The Bookworm Beat 1-31-15 — the mammoth Saturday edition

Woman writingAfter a few days of what a doctor friend of mine calls the “crud” (it’s not the flu, thank goodness, but you still feel lousy), I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. More importantly, my energy is returning and with energy comes blogging. While I couldn’t rouse myself to write for the last few days, that didn’t stop me from collecting a few — well, not really a few, but a lot of — links to share with you.

If you’re enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon/evening . . . well, I was going to say that if you were relaxing, you could then enjoy reading this post. But honestly, so much of what’s in this post is depressing that it will just ruin your relaxation. Here’s the truth: If you’re miserable and want to stay that way, or are feeling relaxed to the point of inertia and want to get your stress going, then you should feel free to read this mammoth Saturday edition of the Bookworm Beat.

How to handle Marine haters

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about seeing an interesting by-play in Marin, when a Marine temporarily left his dress blue cover behind in a coffee shop. While the barristas didn’t know whether to fear or respect the cover, one guy knew what it was: a baby-killer’s headgear. He raved for a few seconds, and then fell silent. Rather typically for me, since I’m both cowardly and suffer terribly from l’esprit de l’escalier, I just sat there — and then I blogged about it.

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The Bookworm Beat 1-31-15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

Ever so slowly, I’m getting my mojo back. As I do, here are some pictures (with the usual boundless thanks to Caped Crusader):

Hitler and Hillary both devalue the individual

(And no, I’m not calling Hillary either a Nazi or saying she’s Hitler by printing the above illustration. It simply points out that whether you’re a smiley-faced socialist or a genocidal one, the focus is always on the state, not the individual.)

Barack Obama on Wheel of Fortune

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Sorry for the silence (and Open Thread)


I apologize for the silence today.  It was a combination of little sleep, a filing deadline now that I’m working again, a business meeting, and just generally having the blechs (not a flu, just . . . the blechs).  I meant to blog in the late afternoon, but when the dog jumped in my lap, I fell asleep.  I’ll definitely be back tomorrow, because I’ve got a lot of ideas and, thanks to Caped Crusader, a lot of pictures too.  Also, I’m optimistic that tomorrow I’ll be back to a rosy state of health.

The Bookworm Beat 1-27-15 — a potpourri of stuff

Woman writingI’ve been telling myself that the legal work I’ve been doing lately is good for my brain. It’s like fitness training. If only it didn’t take away from my blogging. Still, I do what I can and this time around I have a short and sweet Bookworm Beat:

Primo Levi on passive evil

One of the things we talk about a lot here is that only 10% of the world’s Muslims are active supporters of violent jihad. That’s a large number of people when you consider that there are around 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but it does imply that the other 90% of Muslims are opposed to jihad. Of course, the reality is different. Although the numbers differ from nation to nation, it’s obvious that a good 40% of the world’s Muslims are all good with violent jihad, even though they don’t want to do it themselves — and probably don’t even want to know the facts when violent jihad goes into action. In that way, they can tell themselves and others with a straight face that their Islam is a religion of peace.

I thought of that little charade when I read about a letter Italian concentration camp survivor (and later suicide victim) Primo Levi wrote to a little girl who asked him two simple questions:

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The Bookworm Beat 1-25-15 — the “Fresh off the Spindle” edition and Open Thread

Woman writingAnother productive Sunday: six loads of laundry, two dishwasher loads emptied and filled, one grocery shopping trip, one dinner cooked, one visit to my Mom, and one complaint drafted. I’m going to try to wrap it up with one Bookworm Beat, since I have around sixteen articles sitting on my cyber-spindle, waiting to be shared with you.

No, Boehner did not commit a felony and, yes, Bibi is doing the right thing

A meme making the rounds amongst my Progressive Facebook friends is that Boehner, by inviting Bibi Netanyahu to speak before the House committed a felony by “negotiating” with a foreign power:

How dumb do you have to be not to be able to distinguish between inviting someone to give a formal and public speech, and actually negotiating with a foreign power? Don’t answer that. Not only is it a rhetorical question, but we’re asking it of people who are on board with John Kerry’s boast that, as a young naval lieutenant, he was engaged in top secret peace talks with the communists during the Vietnam War. Even if our government didn’t routinely give passes to Democrats who work against American interests, I suspect Kerry would never have been charged with treason because the whole story is an obvious confabulation, although the wishful thinking behind it is disturbing.

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The Bookworm Beat 1/22/15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

Thanks to all who contributed.  (I’ve kind of lost track of where I got these, but I know many are from Caped Crusader.) The last one, incidentally, is particularly riveting.

24 percent of young people in England expect another Holocaust

Paris France v Paris Texas

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