Compare: Conservative rationalism v. Progressive emotionalism

A Victor Davis Hanson article and a Progressives’ fact-free attack text perfectly offset Conservative rationalism against Progressive emotionalism.

Conservative rationalism v Progressive emotionalism

The Progressive argument

This blog’s motto is “conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.” One of these days, I’ll get around to changing the word “liberals” to the word “Progressives,” so that my motto is completely accurate. Otherwise, I think it’s correct in all respects.

Certainly Trump’s election has highlighted the vast difference between Right and Left, with the former hewing to what I call Conservative rationalism and the latter giving themselves over completely to Progressive Emotionalism. Two things that I saw yesterday are exemplify these differences.

The first thing that I saw yesterday was Victor Davis Hanson’s really extraordinary article entitled “Regime Change By Any Other Name?” Hanson offers five different, but interrelated, views of America’s political scene since 2008. He opens by identifying all of the horrible, and provably fake, accusations leveled against Trump. Here are just a few of the many falsehoods he calls out:

Election machines in three states were not hacked to give Donald Trump the election.

There was never a serious post-election movement of electors to defy their constitutional duties and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Nor, once Trump was elected, did transgendered people begin killing themselves in alarming numbers.

Nor were there mass resignations at the State Department upon his inauguration.

Nor did Donald Trump seek an order to “ban all Muslims” from entering the U.S. Instead, he temporarily sought a suspension in visas for everyone, regardless of religion, from seven Middle Eastern states that the Obama administration had earlier identified as incapable of properly vetting travelers to the U.S.

The first lady did not work for an elite escort or prostitute service. She never said that she and young Barron Trump would not be moving to the White House. Barron does not have autism.

The multitude of fake news stories Hanson identifies make a compelling, logical case that Trump is on the receiving end of an exceptionally vicious smear campaign. Having established this fact, Hanson moves to the second part of his essay, in which he offers one jam-packed paragraph identifying everything the media has ignored in its rush to lead with a false Trump narrative: Continue reading

Evil losers, entrenched bureaucrats, angry cities, and transgender’s uses

Evil losers, bureaucrats facing job insecurity, the anger that drives some cities, and why the Left loves transgenderism — my friends and I cover it all.

Saffie Rose Roussos Evil Losers killed her

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 years old, was one of 22 young people Islam’s latest evil losers killed.

The advantage of living in a blue bastion is that your conservative friends are burnished in a type of crucible. It takes an affirmative intellectual effort to maintain and defend ones conservativism and that, in turn, makes for people who have thought deeply about issues and have quite impressive insights.

Last night, I had a marvelous dinner with four conservative friends, one of whom is the brilliant Michael Phillips, who blogs (too infrequently) at Pro Commerce. As I’ve said about him before, I’ve seldom met a person with more joy in and lust for life. Hanging around Michael is like hanging around a blazing incandescent light bulb. My other dinner companions are the same.

Since I’m still on deadline this morning with a legal project (an interesting one, for a change), I’ll just summarize quickly the insights my friends offered, all of which I greatly appreciated:

Evil Losers. We were trying to figure out what specifically Trump said that unleashed those Americans who voted for him. We concluded, as many have before, that Trump abandoned decades of euphemism and lies and, instead, spoke in old-fashioned, unmediated terms about real concerns: illegal aliens pouring across an uncontrolled border, Muslim terrorists taking aim at the West, unequal trade agreements, a hostile government bureaucracy, etc.

“He tells the truth” we concluded.

And then of course, we had to laugh, because one of the Lefts’ major tropes is that Trump is a liar. The reality is that Trump is a liar but he’s a liar about fundamentally inconsequential things, such as a crowd size, or he’s a puffer about consequential things, such as the number of illegal aliens who routinely vote in elections. The former is a sign of his undoubted ego; the latter is a clever way to force political debate about matters important to Americans.

But where Trump never lies is about the things that truly matter. Regarding yesterday’s Muslim attack against teenage girls in Manchester, England, Trump eschewed all the usual pabulum about “cowardly” behavior and “Islam is a religion of peace,” and how we’re “mourning with Britain.” Instead, he spoke an important truth: Continue reading

Circumstances keep driving me away from my computer and an Open Thread

Open Thread bubbleI really did mean to blog today but….

One of the young Bookworms (no longer little, but younger still than I am) is doing a darned find job of organizing things around the house, a task that frequently needs my input.

A client asked me to help research a really interesting Constitutional law question regarding a government agency’s ability to infringe of some First Amendment rights.

I’m having a dispute with a local car dealership, which has been polite but firm on my side, but that escalated this morning to scarily abusive on the dealership’s side in the form of a hollering, threatening phone call from a dealership employee. That’s why, when I took the matter up the ladder to the car company itself, I asked that the company take whatever steps it has to in order to investigate the matter without directly implicating the person who abused me because I am actually afraid of him. No fooling. Knowing martial arts doesn’t mean that I want to have a physical confrontation at my home with a maddened employee who feels I threatened his job.

What with one thing and another, blogging isn’t going to happen, but please feel free to make this an open thread. The world is an interesting place and guys are so good at catching all the stuff I miss or am unable to address.

Trump in Saudi Arabia: politely speaking the truth about Islamic extremism

Saudi Arabia respects Donald Trump because he promises to partner with it against Islamic extremism, without trying to change the Sunni Arab nations.

From the first moment Trump’s plane landed in Saudi Arabia, things were different:

Trump greeted with respect in Saudi Arabia no bows

Ignore those who try to say that, once off the tarmac, Trump finally did bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, just as Obama did. What the footage actually shows is that the tall Trump stooped to receive an honor from the shorter Saudi king (who was seated next to an unveiled Melania). Trump’s was no act of obeisance:

There was also the fact that King Salman, the aged ruler of Saudi Arabia, shook hands with Melania, an unveiled woman:

Melania greeted with handshake in Saudi Arabia

Perhaps even more amazing was that the leadership in Saudi Arabia sat with and spoke to an unveiled Jewish woman:

Ivanka in Saudi Arabia -- Jewish and unveiled

So what’s going on? It was Obama who had the love affair with Islam but in Saudi Arabia, it’s Trump and his family who are being feted with tremendous respect. Here’s what I think is happening: Continue reading