Conservatives! You can overcome that malaise (guest post by Lulu)

Not a vortex of insanityThe other day, I wrote about the malaise that plagued a group of conservative women with whom I had a meeting (or, as I said, the horror of staring into the vortex of insanity that is today’s political scene). Lulu shared a very helpful, practical response with me.

Getting Over Conservative Malaise
by Lulu

The malaise your Conservatibe women’s group felt is understandable given the daily confrontation with dreadful world news and the worry about how much worse it will get with our dreadful president. We see uninformed sheeple following and not questioning and schools, the universities, and the media are propaganda instruments, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

So what to do? As someone who has helped my child battle an overwhelmingly challenging condition, I have learned that being defeated by what seems overwhelming is disastrous. Have big goals, but they must be started and carried out in thousands of small, steady and strategic steps.

First assess your talent pool. Who is there? Any people with connections? Anyone know anyone who knows anyone who knows the Koch brothers or Adelson or any other wealthy worried conservatives? Anyone have experience at proposal writing or laying out a convincing case in a meeting or lecture? Anyone have connections at a local TV station or a national station? Anyone have connections with black churches, the Spanish speaking community, the Asian American community, or the Jewish community? In that case, plan on how to reach out to these communities in small, strategic steps.

Step 1-

Get the conservative voice out there, but don’t announce it is conservative. Do the entertainment magazines announce that they promote a liberal agenda? No, they don’t. But over a decade ago People magazine began referring to gay partners as husbands and wives, changing perceptions. Women’s magazines have promoted the war on women theme.

Newsweek sold for $1. Why couldn’t a conservative have purchased it?

Why not a conservative “People” with a conservative, but not overtly so, POV. Imagine a magazine that tells the Star Parker story, the son of Hamas story, the Ben Carson story, the story of a southwestern rancher on the border, of Israeli families in the kibbutzim next to Gaza, of Kermit Gosnell, and on and on, all woven subtly in between glossies, fashion spreads, and other fluff. Glenn Reynolds always writes that conservatives need to buy women’s magazines, and in my opinion, that includes gossip magazines. Pitch this to the money men. If you don’t have a connection now, find it. Carly Fiorina might know a few people.

Step 2-

Come up with small plans to fight the school trends. Teachers are mostly liberal, as are their unions, so recommending books and volunteering speakers who subtly promote conservative ideas is again a start. Speaking to an administrator as one parent is tough but going in a group is powerful — but be sure to sneak it in, as they do, without the word “conservative.”

Gather a large committee of immigrant conservatives, especially those from totalitarian countries, including gays and ethnic minorities, who can be trained to do outreach in their own communities. There are existing groups like these. Affiliate and brainstorm with them.

I believe the rot is very deep in college, but that is because it has become a totalitarian state. I think, based on my experience with my interns last year, that at least some students, including ethnic students, are fed up with their “education” and the indoctrinating. Alternative voices in conventional media, if they don’t blast the word conservative, give them a safe place to start learning new ideas that it is clear to me they find attractive.

Step 3-

I mentioned in the past that TV needs to be infiltrated. Show TV that there is a money demand for a daytime show with Star Parker, etc., a comedy show with Andrew Klavan and Stephen Crowder, etc. Campaign to get these guys a gig on Fox or a “debate” on Colbert. Most voters are unformed, so we need to reach out to them on the entertainment level. Once they start hearing competing ideas, seeds get planted, they showed grow into a healthy conservative movement.

The world is going to get a lot worse over the next two years with a lot of unforeseen consequences. Let’s get busy promoting our message of traditional American beliefs. Our ideas are better. Let me know and I will help.

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  • Ymarsakar

    “I mentioned in the past that TV needs to be infiltrated. ”

    Anime. The material itself is easy to understand, and currently the companies transferring it to the US are neutral. But they won’t be for long, once the Left starts moving.

  • Ymarsakar

    Most people can’t stare into the Abyss for too long, because they fear death or fear society, same thing.

    The few people who have stared into the Abyss and changed themselves, are about as numerous as prodigies and geniuses are.

    The vortex spiral of insanity we call America, is on the same caliber as the Abyss.

  • David Foster

    Good post. One thing I believe is desperately needed is a good source of Facebook memes that can be readily shared. Often I will see a Left meme being shared which contains data which is obviously false or misleading, but which would require an hour or so to refute in a convincing way.

    Facebook memes that do appear from conservatives, and especially from institutional Republicans, are generally pretty lame. One problem is that they tend to quote sources that automatically discredit them with people who lean at all Left—why quote Fox News on something if the same data is available from more perceived-as-neutral sources?

    Today someone shared a post from “RightWingWatch” quoting Pat Robertson as being amazed that the stock market is so high under Obama, and mocking Robertson’s assertion that the gains are a result of quantitative easing and are not “real.”

    There are few things I care about less that Pat Robertson’s view of the stock market, but this snarky sidewise defense of Obama should not be allowed to go unchallenged. There are plenty of serious market analysts, by no means all of them Right-leaning, who believe that the market is indeed seriously overvalued, at least in part due to QE. There should be a nice crisp shareable post that can be used as a response here.

    Meanwhile, the Republican Party is using FB to market SOCKS of the pattern favored by George Bush the Elder.

    • Ymarsakar

      “why quote Fox News on something if the same data is available from more perceived-as-neutral sources?”

      Quoting Hussein and PillowC is using discredited Fox News? I don’t think so. While people do layer their propaganda unwell, recently they have become cleverer about confronting the Left with the Left’s own hypocrisy. Now that Fox News isn’t required for.

      Institutional Republicans are on the side of the enemy. Thus they would seek to discredit Fox News. The Republican party marketing things are for the party elites. In Civil War I, the Republican party was still pure, and yet people blamed them nonetheless for the excesses of Democrat slavery and war. Now a days they get blamed, but half of the blame is true.

  • Ron19

    Call for More Regulations After Ariz. Uzi Death:

    There is already a law that covers this, and it’s all that is necessary.

    It’s called “Survival of the Fittest.”