Does the apparently senile Jimmy Carter know anything about Islam?

Islam is premised upon Jihad — war.  It’s binary.  There’s either war against unbelievers or complete subordination to Allah.  What religion is Carter — an increasingly virulent anti-Semite who also seems to be declining quickly into a revolting old age — talking about?

For a more accurate view of Islam as Mohamed envisioned his faith, check out the Islamist fate dealt to Steven Sotloff, may he rest in peace:

P.S. Let me say that I know there are Muslims who do believe in peace, equality, etc., and God bless ’em. They should be encouraged in their beliefs, and encouraged to start a reformation movement in their faith. I’m just saying that these “Enlightenment Muslims” (for want of a better term) are drawing those ideas from a source other than their religion.

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  • JohnC

    Muslim terrorists are snakes and “Enlightenment Muslims” are the grass.

  • Charles Martel

    There is no “way in” into the Qu’ran, the wedge that would allow reformists to remove the savagery from Islam. In Muslim mythology, the Qu’ran is the eternal word of Allah, eternal and unchangeable, and subject only to whatever immutable slants that Mohammed, the Qu’ran’s channeler, put on it. (Usually these slants involved who Mohammed got to schtup and how much of the booty he received from war raids.)

    There will be no reform in Islam. The best we can hope for is a division into two warring factions, a la Sunni-Shiite. But the faction that would be warring against the “fundamentalists” would itself be led by fanatics. Any so-called reform movement would soon become yet another garden variety Islamic death cult.

    Islam delenda est.

  • Ymarsakar

    The best we can hope for is a division into two warring factions, a la Sunni-Shiite.

    There’s more factions than that.

    Like true American patriots, they tend to be in the minority and have less warlike influences.

    Carter is sort of like Soros, without the money.