The Bookworm Beat — Another fabulous picture round-up from Caped Crusader (and Open Thread)

I honestly have no idea how Caped Crusader does this. Every day, he showers me with incredible images that I then get to pass on to you. Woot!!

This first one is my absolute favorite for the day, and maybe even for the week. I’ve been saying since the 1990s, when I first became aware of political correctness, that it filled that vacuum that manners once filled before the 1960s counter-culture came along. I didn’t know at the time, of course, that it filled that vacuum with pure Leftism.

PC is fascism masked as manners

Teach a man to fish

Hayek on emergencies

President Bush and a wounded warrior

Liz Warren and a rigged system

Obama's Lois Lerner bedtime story

PC is fascism masked as manners

More American hunters than standing armies

Real economic justice

Obedience is not patriotism

Hillary wants to control US budget

Churchill on socialism

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