Monday morning round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesI’m going to have a lot of stuff about the Israel/Hamas showdown (of course) but, for those of you who are interested in other stuff, don’t despair. I’ll have other stuff too.

** 1 **

I’ve often mentioned StandWithUs, an organization that was founded to fight the growing antisemitism on American campuses. During the current war, StandWithUs has used social media on Israel’s behalf.

One of the things it started was a campaign that sees people mailing pictures of the cover of their passport, along with a message on the palm of their hand: “I stand with Israel.” This article describes the campaign, and this link takes you to the page where you can upload your photo.

I dug out my passport yesterday and sent my message. If your passport is handy, perhaps you can too. When a war is fought, not just on the field of battle, but around the world in cyberspace, these things matter.

Palestinian support for Israel against Gaza

** 2 **

One of the things Muslims do when they conquer a territory is to erect their prayer towers at a height higher than any other building in the community. Not only does this visually prove their dominance, it also forces everyone around to hear the Muslim call to prayer (which Obama described as “the sweetest sound I know“). Lately, to ensure that everyone hears that “sweetest sound,” Muslims have taken to blasting the call to prayer out on loudspeakers. In Israel, some residents finally had enough and blasted out a few prayers of their own.

** 3 **

The Lancet, founded in 1823, was once one of England’s most prestigious medical journals. During the Iraq War, though, it proved that it had become just another hack Leftist mouthpiece when it published an article in 2004 claiming that 68,000 Iraqis had died from U.S. attacks, a number it updated in 2006 to 655,000. All these numbers were resoundingly debunked, but the study still had an impact, inflaming the usual suspects in the Muslim world and on the Left.

Flush with the success of its last disinformation campaign, The Lancet is at it again, with a completely unsourced diatribe against Israel (which I won’t dignify with a link). Two Israeli physicians tried to get The Lancet to publish a well-sourced rebuttal but, although a reputable science publication would have willingly published that rebuttal, The Lancet naturally refused. If you, however, would like to learn truth via data, rather than lies via screeds, go here.

** 4 **

Hamas fighters may be getting demoralized, but its leaders are feeling flush with success. They’ve got a pile of dead children for photo ops, they got flights to Israel shut down for 24 hours, Jews in Europe are under siege in a way reminiscent of 1938, American streets are filled with thousands of pro-Hamas marchers, and the President and Secretary of State are fully on-board with Hamas’s agenda. To the relief of Israel supporters around the world, though, Israel appears to be thumbing its nose at the Obama regime and, instead, is focusing on its own security. This focus means continuing the Gaza operation so as to shut down those tunnels.

** 5 **

Europeans are, as always, fully supportive of Hamas. Part of this is age-old antisemitism. Part of it is Leftism. Part of it is a way of blaming Jews for Auschwitz and the purges and pogroms in which even conquered countries cheerfully participated.

And part of it, apparently, is the European Union’s ongoing battle with the U.S. for world supremacy. Once upon a time the U.S. supported Israel against the Soviet Union, which supported the Arabs. Now, the EU is supporting the Arabs against the U.S.’s long-standing support for Israel.

The only flaw in that plan is that, thanks to Barack Obama, the U.S. is also supporting the Arabs, so that the EU isn’t distinguishing itself from the U.S. at all. (See here and here, for articles supporting the conclusion that Obama is no longer bother to hide his pro-Hamas, anti-Israel stance.)

** 6 **

Facebook has gone despicable and deleted pro-Israel pages while allowing genocidal anti-Israel pages to stand.

The problem, of course, is that despite its vileness, Facebook is still the only game in town when it comes to spreading political messages throughout ones community of friends, acquaintances, and followers. For example, I know that many of my “real me” Facebook friends couldn’t care less about Israel or, since they’re DemProgs, they kind of vaguely support Hamas.

Because I’m inundating my feed, though, with clear, pro-Israel posters, there’s a possibility that this information will subliminally seep into their brains and value systems.  After all, that’s how Hollywood did it in the 1970s through today:  they subliminally changed people’s values through “entertainment” shows that were really “info-tainment” shows for Leftist ideas.

** 7 **

The Son of Hamas understands both how nihilistic that organization is and that its ultimate goal is world conquest for a caliphate:

** 8 **

Here’s another insight into how Muslims think — and it’s not the way people raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition think.

And finally, on to other, non-Israel/Hamas stuff:

** 9 **

I know that there are bad cultures that care for and wouldn’t gratuitously hurt animals (witness Hitler’s and the Nazi’s love for dogs), but are there any good cultures that gratuitously hurt and torture animals?  I can’t think of any.  Anyway, the following video is darling:

** 10 **

If you’ve been following the Bakken crude oil debate — which sees critics claiming that it’s too volatile to ship, and therefore useless — here are some actual facts explaining that it’s perfectly shippable (which, if it isn’t a word, ought to be).

** 11 **

The facts: A gun-toting man enters a gun-free hospital and begins firing, killing one person. He is stopped only because one of the staff doctors, ignoring the hospital’s gun-free status, shoots him, saving untold numbers of lives. The logic in Left land: Gun free zones should stay gun free because guns are dangerous.

No matter how many times you point out that the only way to stop a mass shooter is if a good guy with a gun shows up (whether that guy is on site or whether it takes 20 minutes for armed police to arrive), the Left insists that just declaring a zone “gun free” will save lives. It’s this kind of stupidity that practically drove me into the arms of conservativism.

** 12 **

Teacher’s unions — not individual teachers, many of whom are devoted and wonderful, but teacher’s unions — are harming American schools. This video perfectly describes my public school experiences growing up in San Francisco:

** 13 **

By leaping on every Leftist politically inspired bandwagon, experts have devalued themselves so much that half the world ignores anything they have to say.

** 14 **

Remember Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who was for withholding funds from federal Obamacare exchanges before he was against it? Well, there’s more….

(And here’s something cool: I bet you recognize the website at that link.  You should, because Hube, at the Colossus of Rhodey is one of my longtime Watcher’s Council friends. It turns out that the man who unearthed the first Gruber video was one of Hube’s old classmates. When he needed a forum to take down Gruber and reinforce Halbig, he went calling on his old friend who is now a conservative blogger.)

** 15 **

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been iconic figures since the end of the 19th century. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not write them as gay characters. Indeed, Dr. Watson adores women and eventually marries, leaving Holmes alone in the flat at Baker Street. With the renewed popularity of Sherlock Holmes and Watson thanks to a recent BBC series, the LGBTQ crowd thinks Holmes and Watson need an upgrade: They should become gay lovers.

Hmmm. Thinking. … Thinking. … Thinking. … Nope. I just don’t see it. What I do see, though, is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spinning in his grave.

** 16 **

One of the things conservatives constantly need to re-learn is that the culture wars are never won. When one side gains temporary dominance, the other side than begins a renewed charge to end that dominance. We’re currently in a period of Leftist dominance that has (finally) started a nascent conservative comeback. Should we win, we’ll naturally, and stupidly, rest on our laurels, creating a vacuum that the Left will aggressively rush to fill.

I mention all this because America may have won WWII in 1945, but the war is still being fought at the academic level. When the Smithsonian first mounted a Hiroshima exhibit 15 years ago, the Left seemed to have won, making the exhibit all about American imperialist aggression. Five men successfully fought back, but even they caution that the fight is never over.

** 17 **

I love Harry Stein’s writing. He’s warm and funny and mirrors my own journey from Left to Right (although I didn’t begin as far Left as he did). His crossing the Rubicon book, How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace), is most definitely worth a read.

What I didn’t realize (or didn’t remember) about Stein, is that his father, Joseph Stein, wrote the book for Fiddler on the Roof, a show that simultaneously helped pro-Jewish and pro-Israel feeling around the world, even while offending religious Jews with its message favoring assimilation. Joseph Stein was the kind of Jew I knew growing up: educated, funny, creative, and very, very Left.

Harry has written a lovely homage to his father (who died in 2010, aged 98 years), managing to maintain his love and respect for the man whose political and social values Harry so definitively rejected.

** 18 **

Hamas secret weapon

I'm at a fundraiser now

Hamas refuses ceasefire

Civilization calls

Harry Reid on illegal immigrants

(Thanks to Earl and Sadie, who contribute to every post I write by sending me wonderful articles and images. Caped Crusader is also one of my main sources for images and anecdotes, although I don’t think any of his contributions made it to this particular post.)

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  • raymondjelli

    The biggest mistake we make is not calling the Obama people pro Muslim Brotherhood rather than pro-Hamas. It is actually an idiotic oversight.

    Muslim Brotherhood killed Sadat because of the peace treaty but amazingly no one remembers that. The Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out of Egypt.

    The point is this. USA is not pursuing its own interests. It is now a participant in the Middle East conflict clearly on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. Rather than standing against all terror we are standing with a specific set of terrorists against other terrorists.

    We are not putting out any effort to help Christians in the Middle East, cripple ALL terrorists and make the USA a name that means to a prospective terrorist a name to be feared. We are instead under the thrall of corrupt politicians who are actively taking money from Qatar and Turkey. Egypt is poor therefore it is cut out. We can simply follow the money on this.

    As for A. Conan Doyle he was an antisemite along with some other very talented British writers. like GK Chesterton and Sax Roehmer and the writer of the Willy Wonka books. A common theme in these books is the criminal Jew, the cunning Asian looking for world domination and the misunderstood honorable Moslem. You won’t see to much of where Conan Doyle was coming from in Sher Holmes but his Professor Challenger stories are unbelievably bad. He blames the Jews for the fact that his belief in spiritualism was a joke. He lost it a bit after his wife died but he was still in the antisemitic British mainstream. Britain was historically that bad and strangely pro-Arab.

    • Wolf Howling

      Let’s not forget that it was Britain that insured the ascendancy of the House of Saud, thus marrying up the most rabid of Muslim sects with Arabian oil money.

      I think this more than “follow the money.” Islam is the religion of Obama’s youth. There is no question that he has a soft spot for it and that it colors his attitude towards all Middle East issues. Though, that said, its simply beyond my understanding why he has come down so strongly in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.

      • SADIE

        I’ll leave it to historians and psychiatrists to sort out Obama’s support of the MB. I recall that it was Obama, who was quick to throw the first shoe and demand that Mubarak “step down” but quickly gave his support for Morsi. AND yet stuttered to give the same support to el-Sisi.

        • SADIE

          State Department: June 23, 2014

          Kerry aide: “We do not share the view of the Egyptian government about links between the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS [the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq]. [Egyptian leaders] need to include, and find ways to reach out to, the Muslim Brothers. … With regard to the challenge that the Muslim Brothers pose, I would characterize it more as a political challenge than a security challenge.”


    Hillary and Nancy competition for dumbest QOTD.

    “I’m not a military planner but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and its densely populated.”

    “And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”

    • Libby

      It’s amazing how often Hamas selects hospitals, schools, and ambulances, huh? Hillary’s comment is akin to saying it’s understandable to store your guns and ammo under your children’s bunk bed because your house is so small,
      * * *

      I know Book has blogged about this before, but in addition to building tall minarets the Muslims always destroy or convert the conquered people’s holy sites. It gets little coverage, but many old churches (and even a few sites that hold value to muslims, such as Jonah’s tomb in Mosul) across the Middle East have been destroyed in the past few years. They are actively erasing cultural history. It’s both heartbreaking and frightening, because I wonder when this will start happening here.

      • SADIE

        The Demprogs have been erasing cultural history in America – I view them as the precursor to physical jihad. The minarets are in DC – the EPA, DHS, Dept. of Agriculture, DoJ…….

      • Ymarsakar

        Sadie is correct, it’s already happened. The Left’s Jihad is no less an act of zealotry or fanaticism as the Islamic Jihad.

  • Ymarsakar

    Doesn’t Reid look like one of those robber barons in the old days? A villain and crook?

  • Jose

    Re 2:
    When deployed to the middle east during a face off with Saddam in 1998, I heard a rumor that the local market had alarm clocks that sounded the call to prayer. I thought that would be a novel souvenir so I searched but never found any.

    Over the next couple years the idea completely lost it’s appeal.

  • Charles Martel

    One of the things that has struck me over the years as I’ve read and re-read the Qu’ran (it’s always good to know what your mortal enemy believes) is how much of a control freak Allah is. Not only do poor Muslims have to bow five times a day toward the craphole town in Arabia where Islam’s pedophile founder started the whole sorry affair, they have to hew to elaborate rituals for most of life’s minutiae—bathing, eating, defecating, etc. Hard to believe that anybody would take seriously a god who can create a whole universe from scratch but concerns itself with how you clean your butt. Or promises a snooze-fest paradise where there isn’t a steak in the whole place or a blue eye to be had among all of the perpetually virgin sluts who are eagerly awaiting all those unbelievably hot, sexy, virile martyrs whom the Joos forced to live in their families’ basements.

    • Ymarsakar

      Many in a Sultan’s harem were blue eyed, since they raided the Europeans for them.

  • Charles Martel

    Ymarsakar, it’s true what you say about the harems. But Allah’s sock puppet Mohammed says in the Qu’ran that the skanks in heaven are dark-eyed. I take it that blue eyes would incite lust, or something like that. You know, the way they incite it on the streets of Malmo.