Post-Labor Day Open Thread

Yesterday was Labor Day . . . and boy did I labor. I took my Mom and my son to the Labor Day sales, for which I deserve a medal. I also took care of mountains of domestic duties, including digging my son out from a pile of clean clothes that would have done a hoarder proud. I was worried his would be one of those cases where the piles collapse on him, burying him alive and then, for weeks after, people would wonder how he could have so mysteriously vanished.

I’m still wrapping up a few domestic responsibilities this morning, one of which necessitates a trip into San Francisco. I have lots of ideas for writing later today, so please (a) contribute your ideas, articles, thoughts, insights here, at this Open Thread, for the morning, and (b) check in with Bookworm Room in the afternoon.

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  • Caped Crusader

    Just finished watching a 1960 CSPAN3 program, “A Conversation with Herbert Hoover”. About 42 minutes long with much wisdom needed for today, A truly great and modest American who came up the very hard way. You will never be sorry you watched it and every young person today should see it.

    • David Foster

      There is a book called De re Metallica, a practical handbook of mining, published in 1556. Originally written in Latin, it was first translated into English in 1912, by….Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou.

      How many top-level politicians today (or people likely to ever become top-level politicians) have enough interest in ANY aspect of life, outside of the acquisition of personal power, to invest the kind of effort in it that the Hoovers must have spent on this book?

      Perhaps a few…I saw an exhibition of finely-crafted jewelry made by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Cheyenne Indian)…but feel confident that this sort of thing is very, very rare.

  • lee

    Just finished reading an Anchoress post–originally from 2005 and reposted in 2009. And I think a very interesting post for today:

    It is as though we are slouching at an ever increasing velocity toward this painless coup being completed.



    The weather report from the UN: Climate Hell by 2050. I don’t think we’ll have to wait to 2050 to feel the heat. According to a report there are 6,000 missing students in the US. Just how and why some of the foreign nationals were issued visas to study horseshoeing and hair styling is just beyond me. There’s a 3-minute clip from, can you believe it ABC News, at the link below.

    • Caped Crusader


      I can answer the horseshoeing visa question. Obama is going to try to introduce the horse to Arabs. Hence the need for their services and to build good will (TIC).

  • lee

    Joni Mitchell sounds like a completely unlikeable person:

    The “charm” of hers songs wore off thanks to being subjected to some of them during a shabbat service in synagogue.

    I still retch at the memory.

  • Jose

    A young lady I know spent Labor Day in labor. Everyone else got a chuckle out of it. She delivered a healthy 6lb 10oz boy.