The Bookroom Beat — August 14 a.m. edition

Woman writingMy house guest is sleeping off jet lag in the next room, so I’m doing two-finger typing to silence the normal click-clack of my keyboard. This will therefore be brief.

The UN: Killing Muslims with kindness

The Marines and Special Forces are good, but are 130 of them really necessary to tell us how bad ISIS is or able to face off against it?

Clever pro-fracking campaign in Colorado.

Militant, oppressed blacks or militant, oppressive cops? What’s the story in Missouri? (This too.)

Teachers’ unions work for teachers, not special needs kids.

Also, schools, like universities, have a lot of employees who don’t teach.

I love Texas, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know about its often corrupt local guv’mint and judiciary — especially its left-hewing agencies.

Mike McDaniel remembers the ultimately hopeless Robin Williams shining in a role about hope.

No you’re not paranoid. The media really does report scandals differently for Democrats and Republicans.

Max Borders explains how Progressives are destroying their beloved, iconic “cool” cities.

Even Obama’s own people are revealing just how bad his foreign policy really is.

The UN appoints a rabid anti-Israel person to lead an “inquiry” panel about the latest war.

The fog we love.

Does it matter that journalists are finally telling some truths about Hamas?

Israel is the only hope for freedom in the Middle East

Toledo's water problems explained

Head tilts in the classroom

Common sense is a punishment

The other person is a complete idiot

Libealism defined

Secretary of Debt

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  • JKB

    Militant, oppressed blacks or militant, oppressive cops? Yes

    • jj

      I’m not a fan of either side in this one. Hard to locate the bad guys, and there don’t seem to be any good guys. I’m sure the cop who shot the kid is (a) a moron, most of ’em seem to be; and (b) sorry about it – but that doesn’t bring the kid back. (As John Wayne noted: “Sorry don’t get it done.”)

      On the other hand the kid’s father stands there asking people to calm down while wearing a T-shirt that says: ‘No Justice, No Peace” and is, I guess, surprised at the violence. Tells you pretty much all you need to know about the quality of the pie filling between his ears.

      And the mayor and the governor, actually running their empty-headed mouths in public to the effect that those being looted should be a little patient, turn their backs a bit, let these folks ex[press their emotions. By what, burning down someone’s livelihood? What the f**k goes on in YOUR head, Governor?

      Just amazing, the pass to which we’ve apparently come in this country.

      • JKB

        Well, as far as the cops in this matter, I was commenting on the poor showing of discipline and the “Tactical Tommy” outfitting.

        Same for the protester/looters.

        For the event itself, based on what the police have stated and one eye witness, the kid was stupid, but 18-yr olds are stupid. But then the cop may have a bit of a problem, with using deadly force to stop the kid after he broke and ran. Reportedly, one shot was fired while they scuffled in the car, then the cop fired as the kid ran then the kid stopped purportedly with hands up and was shot dead. There is a SCOTUS decision that puts some real limits on using deadly force to stop a fleeing suspect. To few details out to really say whether deadly force was justified for the fatal shots. But the details now indicate the kid wasn’t fatally wounded until the final shots. That means the alleged gun scuffle is not really relevant to the actual use of deadly force.

        • jj

          Been watching events in Ferguson, and at this point I’ve come to the conclusion that to be a Ferguson cop one of the prerequisites is you must fail an intelligence test. These seem to be heavily armed and dangerous halfwits, and the state cops don’t seem to be much better. Their whole attitude and approach to this has been just astonishing to watch unfold. There have been a few too many pictures of these pisswits sitting on top of their tanks aiming automatic weapons at the people on the streets for my comfort. I don’t know where they think they are, but I guess they can go straight from Ferguson to work for Putin.

  • Ymarsakar
  • JKB

    I remember the first time I experienced the California fog as something other than hazy grey days. I was working a survey ship near shore in ’89. One evening after finishing up some work off the Farallons, I headed north to a work off one of the bays of Marin. I noticed the horizon was drawing closer as the fog came in as a cliff face. My thoughts went to the movie “The Fog”. Well, in half an hour the bow was a blur. I went out to the bridge wing and notice the fog only extended up about another 30 feet or halfway up the mast. Another movie reference: the opening of one of the ‘Airplane’ movies with the tail fins cutting about through the top of the clouds.

    I like San Francisco, at least as a place to visit. I did not leave my heart there, but I did break my legs.

    • Bookworm

      I love the fog. It’s what I call “soft” weather. It can be a bit spooky, though. I once drove home from a party at about 2 a.m., and, as I was going down a quiet residential street, a small boy suddenly dashed in front of my car and then vanished. There was no way I could find him, and I wondered whether I was hallucinating (I don’t drink) or if I’d seen a ghost.

  • Ymarsakar

    Is anyone surprised the Left’s social services are a base for homosexual rapists and the ilk? You shouldn’t be. Many people knew about this, though the many were not the majority. Only the weaklings that cover their eyes to hear and see no evil are in the majority.

  • Caped Crusader

    I doubt Jimmy Doolittle or “Country” Slaughter would recognize Ferguson today, for in reading the demographics from consecutive census reports, it is apparent the “neighborhood has changed”; and they would not recognize the “improvements”.

  • JKB

    130 spec ops checking out the situation might be a lot. But not if they are providing a little guidance to the indigenous forces which is what they’re specialty is. Not to mention, that number is probably the number needed to ensure they can hold out until extraction if IS attacks. A slaughter of US troops would end Obama’s dream of a “negotiated” solution.

    Progressive killing their “cool’ cities. Nothing new. The only issue I have with the galaxy cities is that it still presumes a dense center. But for the life of me, I can’t imagine what that center is for. I most cities it is leftover infrastructure that is coming to its end of life. The population is stringing out along the highways and any smart heavy capital business is as well.

    It’s not hard to understand why people get hung up on this. First they for some reason are obsessed with NYC, but few places in America are an island. Plus they see the old 1940s infrastructure and see that as the what it is and always will be. But that is new and was driven by the need to concentrate labor when transportation was slow and difficult. It’s only been since 1750 that cities weren’t death traps for rural children. And that was London, much later for other cities. Now we have Ebola and other diseases that may kill dense urban in favor of long, low density.

  • raymondjelli

    The reading about U cities should be required reading. Great article. My only objection is that he failed to mention that these managed cities purposely eschew manufacturing operations in preference to the so called creative class. Rather than capital intensive businesses that can expand and create jobs directly through hiring and indirectly through suppliers it simply hopes artists, artisan bakeries, artisan breweries, advertising agencies, hipster videographers and tattooed wannabe rock starts will make jobs. The “miracle” of Brooklyn is a perfect example.

    Trendy, hip and simply a set of cafes and not much else. The middle class may not be trendy and hip but it sure is stable and it spends on real goods and not social status nonsense.


    How a country takes care of their poor, their old, the neediest and honors their soldiers speaks volumes. Obama played golf today and Gen. Greene, the first general since Viet Nam killed in action was buried today.

  • Charles Martel

    Donning the Cape:

    When I was a little boy, a pillowcase attached to the collar of my T-shirt with two clothes pins was enough to turn me into a superhero. Simply by donning the cape, I was able to run faster, leap higher, and fight harder.

    These days, the people donning the cape are grown men (and some women) in America’s police departments. Their capes have been provided by the federal government in the form of heavy weapons that more properly belong on Army bases. Once a podunk SWAT team’s members get to put on those Nazi-style Army helmets and carry around surplus firearms, it’s difficult for them not to think what hard-ass law keepers they are. Donning the cape is empowering.

    On the surface, cops parading around as junior Navy Seals borders on the hilarious, especially when you take into account that their firepower eventually is much more likely to be used against the left’s darling blacks and Latinos than against Tea Partiers. The Democrats’ race baiting is aimed at inciting the base and Tea Partiers don’t do much looting and plundering.

    If you are a conscious Alinskyite DemProg, it is the perfect one-hand-washing-the-other scenario: Militarized police, standing ready to do federal bidding, clamp down broad swaths of urban America under “protective” martial law in the name of restoring order.

    The beauty of it is that the majority of blacks have been so dumbed down and bamboozled that they’ll wind up supporting it because they’ll be told it’s necessary to protect them against the GOP and KKK. Sound far-fetched? There’s a reason why Orwell dubbed leftist illogic as “doublethink.”

    • Libby

      Here’s what is also so alarming about the militarization of the police: this is happening at the same time that federal agencies are becoming more militarized and adding/expanding enforcement within non-law enforcement agencies, such as the Dept. of Ed (they have their own SWAT team – why?) or the EPA (Bundy ranch).

      At the same time, Obama has been neutering any forces that protect us from foreign threats, such as hobbling our military with restrictive ROEs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and having Border Patrol officers use bean-bag guns in skirmishes with well-armed Mexican cartels. And his Westpoint graduation speech was pretty clear about his vision of our armed forces being more about being foreign aid first responders when some country has an earthquake or Tsunami.

      Leads one to wonder who Obama sees as the enemy, eh?


    Idiots or ISIL, they’re not going to take “no” for answer. The civilian police, Obama pledged is up and running on MRAPs.…flows-to-police-departments.html

  • Libby

    The U Cities article was great – reminded me of my precious home town of Boulder and explains why most of us who grew up there cannot afford to live there now. It also reminded me of this excellent American Thinker post, :Pigeons, Rats and Democrats.”