Watcher’s Council results for August 1, 2014

Watcher's Council logoThe results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council vote. As you know, I always think the winners deserve their victories, but seldom more so than I do this week. If you haven’t already read the posts by JoshuaPundit and Noisy Room, please do. They’re both well-written, informative posts and subjects of primary importance, both foreign and domestic.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • sabawa

    Is Jesse Jackson still alive? I’m kind of shocked b/c last week two black youths killed a Chinese professor in Chapel Hill, NC in broad daylight as he was taking his lunchtime walk……they beat him over the head for some dollars. He was an internationally known scientist and a professor at UNC, minding his own business. Jesse Jackson forgot to mention this hideous crime……like I said, I am shocked. Apparently he is busy with other busYness.