Bill Whittle explains to self-styled “liberals” that there’s nothing liberal about them

My only beef with Bill Whittle videos is that, in addition to cold, hard facts, charmingly and clearly stated, they always include strong partisan statements.  Normally, of course, I appreciate strong partisan statements.  The problem is that, because the videos show that Bill is a conservative, I can’t post them on Facebook to educate my Leftist friends.  They automatically discount anything that doesn’t come from a vetted, non-conservative source.  This means that all his facts and analyses, no matter how provable and solid they are, get tossed onto the junk heap.

Thankfully, we conservatives can enjoy Whittle’s latest video.  And, I must admit, I’ve had fun throwing into conversations the fact that we have more buffalo and forests in the US than we’ve had since way back in the 19th century: