When it comes to today’s headlines, been there, done that, nothing to add

well-duh-tell-us-something-new-sherlock-thumbI’m starting to dig out from under the mountains of legal and domestic detritus that’s enveloped me of late, so I have a bit of time to write again. The only problem is that I don’t know what to write. Usually I latch onto what is, to me at least, a particularly juicy subject and then try either to analyze or eviscerate it, usually at greater length than is warranted. Unfortunately, In this, the last year and a half of the Obama era, I see data points but I have no useful new analysis to add:

Data point: Ramadi has fallen. Analysis: Well, duh! Faced with a stable Iraq when he came into office, but consumed by a desire to downsize America’s worldwide presence no matter what (especially in the Muslim world), Obama withdrew all troops and left a complete vacuum, something that both Nature and Islamists abhor.  Entirely predictable.

Data point: Hillary lied about the number of secret email accounts she used while Secretary of State. Analysis: Well, duh! Hillary lies. That’s what she does.  Again, this was entirely predictable.

Data point: Every anthropogenic global warming prediction has failed to come true. Analysis: Well, duh! It was always obvious that these predictions were driven by misanthropic, anti-capitalistic ideologies.  Yes, another entirely predictable data point.

Data point: ISIS militants attempt to stifle speech; Left cheers them all. Analysis: Well, duh! Both Islam and the Left oppose free speech which, if exercised, could destroy the premises that underlie them and that enable them to exert totalitarian control over the people unlucky enough to be in their grasp.  We all saw this one coming.

Data point: Feminists are upset about something. Analysis: Well, duh! When aren’t they upset about something? It’s as if there’s a PMS force multiplier when feminists get together.  We could have predicted this one way back in 1970.

Data point: College students are upset about something. Analysis: Well, duh! Having been raised in a society with such an attenuated childhood that potty training ends right about the time college begins, who can blame these special snowflakes for exhibiting all the sensitivity, maturity, and viciousness of the average two-year old on a nap-free day? By the way, it’s no coincidence that both toddlers and college students are disproportionately interested in the contents of their and other people’s underwear.  Ho-hum.  Saw this one a long time ago in the crystal ball.

Data point: Gay marriage activists are taking aim at traditional Christian institutions and their worshippers. Analysis: Well, duh! I said back in 2008 that the driving force behind the gay marriage push was to un-do the First Amendments freedom of religion clause. The newly discovered right to gay marriage will triumph over and destroy the Church’s right to treat monogamous heterosexual marriage as a central religious doctrine.  Score one for the Bookworm prediction machine.

Data point: Obama supports totalitarian Islamic regimes at the expense of democratic, pluralist Israel. Analysis: Well, duh! That was obvious back in 2007 and 2008 when it became clear that Obama’s friends and trusted advisers were all ferociously anti-Israel and that he had spoken at a banquet supporting a radical pro-Palestinian activist — and, moreover, that the pro-Obama Los Angeles Times refused to produce video of that speech. None of Obama’s “I love Israel” words were sufficient to offset those practical realities.  Are any of us surprised by the headlines?

As you can see, no matter the news today, we all had it figured out before and, often, I already wrote about it yesterday — leaving me with nothing new to add.

Perhaps I’ll be inspired tomorrow. Until then, the round-ups, in which I bring all sorts of interest articles that other people write (clearly they’re neither as jaded nor as unimaginative as I) will have to do.  And by the way, if you’re more inspired than I, consider this your Open Thread.

The Bookworm Beat 5-18-15 — the “but wait, there’s more!” edition and Open Thread

Woman writingI’m still going through my emails and finding fabulous treasures. Let’s so how many I can fit into this post:

Revolutions always eat their own

Assuming one survives a revolution, one of the most enjoyable spectacles is seeing the second generation of revolutionaries turn on the first. Just today, there are two examples:

First, ardent Leftist, “Sovietologist,” and Duke University professor Jerry Hough, has suddenly found himself engaged in heated battle with the thought police he once counted as his allies. His sin? He pointed out, accurately enough, that once beleaguered Asians didn’t become victims, they became success stories, a transition blacks have utterly failed to make. He’s right, of course, but in typical narcissist fashion, he fails to understand that it was his political establishment that infantilized the black community.

Second, the feminists are turning on Obama. They’re not angry about his failure to pay women in his administration the same wages that he pays men. Noooo. His sin is microaggression: He called a woman by her first name. This kerfuffle, which is a delight to watch, gave Glenn Reynolds the opportunity to introduce USA Today readers to the noxiousness of identity politics.

California: from Golden State with a Golden Gate to a Democrat rust belt

Over the past twenty or thirty years, the California legislature has worked diligently to turn California into a third world country. It’s quixotic stand against non-existent climate change is just one manifestation of that insanity, although it may be the most damaging yet. Joel Kotkin explains.

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The Bookworm Beat 5-18-15 — the illustrated edition, part I

This is my catch-up day, so prepare to be deluged.  I’m happy to report that a large part of this deluge will be posters and cartoons addressing matters both mighty and silly.  As always, while a get a handful of images from my other readers (Sadie, Wolf Howling, Earl, and others who prefer anonymity), the vast bulk come from Caped Crusader.  I owe all of them my thanks.

Walking into a bar

Jewish Japanese sex book

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The Bookworm Beat 5-18-15 — “clearing out my inbox” edition and Open Thread

Woman writingNo, you’re not imagining it. Yes, I have been AWOL. The legal work has finally tapered off, but other things have filled the vacuum, taking up both my time and energy. Some of them are very nice things but, much as I love you all, I can’t share them here. And of course, some are just the ordinary stuff that makes up the life of someone who is both a mother and a daughter. During the time I’ve been AWOL, I’ve received quite a lot of very interesting links. Starting with this post, and continuing into others, I’d like to share them with you.

What Republican candidates should say on Iraq

Reporters are playing Iraq gotcha with the Republican candidates, although they’ve assiduously avoided asking Hillary any questions about the war even though she voted for the War. John Hinderaker has the perfect answer that Republican candidates should give when asked about the War:

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