It’s not complicated: Islamists are death cultists who blight every society they touch

This video has a few errors (there were no Starbucks in Beirut in the 1970s), but its overall points are correct. Israel is on the side of the angels. Hamas is not.

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  • Mike Devx

    Sometimes I like to take refuge in another world, a world where sanity reigns. It helps when someone brilliant publishes an article from this world. David Horowitz did that about a week ago. In a sane world, he wrote what the United States and the United Nations WOULD HAVE said in response to the Hamas attack on Israel.

    Worth a look!

    That would be a sane world, wouldn’t it?

    Recently in the news, Chris Guinness, the head of the UNRWA. the UN relief org in Hamas’ Gaza, out-and-out lied by saying the IDF would not allow civilians to flee the UNRWA school that was struck by a (mysterious) rocket in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of 15 children.

    UNRWA has also found stockpiles of missiles in two of their schools, and they promptly took control of those missiles… and then gave them all back to Hamas. The UNRWA often toes the Hamas propaganda line, and they must be considered nothing more than a Hamas mouthpiece and a firm Hamas ally. They are NOT an independent, objective relief agency.

    So I enter my imaginary, sane world again. In my sane world, a relief agency operates under rules that grant them honor and dignity. And the people running that agency take their honor and dignity seriously. In my sane world, a certain conversation goes like this:

    Hamas: “You will say what we tell you to say, and you will do what we tell you to do!”

    UNRWA leader: “Thank you, I hear you. If you will pardon me, I must get busy now, because all of us UNRWA employees must get busy, all of us packing up and leaving. Within the hour.”

    “You cannot leave!”

    “Yes, we can and we are. We are a relief organization, you see, not a propaganda machine. We cannot provide relief when you threaten us. Therefore,we must leave. We will return when you provide proof to the UN that you will treat us like a relief organization, and allow us to do our job: provide relief. And nothing more.”

    “Stop. Stay. I will consult with my glorious leaders and return with their message.”

    “I’m sorry. It’s too late for that. Words have consequences. Hamas can apply to the UN to ask us to return, when you demonstrate and PROVE that you are ready to be a responsible state government, rather than a terrorist organization issuing threats. the UN takes its responsibilities very seriously, you see. Goodbye.”

    That last part – about the UN taking its responsibilities very seriously – leaves me rolling on the floor every time. But it’s MY imaginary sane world, where something as utterly impossible as a responsible UN gets to exist… doesn’t it?