More to come *UPDATED*

My computer is not this old; it just feels as if it is.
My computer is not this old; it just feels as if it is.

I turned my computer off before I left for my trip and it refuses to turn it self back on. It’s very old and I believe it is struggling with all the system updates that occurred while I was away. I am going to make a shopping run to fill up my depleted pantry, and will blog upon my return.

I actually have a very good post mapped out in my brain. I just can’t get to my computer and don’t want to do it on my iPad. Check in with me in a couple of hours.

: It took “only” four hours, but it appears that my computer is up and running again. This was a reminder that my computer, which is about eight years old, is on borrowed time. Any suggestions for a new one? I like the idea of something that can function as both a tablet, that I can easily carry around the house and a full bore CPU, that I can use at a desk with a big monitor and an ergonomic keyboard. I already have a perfectly good iPad, though, so I’m not invested in a tablet.

I usually need a lot of storage, because my husband likes taking photos, but I’m actually thinking of storing photos on an external hard drive so that they’re out of the way. (And yes, they are backed up, but he likes having them right there, where he wants them too.) As an FYI, we have about 30,000 photos.

Other than that, I’m not a gamer. My computer is for internet use (both personal and legal) and the programs I need are tied out document preparation. To that end, I have Windows 365 and a few other document intensive programs (such as a transcribing software).

So, with that in mind, and with Black Thursday around the corner, any recommendations?

And now I’m off — finally — to finish that post I started in my head yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to write down today.

Photo by Arkadiusz Sikorski vel ArakuS