Donna Brazile’s tweet manages to combine disdain for Americans and incomprehensible grammar

Donna Brazile authored a tweet in which she was obviously trying to condemn the President’s critics for daring to suggest that it might be a bad thing when the leader of the once-free world, when faced with a fast metastasizing death cult, announces that there’s in-fighting in the government and he has no strategy for dealing with the issue:

John Hinderaker latched onto the fact that the tweet shows manifest disdain for Americans and, quite possibly, “it also reflects, I think, the frustration that Democrats feel at having to defend the indefensible Obama administration.

Meanwhile, I noticed something different, which is that the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee seems to have only a passing familiarity with “English as she is spoke.” What in the world kind of syntax is Brazile using when she ends a sentence with the word “yet”?  It makes “hillbillies yet” sound like some peculiar noun, known only to the rarefied inner circles at the DNC.

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  • donkatsu

    The “hillbilly” use is code, or a “dog whistle” as dear Donna might call it, mutatis mutandis. What she really wanted to say was only unevolved white people criticize Bam’s foreign policy vacuum.

    • Libby

      I took it as a synonym/dog whistle for “Crackers, “since hillbillies are uneducated, white, Southerners, right? Gosh, why would she want to stir that pot, huh?

      • Ymarsakar

        The Democrats used to control the South, even to the point of dragging them into Civil War I. Thus, they feel an old rage at the South’s betrayal. On par with a black voting Republican. Or Hitler betraying Stalin by invading Russia.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left is handicapped by the fact that most of their brain resources are used to Obey Authority and Obey Evil sexually enslaving women.

    So the result is… as you can see. Pathetic isn’t it. And yet evil isn’t as weak as people like to think.

  • JohnC

    Dear Donna.
    The people you criticize are the only thing standing between you and a burqa.