Saturday night funnies

laughing dogMy friend Gary Buslik is a brilliant, mordant, sarcastic, snarky, wicked funny writer.  (See here.)  He’s now got a regular gig at The Blot, and his latest outing had me laughing uproariously, even as I kept asking myself, “This can’t be true, can it?”  The only warning I’ll give you is that the story is a little risqué, so you may not want to read it at work or around young children.

Oh, and while I was still laughing, Gary sent me a funny video about the Iran negotiations that I’d somehow managed to miss:

[VIDEO] iNotRacist — the new app for Starbucks’ customers needing validation *UPDATED*

Starbucks race togetherI haven’t commented on the whole Starbucks’ kerfuffle regarding forced “race” harangues from baristas who have liberal arts degrees from expensive universities and, not being educated in real world things such as the inevitability of economics, can’t understand why they’re pushing overpriced coffee, instead of decorating faculty lounges across America.  I mean, really, what is there to say?

However, I did find this little gem, which seems to be the perfect coda to the whole embarrassing affair (which may take a few seconds to load):

UPDATE: And the perfect cartoon to go with it:

Starbucks conversations

[VIDEO] An alternate reality — Goths raving to Thomas the Tank music (UPDATED with original video)

There’s something peculiarly mesmerizing about this video. I just couldn’t stop watching….

By the way, here’s the original, which isn’t nearly as entertaining:

A Fox Butterfield moment at the Drudge Report

One of my favorite daily reads is James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today and one of my favorite features is the section Taranto labels “Fox Butterfield, Is That You?”  The reference is to Fox Butterfield, a journalist, who gained fame for labeling as a paradox a statement in which the two factors were manifestly causally related:  “More Inmates, Despite Drop In Crime.”

James Taranto finds a lot of those Fox Butterfield statements in the news.  Today, I found one hiding in plain sight at the Drudge Report:

Wages up jobs down

[VIDEO] Dancing With The Stars: Sadie Robertson finally brings class back to Rumba

When I watch Dancing With The Stars, I never watch the Rumba.  Invariably, there’s no line between sexy and sleazy, so I always feel like a peeping Tom, watching a bedroom ritual. Certainly there’s never room at all for elegance and romance.  That is, until Sadie Robertson does the Rumba, which Mark Ballas choreographed beautifully with respect for Sadie’s strong religious and moral beliefs. Fred and Ginger could have done this without embarrassment: