Crowd-sourcing help, please?

I’m following up on an idea I had a couple of days ago, which is that some of our country’s most prominent and powerful far-Left movers and shakers suffered varying types of extreme trauma when they were young, everything from parental abuse, to spousal abuse, to rape, to appalling survival choices during war, etc. So far, I’ve compiled this short list:

Jane Fonda: Manic-depressive nymphomaniac mother committed suicide; father cold and cruel; first husband forced her into sexual debauchery; second husband treated her like a slave.

Lena Dunham: Raped. (Except when you read her description of the event, you realize that it was drunken/drugged consensual sex that she later regretted, but whatever…. She seems to think it was rape.)

George Soros: Jewish boy who survived by working for the Nazis (and later claimed to have felt no guilt or regret).

Rosie O’Donnell: Her mother died of breast cancer when she was 10.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: 10 when his uncle was assassinated; 14 when his father was assassinated.

Can you help me add to it? It’s not enough that the famed Leftist person had some sadness or stress in life, especially in adult life. We all have that.

To qualify for this list, the person has to have suffered something out of the ordinary. For example, while it was common before the 20th century for young children to lose a parent, it’s uncommon now, so that counts. Sexual assaults, beatings, child abuse, etc., are also out of the ordinary.