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    I remember what Democrats calling themselves pro patriotic Americans, did to help kill Americans after 2001, yes.

  • jj

    Based on the evidence to date, the average American wouldn’t remember where his ass was located if he didn’t need it to sit on all day.

  • JKB

    This is more true than we realize. I read this article this morning from Daniel Hannan which makes a pretty good link between anti-semitsm and socialism

    —-The man who coined the term “socialism,” the nineteenth-century French revolutionary, Pierre Leroux, had told his comrades: “When we speak of the Jews, we mean the Jewish spirit – the spirit of profit, of lucre, of gain, of speculation; in a word, the banker’s spirit.”—-

    The WTC was targeted not just because they were tall buildings in NYC, US. They were targeted because they were a symbol of capitalism (ironically, the complex itself was a monument to crony capitalism)

    As I commented a few posts back to Books addition to Andrew Klavan’s video thanking White men, there is merit to also thank Jewish White men. All those disparaging attributes that so many smear Jews with, “the spirit of profit”, “of gain”, “of speculation” are the very attributes of the English that brought forth capitalism and the culture based on the individual rather than heredity, family, tribe, etc.

    Israel is not only a shining example of liberal democracy in the Middle East, it is also as close to a free market capitalist economy that exists in the world today. This is shown in their innovations and invention. It is natural that socialism, the philosophy of failure, would have much in common with anti-semitism, the product of so many unwilling to face up to their own failure in the market.

    Back to Hannan:

    —Our political opinions often reflect our character traits. If you’re a generous and optimistic person, if you take pleasure in the success of others, you’re likely to be cheered by the story of the Jewish people, their success against the odds, their disproportionate intellectual contribution to mankind. Far from decrying commercial and financial accomplishments, you recognise them as a source of happiness for everyone.—


  • Mike Devx

    I founda good video of a CNN report on the Hamas Terror Tunnels. Yes, CNN did a fair report! But the comments below it were apallingly anti-Semitic and for the most part, pro-Hamas. There remains a large number of people who simply do not see Hamas as terrorists. I think they see them as freedom fighters, and they can’t get past that.

    I’m making the assumption that they are identifying Hamas with our own Founding Fathers, George Washngton and all, and they see Israel as an oppressor, similar to the Birtish oppressors of our own Revolutionaries.

    This is something the Israelis cannot counter with (honest) propaganda. It’s too American.

    So, I intend to engage people in conversations about thisMy points will be simple:

    Hamas exists for one purpose only – and they say this themselves – and it is to completely destroy Israel, and commit genocidal murder against all 6.1 million Jews in Israel..

    I don’t remember George Washington saying that his goal is to destroy England, and to murder every English person, commit genocide against every English person. I don’t remember any Founding Father saying anything like that. Do you? Then why do you see Hamas as freedom fighters, and not merely as terrorists, and genocidal murderers?

    From there we can talk about the endless rain of Hamas missiles from the sky, and the reason why Hamas would dig terror tunnels into Israel, and the brainwashing of Palestinian children with the worst anti-Jewish propaganda the world has ever seen – worse than the Nazis. (And I may even be able to get into the alliance between the Palestinians’ Grand Mufti and Hitler.

    But the key is to attack the conception of Palestinians as freedom fighters. That must be destroyed.

    As always, remember the goal is never to convince the lar-Leftists. They are beyond reach. They cannot be salvaged. The goal is to convince the moderates and sway them. To do that, we must speak up.

    I used the phrase “Terror Tunnels” twice, above. I intend to use that phrase a LOT when I am talking to people.

    • Libby

      I like “terror tunnels” – I’ll be using that one, too.

      The IDF graphics that Book posts are very simple and to the point in illustrating why the Palestinians are not the victims. I think it’s also easy to illustrate their toxic, death-cult culture using the many pictures of Palestinian children taken by their loved ones, such as toddlers in terrorist garb holding guns, or the smiling faces of children making the three-fingered hand gesture celebrating the three 16 year old Jewish boys who were recently kidnapped an murdered.. This is who they are when they’re alive – already being taught to hate and glorify murder by their elders..

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      No I don’t think they see Hamas as George Washington style freedom fighters. The more leftist, the more pro-Hamas and the more they engage in Muslim Brotherhood collaboration.

      Their model is closer to Mao or Che Guevara. We are fighting people whose ideology has killed millions and they will kill millions more given the chance.

  • Charles Martel

    Robert Heinlein said that prosperity and the conditions for it have never been mankind’s norm. Instead, we’ve had a 10,000-year run of peasant mentality (punctuated by a few grace notes like America and 19th-century England) where men have always looked with envy on anybody who had honest wealth and conspired to steal or destroy it—all in the name of justice and equality.

    Marxists, socialists, Obama, most Europeans, the Democrats, and many college “educated” voters are peasants at heart, who believe that thrift, delayed gratification, and innovation are thieves’ tools designed to cheat the rest of us out of the just desserts we so obviously deserve. Alas, the mass of men are also peasants, so it’s easy to see, as JKB quotes Hannan implying, that Jew hatred is a popular pastime, easily aroused and always accessorized with the noblest, highest-sounding rationalizations.

    Thank God for what Hitler sneered was “Jewish physics” and its result, the atomic bomb. Mel Brooks’ “Jews In Space” should have been followed by “When Jews Are Heavily Armed.” Hallelujah.

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      Humans are a bunch of crabs in a bucket. Only rarely does a true individual come out of the morass.