stroll through Norway is kind of like a stroll through Nazi Germany in 1935 — not everyone’s a vile anti-Semite, but enough are to make it reasonable for you to view all with suspicion.

** 2 **

JoshuaPundit noticed something missing from Pew’s poll about American’s attitudes towards other religions: It conveniently “forgot” to ask Muslims how they feel about other religions. Could it be that Pew didn’t want the ugly truth about Muslim intolerance to leak out?

** 3 **

A 42-year-old, single, working man is at his peak: Physically and mentally mature, earning money (in theory), and still capable of fathering children. A 42-year-old, single, working woman is staring at the end of the line: She’s old in a youth-obsessed culture (when it comes to women), her career is her whole life, and she is unlikely ever to be a parent. Feminist promises about men and fish and bicycles were lies. No wonder she’s unhappy.

** 4 **

Brandeis doesn’t want Ayaan Hirsi Ali to say mean things about the Muslims who mutilated her, brutally murdered her friend and colleague, and continue to hunt her down.  It’s not always so sensitive, though.  The university named after the first Jewish Supreme Court justice is all good with having rabid anti-Semites on its faculty. More on the subject here.

** 5 **

While the world is weeping for the Gaza residents that Hamas has turned into cannon fodder, Gaza residents are actually fine with the whole thing. They’re especially sanguine when their own bombs kill them. It’s all part of the “glorious martyrdom for TV package.”

** 6 **

If you read only one thing about the evil that is Gaza and Hamas, and the complicity of a Western world that sides with terrorist monsters, read Charles Krauthammer’s latest opinion piece. It could easily be titled “Here Be Evil.”

** 7 **

“It’s for the children” is the Leftist cry . . . except when the mother of two young children is a law-abiding citizen who owns a perfectly legal gun to protect her safety in dangerous situations. In that case, “throw her butt in jail” becomes the cry from the anti-gun cadre.

** 8 **

In Detroit, though, at least one person is wising up. The Police Chief there credits gun-owning homeowners with a substantial reduction in that broken city’s crime rate. God bless the man!

** 9 **

It appears possible that the Left overreached itself with the border invasion. Of course, that doesn’t mean that America’s demographics haven’t been permanently changed in Democrats’ favor. Or . . . maybe not.  It turns out that Obama’s own Democrat politicians (outside of the Pelosi/Reid claque) aren’t so happy with what’s happening at the border either.

** 10 **

My mother’s San Francisco Jewish friends all raved about Ari Shavit’s book The Promised Land : The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel. My Mom therefore read the book, which described many events she personally experienced or that her friends personally experienced.  She concluded that the book’s view of events before and during the Israeli War of Independence was a lie.

Martin Kramer looks at just one of those events — the claimed Lydda massacre — and clarifies just how much of a lie it was. Everything is explained when you learn that Shavit was a Ha’aretz writer. Ha’aretz is Israel’s Leftist paper, which is dying on the vine as Israelis realize how greatly the Left betrayed them.

** 11 **

Two videos from two brilliant political and cultural commentators:

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  • Ymarsakar

    Remember that humans feel guilt and fear at harming other humans. They don’t want to pull the trigger unless something strong forces them to.

    But with the Left, you’re dealing with insane mad dogs, greedy corrupt evil demons. Pulling the trigger on that… well that’s much easier, isn’t it.

  • Ymarsakar

    A superhero is basically someone that does what no other human can or wants to do, such as killing 1000 enemies in battle singlehandedly. But depending on society’s reception to that, they may label him a “hero” or cast him out as a monster. So the difference between a serial killer and a hero, is really in what society thinks of that person’s actions. It doesn’t change the content of that person’s actions.

    One is using violence to kill. The other is killing with violence…

    The Japanese has explored various concepts of super heroes, heroes, monsters, and the “righteous” or “just” way.

  • Libby

    Wow, Sherrie Bourg Carter really missed (or intentionally glosses over) the likely causes of working women being so unhappy. First, Book, you nailed it with the single woman who is facing the long term consequences of pursuing a career in place of family. To note that would expose that the lifestyle touted by feminists is just not fulfilling to a lot of (most?) women.

    As for working moms, she doesn’t even acknowledge that maybe a lot of women are working not for career pursuits, but for economic stability. I know many moms who would prefer to stay home but feel that they couldn’t live on their husband’s income alone (granted that in some cases, it’s based on the standard of living they desire), or that this would be too great a risk in a time of job insecurity. What happens if the sole breadwinner is laid off when there are currently 92 million unemployed? Think maybe that is adding to the stress?

    • Ymarsakar

      Libby, the original priority was family first, then use your husband’s connections and your kid’s being able to raise and take care of your other kids from 8 years on, to start a career. The Left reversed the priority, and the uneducated thought it was the right Way. It was the reverse way, actually.

      Sarah Palin is the example of the Original Priority at work, the one that actually can work.

  • JKB

    I was just watching an old movie, Rendezvous, with William Powell and Rosalind Russell. It’s a WWI spy movie with Ms. Russell’s character the persistent suitor of Powell’s character running down a spy ring. She follows him into a hotel where the spy ring operates. Bullying her way past the front desk she reveals her uncle is the Asst. Sec of War and threatens: “I’ll have him send the Army and Navy. And a Marine, if he’s needed.”

    The movie is from 1935. I loved the Marine line.

  • lee

    “Ha’aretz is Israel’s Leftist paper, which is dying on the vine as Israelis realize how greatly the Left betrayed them.”

    I spent my junior year, a million years ago, studying at Hebrew U. One of my classes was a political history of Israel–it was GREAT! I remember the professor, almost with an of wistfulness, describing how there were a number of hardcore leftist Israelis were mystified/surprised/confused at the Six Day War because of the Soviet armaments used against them. They couldn’t believe that the Socialist motherland would betray true socialists.

    I think the prosperity on top of that has helped cure a lot of Israelis into pragmatism–and away from the insane leftism of HaAretz.


    I do have a hard core leftist friend in Israel. I’ve mentioned him here before–France was so great and wonderful and sooooooo much more civilized than Israel… But he quietly moved back to Israel a few years ago without really explaining why. Hmmm…

    He’s been kind of quiet on Facebook lately.

    He is also an oleh–made aliyah when he was eighteen. ( He’s almost sixty now.) He was a hard core lefty in his youth–and moved there too late and grew up too late to appreciate how betrayed the Socialist felt in 1967.

    I imagine he’s one of the people who still read HaAretz…

    • SADIE

      Lee: FB has been very quiet since 1,500 rockets have fallen on Israel. The Haaretz readers are silent only because they’ve been very busy running to the closest shelter. I have a very far LEft Israeli friend, who lives in NYC. She emailed me one of those “kumbaya” petitions. I firmly let her know, I would be happy to sign if she could please provide me with the capital of Palestine, advise me the name of their currency and when could I expect Abu Mazen to hold elections for president. Oddly enough, I didn’t get a reply.

      • Ymarsakar

        Recently, I’ve noticed people slapping the Left in the face online and pushing back at them. It’s a good sign of Spine growing in the US, at least. 100 million patriots has to count for something in this Anglosphere world.

  • Charles Martel

    Libby makes some good points, especially about how many women work not as careerists but as pragmatists: The family needs the income. I think women like that tend to be less militant because they don’t accept the idea that a career is somehow the most important thing a woman can have.

    Anybody who is serious about a career will tell you that it is an all-consuming thing. There is a vast range of skills to acquire and keep honed, relationships to establish and maintain, and always competitors to vie with. Piling child rearing and housekeeping on top of serious pursuit of a career is asking for a load of woe. We’re back to Jesus’ simple admonition, “You cannot serve two masters.”

    One of the things underlying career women’s dissatisfaction with their lives once they reach their 40s is that they have bought into a self-hating crock about their own natures. Militant feminism envies men—or at least men as they live in the feminist imagination—and holds up men’s privileges and prerogatives as the ideal for women. Less assertive or promiscuous temperaments are disdained. Traditional women have long been declared inferior and become targets in the left’s war against women.

    For awhile feminists asked/demanded that men get in touch with their feminine side so that Nancy Boyness might become the model for the ideal human being. But most men said, “Nah, I’ll pass,” because men make terrible women. Now that it turns out that women make terrible men, the Brights’ thong panties are in a bunch.

    • Ymarsakar

      Remember how many of them criticized and hated Sarah Palin? Oh yea, the Left didn’t even need to spend propaganda money on that one.

  • Ymarsakar

    Detroit is being protected by PSCs more than the police these days. The Democrat robber barons have abandoned that city, leaving it to citizens and corporations to rebuild. Life in the Wasteland, take a glimmer.

    That’s why you get “unusual” reports of the police promoting citizen arms. Because that’s how it actually looks like when the police and city council aren’t in the pockets of Democrat unions.

    The idea that “gun crime” is down because DC has gun control, is something their unions and police MADE UP to make themselves look good statistically, get more votes and funding. Remember the IRS? Remember the VA making up statistics on waiting lists while people die? The Left is doing that, Everywhere. Everywhere I say. People don’t want to understand what that really means these days.

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