The Bookworm Beat — empty house edition, Part II

Woman writingA moment of calm, so I’m resuming my round-up.

Things are not good all over

Richard Fernandez does a quick survey of the three main issues on America’s plate — Russia, Iraq, and Ebola — and is not sanguine. He’s not screaming that the end is near, but he thinks the optimistic voices (almost all from the Left, including the President’s own voice) are wrong.

I’m not the only one likening ISIS to Genghis Khan

Yesterday, I wrote that, in ISIS, we see a ferocity that has been missing (thankfully) since the time of Genghis Khan. My friend Terresa Monroe-Hamilton had the same thought: ISIS Sweeps The Middle East In A Method Reminiscent Of Genghis Khan. Unlike my mere passing commentary, Terresa details precisely why ISIS is so scary.

I only have one problem with the Genghis Khan analogy. Whenever I see that name written, all I can hear is John Kerry’s smug, vicious voice comparing American troops in Vietnam to “Jeng-jis” Khan.

When will the world realize that, to Islamists, we’re all Jews

It’s not just Israel that pays a high price when the West supports Hamas; ultimately, the whole Western world will be paying that price:

In practice denouncing the Jewish state means siding with the malevolent, murderous forces of jihadism, a stance that not only represents a complete inversion of morality but a ­suicidal disdain for the interests of western civilisation.

Read the rest here.

And remember:

They were Muslims

How to become a popular leader

In Israel, Netanyahu is wildly popular, something that dismays Obama, because that popularity means he can’t bully Bibi. My guess is that, if citizens in the West weren’t subject to a Pravda-esque media that hides Islamist depredations, those leaders who wage war against those same Islamists could also be wildly popular.

Of course, with mass protests in Western streets, you’d think people would be figuring out that the Islamists aren’t just in Iraq, but are all over. This is a scene from a pro-Hamas London protest that allegedly saw 100,000 people take to London’s streets:

Gaza supporters march on London

I’d say “I pity the poor fools who think those protests will stop with only Israel as the enemy,” but the fact is that those “poor fools” are useless idiots trying to get us all killed.

Jimmy Carter — just plain evil

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter sinks further and further into an abyss of immorality. Alan Dershowitz believes that he’s sunk so low because he’s literally sold his soul to the Saudis, a million here and a million there.

That price tag might explain Carter’s openness about his anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic totalitarian world view, but it doesn’t explain his embrace of that worldview in the first place. You have to be a pretty evil person even to think about selling your soul that way. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that America’s last two Democrat presidents have sold themselves to the Saudis? It speaks to a profound moral corruption on the Left.

I guess being steeped in hypocrisy does wipe clean the moral slate

Why does the GOP have a love affair with Cory Booker?

Eliana Johnson provides chapter and verse showing what a shady character Cory Booker is, as well as being a singularly competent politician when it comes to making good on his campaign promises. Why then, she asks, are Republicans playing nice with him and opting not to provide any meaningful support to Republican challengers? See, it’s things like this that just make conservatives hate the GOP.

News from the gay scene

In West Hollywood, the mayor thinks there should be more parks for dogs and fewer parks for children.

Meanwhile, fat gay men are struggling to fit into a gay culture that is (and always has been) obsessed with physical appearance. If you think women are catty about each other’s looks, you’ve never seen gay men opining about each other.

I did not leave my heart in San Francisco

This fairly accurate spoof is why I don’t regret having left San Francisco behind (although, having been born and raised there, I do still consider myself a San Franciscan — but a San Franciscan from the good old days):

Remember WWI

I wrote here earlier about a ceramic poppy installation at the Tower of London to commemorate the British who died in WWI. Here you can see pictures of this impressive and moving sight.


Every time I look at this first one, I want to cry:
Matan Gotlib

Reagan on Concentrated power

David Burge on pacifists

Hamas is an innocent victim

Obama and Tahmooressi

Kurds dying

CNN airbrushes militant Islam

Difference between liberals and conservatives

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  • Ymarsakar

    The Left is a virus or weapon created by Western Enlightenment, in the form of Communism or Fascism, to destroy Western civilization. Thus if a society is not like Western civilization, such as Syria or Hamas, the Left can’t do much against them via protests or psychological warfare. They can only bomb them.

    Coincidentally, because the Left is a loose cannon, they end up allied with Islamic Jihad, that also happens to want to destroy the West.

  • Ymarsakar

    Back during the 2006 Iraq Conflict, few people were opening claiming or believing that Democrats were allied with America’s enemy, the Islamic Jihad. After all, bombing brown people overseas is easy. It’s not so easy contemplating executing your neighbor, however, as a traitor to the state, patriotism or no patriotism. It’s easy to ignore that or call the people directing attention towards internal enemies as crazy.

    Well it just so happens that crazyness is infective in this world.

  • raymondjelli

    When governments won’t do the job of protecting their citizens then others will step up to do the job. Maybe socialism can’t and won’t stand up to Islam but the private sector capitalist can. They can fund counter jihad troops just the way the Qatars of the world can fund Hamas and Isis and whatever else they slip their cash to. Now possibly the game might turn on them. Certainly the game won’t change with the Obamabots.

  • JKB

    Now, tell me about the poverty in Gaza and how it is Israel’s fault

    “The digging of tunnels began four years ago and has demanded 40 percent of Hamas’s budget, The Times of Israel has learned.”

    Read more: Hamas said to have executed dozens of tunnel diggers | The Times of Israel

    Now, assuming that Mossad can influence things with disinformation, I’d be implicating all those tunnel diggers who didn’t help Israel. Because, a dead tunnel builder is an unproductive tunnel builder. Not to mention, it creates reluctant tunnel diggers.

    • Libby

      Huh, I had read that Hamas used child labor to build those tunnels. Does this mean they executed children, or were these the adult overseers?

      • JKB

        These guys reportedly have the engineering and construction expertise so getting them killed is a whole lot of useful.

        I would suspect the kids were used out on the tunnel face before the concrete reinforcements could be placed.

    • JKB

      But note the tunnels took up 40% of Hamas’ budget. Then you have to factor in some significant percentage going to the military wing. So what, of all the money provided Hamas, went to the actual operation of the civil government?

      • Libby

        Don’t forget that the Hamas leader is a billionaire with a fancy house in Qatar. Not sure how that could happen without some graft.

  • qr4j

    The world does seem to be a very gloomy place these days. I remember feeling that way during the economic downturn in 2007 and 2008. I had to leave a job I loved because the company closed the plant — a hit from the downturn. I was lucky enough to find a job with comparable pay, but I did not enjoy it at all.

    Today’s gloominess is different. It has global proportions that go beyond, although include, economics. I see attacks on the Jews around the world, the slaughter of Christians in Iraq, the kidnapping of girls in Africa, etc. The list seems endless.

    In the midst of this, I wonder: Where is God? The storms are raging, threatening to destroy the ship. The ship’s captain and crew seem to be asleep at the wheel all the while many passengers are screaming for help. Will God wake them up? And if they don’t wake up (Obama and Co.), what would God have the passengers do?

    I am thinking about all these questions in light of Sunday’s gospel lesson and sermon: “Jesus Walks on the Water.”

    • Ymarsakar

      Don’t worry, it won’t be very gloomy when the world Begins Burning.

  • Wolf Howling

    1. The ISIS is giving the Mongols a bad name. While there are many similarities, the one huge difference is that Ghengis Khan was famous for practicing religious tolerance. The ISIS are a step beyond the Horde for brutality.

    2. Y – The Enlightenment was all about the search for objective truth, wherever it may lead. It dawned with the scientific theory for verifying observations. The Enlightenment didn’t give rise to socialism, it was killed off by it in the French Revolution. What substituted for the search for objective truth was the search for “socialist truth,” if you will. The pushing of only those truths that support their ideology. Which, as Book points out, is still very much with us today, as the Western media ignore virtually all the negatives about Islam.

    • Ymarsakar

      Socialism is a kind of economic system. The Left and their brand names, were never about the economy vis a vis the generation and distribution of wealth. Which part of the world has combined the Isms of the Left with the left’s organization structure?

      It all came from Western Enlightenment processes.

  • libertywolf

    I’m catching up a bit Bookworm… just saw this. You do a good job here of showing the horror — we are really in trouble. I am speechless. Only one of my friends here that I know in person — in the Bay Area even commented on ISIS (ISIL whatever they are now)– otherwise, it’s Ferguson all the time or nothing pertinent. On FB though, a few did comment and I don’t want to sell them short, so there’s hope. Still, you would never know the world was unraveling and this horror was on the march. My friends in person and most I see do not speak of it. We really are in trouble. I am afraid. It may have to come to something awful here, in the US — a huge terrorist attack, for people to wake up.

    I knew this was coming but the ferocity, the genocidal fury is beyond my worst imagining.

    Yes, on the San Francisco spoof — it rings true. I am back and I love it here, but I also –am not sure this is the best place to be while the world unravels with this hell you have elucidated so well. On the other hand, maybe I am selling people short. I don’t think so however… but yes, there’s a disconnect though there are a few who get it. Let’s hope in time more do.

    Thanks for your work here.

    • Bookworm

      Loving San Francisco is an increasingly tough gig. It used to be a liberal city with flair; now it’s a Leftist city with a mean tone to it.