The Bookworm Beat (11/19/14) — It was a dark and stormy day edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingThat global warming sure has caused global cooling with a vengeance. My thoughts are with all of those who are suffering the brunt of this blast (or vortex?). Stay warm and safe, please.

Here, I’m happy to say, it’s raining! Considering that Marin is constantly hovering just a few gallons away from water rationing during this drought, rain is always good news. Equally good is the fact that it’s supposed to rain for another day, and then rain again in five days. Woo-hoo!!!

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The Bookworm Beat (11/18/14) — Will this day never end? edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingI’m planning on petitioning the celestial spheres for a 26 or 27 hour day. I’m finding the current 24 hour day inadequate. I won’t waste time with chit-chat, but I’ll just dive into the links I’ve been saving.

Obama’s response to the synagogue attack

When I wrote earlier today, I said that I wasn’t aware that Obama had anything to say about the savage synagogue attack that left four Jews — three of them American — dead. I was wrong. Obama has spoken out against the attack, offering his sympathy to . . . Palestinians.

Yes, I am exaggerating a bit.  Obama didn’t explicitly say “this is the Jews’ fault and the poor Palestinians are suffering so much that they couldn’t help themselves.”

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The Bookworm Beat (11/18/14) — Busy day edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingI’ve been getting lots of things done. Sadly, these are never the things I actually want to do. I want to read and I want to write. However, over the past 24 hours, I’ve was able to read and collected some materials.  I now have a minute window of time in which to write. As always, I love hearing from you about these things or about anything else you find of interest.

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Leftists are toddlers at heart — which is a very, very bad thing

Toddler having temper tantrumI’ve been thinking a lot about Leftists and toddlers. I should start with my biases: I absolutely hated it when my kids were toddlers. On the one hand, they were cute and it was exciting to see them develop as little people, soaking in the world like a sponge. After all, these were my little progeny.

On the other hand, dealing with a toddler’s greed, frustration, anger, impatience, resistance to toilet training, and temper-tantrums got old really quickly. The only useful thing about the whole experience was that it left me thinking that the Catholic Church is correct — we are born in sin and it takes an enormous amount of parental and societal effort and pressure to subordinate our innate wickedness and to replace it with civilized behavior.

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[VIDEO] It’s stealing to waste a sales person’s time, if you know you won’t buy at that store

Thief stealing clockDennis Prager has created a video touching upon something that I’ve believed to be true for a long time:  It’s stealing to waste a sales person’s time if you know that you won’t end up buying from that store.  If I don’t intend to buy from that store on that day, I spell it out to the salesperson. This is especially true if I’m shopping around for something that is sold at a store dedicated to one product or supplier, such as a car dealership.  “Yeah, I’m thinking about buying an electric car.  Yours is the first dealership I’ve been to, but I’m going to be checking all of the local dealerships.”

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Found it on Facebook: Everything that’s wrong with a poster from the Left

One of my Democrat Facebook friends put this poster up on her feed:

Leftist view of the last two administrations

It’s a fascinating looking-glass view at the world, insofar as it sums up most of the last 14 years in a way precisely the opposite of the way in which conservatives see those years.  The praise for the Democrats is like looking at the glassy surface of a pool, only to discover the rot that lies beneath it.

I.  Let’s see what lies beneath those “Democrat miracles”:

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The Bookworm Beat (11/15/14) — Time warp edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingWhy is this a “time warp edition”? Because even though I’m publishing it on Saturday, I actually wrote it on Friday. The reason delayed publishing is because I’m spending all day Saturday attending part II of my CERT training. I expect the training to be more of the same stuff as last week: really nice, well-informed, generous people inefficiently teaching four hours of useful information over the course of eight hours.

Rather than leaving my blog fallow for that time, I thought I’d prep a post in advance. The only reason I’m mentioning the 14-hour lead time is to explain why, if something dramatic happens in the news tomorrow, you won’t read about it at the Bookworm Room. And now, it’s time for yesterday’s news today!

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The Bookworm Beat (11/14/14) — Emptying the inbox (and Open Thread)

Woman writingNo thoughts today, either profound or self-centered. Just a burning desire to share with you all the wonderful things that come my way:

Dr. Jonathan Gruber — the gift that keeps on giving

It seems as if every conservative writing is churning out good stuff about what Gruber said, who he is, and what it all means. I can’t add to what they’re saying, but I can pass it along.

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