[VIDEOS] You know who Joe Biden reminds me of?

Two videos, two men, same icky feeling.

For those unfamiliar with British events, the top video is of Jimmy Savile, one of the most famous media figures in England, thanks to his role hosting Top of the Pops for decades. It turns out that during those same decades, Savile was using his fame to travel the length and breadth of Britain molesting children — including children in a hospital he supported. Even worse, everyone new, but no one in power, especially at the BBC, was talking.

The Bookworm Beat 2-26-15 — the evening edition and open thread

Woman writing

Alan Dershowitz challenges the talk about boycotting Netanyahu’s speech

Read and enjoy Alan Dershowitz’s fiery denunciation of the Obama administration’s efforts to get Democrats — especially black ones — to boycott Netanyahu’s speech about the existential threat Obama’s policies pose to Israel.

I won’t comment on the article — it speaks for itself — but I will comment on a couple of peripheral things. Dershowitz is a Democrat, but he’s also an ardent Israel supporter. I therefore can’t help but think that, as Obama prepares to break with Israel and ally America with Iran, it’s not a coincidence that Dershowitz suddenly found himself swept up in the pedophile sex scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein.

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The Bookworm Beat 2-26-15 — morning edition and open thread

Woman writingAs is probably true for any self-respecting high-strung woman, I have bad bruxism. So much so that I’ve ground through several night guards over the years. My current one hasn’t disintegrated yet, but it’s on the brink, so I’m off to my dentist to pick up the new one he made for me. Yay.

I’ll be gone a while since I have errands to run while I’m in his vicinity, so I only have time for a few tidbits here. Still, they are good tidbits….

Martial arts is not necessarily the same as self-defense

One of my favorite movie scenes comes from the first Indiana Jones movie.  It shows an impatient Indiana Jones whipping out a gun and shooting a assailant who’s going through all sorts of ritual movements with a sword as a preliminary to killing Jones.

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The Bookworm Beat 2-25-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

The first cartoon in this line-up really resonated with me.  I was talking to someone the other day — a Progressive — who was complaining about her disastrous secretary, who is completely disorganized.

I asked the obvious question.  “Why don’t you fire her?”

“Weeelllll,” she  hedged, “that’s not really possible.”

A little more tooth-pulling, and I got the answer:  “My secretary’s black and female.  My company mostly can’t fire her.”

Let me just say that I consider it profoundly demeaning, and therefore racist, to hold blacks and women, and especially black women, to a lower standard than one would hold other employees. I happen to think that blacks, women, and black women are as capable of being capable as anyone else and that it’s an insult to imply or act otherwise.

(Thanks to Caped Crusader for these great posters.)

Racism re hiring and voting

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The Bookworm Beat 2-24-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

A day without posters is like a day without sunshine. Here in Marin, it’s sunny — the trees are covered with pink blossoms, the daffodils are dancing in a gentle breeze, and there’s some elusive spring perfume, from a plant I cannot see, wafting over my garden. I get that but for those of you in the frigid areas of America . . . well, you get posters.

Cold weather in Texas

Barack Obama carries his big selfies stick

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The Bookworm Beat 2-23-15 — Post-Vegas edition and Open Thread

Woman writingI do like Vegas. I love its manic energy, crazed corporate imagination, over-the-top shows, brilliant colors, and flashing lights. And then, after three days, I’m desperate to get away from the noise and smoke and, often, the desperation floating above the casino floors. In other words, I had a great trip there and then was glad to come home again. This time, coming home also meant going through about 800 backed-up emails (a lot of people got heartfelt apologies from me for delaying so long before responding to them), and finding some awesome things to share with you.

A glowing French eye-view of American troops

When we think of the French, we tend to think of hyper-critical people who look down upon Americans. That stereotype might be true on the Île-de-France, but it turns out to be untrue in the theater of war, at least as to one French soldier who served with American troops (Echo Company) in Afghanistan. If this doesn’t make you want to stand up and salute, I truly don’t know what will:

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The Bookworm Beat 2-23-15 — the illustrated edition, and Open Thread

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this illustrated edition — and yes, that generic opening means that I’ve got great pictures but (a) don’t always remember who sent them and (b) don’t know if everyone who shared a picture wants attribution by name. As always, though, the lion’s share of thanks go to Caped Crusader, who continues to be my main source for scintillating posters.

Wiley Coyote

Obama ISIS

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