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Bookworm Beat Woman Writing American Left's Fascism Russia Hoax

Bookworm Beat 12/5/18 — the American Left’s fascism

Taking a hard look at the American Left’s fascism (its silencing speech, antisemitism, and moral depravity), with room for some fun and uplifting news too. The Flynn sentencing memo shows collusion. No, I haven’t gone crazy. Instead, I agree with Joel Pollak, who says the memo highlights that the real

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The Bookworm Beat 9/20/16 — the “faster, please” edition and open thread

I was thinking today what a misnomer “virtue signaling” is. Virtue, in its proper usage, refers to behaviors showing character, morality, and faith. Thus, the seven classic Catholic virtues are prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and charity (or, in some views, love). They are constraints we impose upon our

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