Grueling day Open Thread

Why yes I am a bit stressed

Sorry for the blog silence today.  It’s been a grueling day, and I haven’t had a second to sit down, let alone to think or, God forbid!, write.  A trip that I squeezed into to see to doctor, because I was feeling almost scarily off my game for a while there, revealed high(ish) blood pressure, too fast a pulse, and an iron deficiency.  The first two are attributable to stress; the third is an open question.  Next week the blood tests begin.

I probably just need to shift my diet a little — or it may be a temporary blip since the last few months have been more crazy even than usual.  There are a lot of people who look to me to make things right, and I have familial or work obligations I owe (or at least feel I owe) to them.  I think I’m going to have to make “NO!!!!” a much bigger part of my vocabulary.  It seems to me that the people calling my name need to figure out that, if they ask for less, they’ll get what they want and need, but if they ask for too much, one way or another I’ll just check out.

Now I have to apologize for griping too, but I’m not going to delete what wrote and I am going to publish.  Sometimes I just want a big audience to hear that I’m tired.

Fortunately, aside from ferrying people places and making a couple of dishes for a potluck Thanksgiving gathering, tomorrow should be a lower stress day than usual.


Speaking of tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll have time then to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you, since all of you are blessings in my life, and I am very grateful that you’ve made yourself a part of my blog family.  However, in case my day gets derailed again, let me be among the first to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Times are tough, but that just reminds us to be more than usually thankful for what we do have.  And having griped about the people in my life, let me say that I’m still very glad that they are a part of my life.

Since I’m done in and may not be writing anything tonight, please feel free to share in the comments anything that you find interesting.

The Bookworm Beat 11-22-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

I’ve gotten my family stuff squared away and now have a little time to blog. While I’m collecting my thoughts, here are some good political cartoons. Incidentally, you’ll note that a few are different versions of the same point. I included them all because they’re good and you may prefer one over the other to share with friends (and foes).

Liberals and background checks

Vetting sign language interpreters and refugees

Obama and refugees

Christian genocide

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The Bookworm Beat 11-18-15 — “the mother of all round-ups” edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265I have been collecting links for days and will try to share them all with you. Here goes:

Only conservatives are paying attention

In an attempt to deflect attention of Muslim depredations in Paris, the Left and its foot soldiers (all of whom seem to be my Facebook friends) immediately attacked Americans and other Westerners for failing to pay attention to a bombing the day before in Lebanon (an ISIS v. Hezbollah bombing, so it was Horrible People v. Horrible People). I eventually got tired of commenting on their posts to the effect that I have been paying attention to all of these attacks, primarily because they are all different manifestations of a single radical Islamic entity, and I’ve been trying to get everyone to pay as much attention as I do.

Emma Kelly says what I was too polite to say explicitly to these Leftists: The reason you didn’t know about these other attacks isn’t because the newspapers didn’t report them, it’s because you weren’t paying attention.

I’ll add something that Kelly didn’t, though: You weren’t paying attention because American and European media outlets don’t want you to see that Islam is a problem, so they report on these incidents, but downplay them. Meanwhile you get loud noise about Ben Carson’s alleged lies, Hillary’s brilliance, Republicans’ meanness, Donald Trump’s hair, and Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.

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The Bookworm Beat 11-17-15 — the “guest blogger” edition and open thread

Unknown personI haven’t had a chance to get much writing done today, but a friend who knows what interests me sent me such a chock-full-of-information email that I’m just going to pass it on to you.

Well, the gossip mags have been talking for two weeks about some male star HIV positive. Turns out it is Charlie Sheen. I don’t wish that on anyone, but color me not surprised. But here is the kicker: If rumors are true he has known for four years, during which time he has had unprotected sex with who knows how many women without warning them of his condition. He is concerned about his condition coming to light because he worries it will “hurt his career.” Lock him up, toss in a couple of starving honey badgers, then throw away the key.

Anti-Islamist protests are occurring all over France. Not exactly a surprise. What I do find curious is that they tag the protesters and Marine La Pen as “far right wing.” There is nothing “right wing” or conservative about her. She is a socialist and a nationalist. Honestly, even before people retake their countries in Europe, they need to burn down the press.

I listened to a Trump rally on the radio as I drove to the store to pick up some milk earlier. For the better part of 20 mins I heard him talk about how great he was going to make things, how the press hates him, and how wonderful he is. The guy could not be more superficial. He makes my skin crawl at this point. Anyone who is buying this travesty is our version of a 2008 Obama voter. I weep for our nation.

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The Bookworm Beat 11-10-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

My apologies for not writing today. In the morning, I was fielding family phone calls. In the afternoon, I was editing (and am still editing) an incredible essay on climate change that a friend wrote and that I will publish tomorrow. It synthesizes all of the disparate elements with which we’re familiar: the scientific fraud, the money games, the politics — everything is in it. It’s long, but smooth and easy to read, and is a comprehensive summation of everything that’s wrong with climate change “science” and politics. Meanwhile, and in no particular order, a few posters

Reagan on religious freedom

IRS your money

Truth the new hate speech

Hillary and the Saudis

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The Bookworm Beat 11-9-15 — the rainy day illustrated edition and open thread

It rained here this morning, and we even got a little thunder and lightning, which is something that seldom occurs here.  Perhaps a divine being is trying to tell Marin residents to repent their lifetime of Leftist votes and to return to Marin’s long-ago Republican roots. Maybe some of these posters would change their minds (and maybe pigs will fly):

Lincoln freed slaves Obama frees terrorists

Fred Sanford and ISIS

Electing Hillary as first woman is stupid

Obama takes the oath

Obama's three branches of government

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