Barack Obama — political strategist (and Chicago thug)

Obama is proving to be quite the chess player (especially because he’s got the media to help him cheat . . . er, play the game). Meanwhile, Republicans are still trying to figure out the intricacies of Chutes and Ladders.

Obama is also showing his Chicago-political roots.  Woodward, moving very slowly, is beginning to understand that Obama cares nothing about leading the nation, but is, instead, concerned only with gamesmanship. Fortunately, Woodward has a big reputation and a bully pulpit, so his doubts are making waves.  However, Woodward is very much mistaken if he thinks the current generation of media types will support him in the long run, if he continues to attack Obama.  If he doesn’t step back and start to toe the party line, the Obamabots in the media will shred his reputation, blackmail him (if they can), and generally reduce him to Sarah Palinesque pariah status.

In Chicago, the people die in the streets, but the politicians keep riding in their gilded coaches.  Obama is bringing that same model to the states as a whole.  Let’s just hope that it doesn’t become deadly on a national scale.

When the little guy goes public *UPDATED*

We’ve become used to political dirty tricks aimed at those who stick their neck out and actually run for office (as well as their wives, children and unborn babies).  However, Obama’s Chicago style campaign, media and fellow-travelers have used those dirty tricks to try to destroy an ordinary Joe.  Sickening.  Perhaps this is what it will take to make people understand that Obama is politics as usual only if your community bears an uncanny resemblance to Chicago or to politics in, say, Cuba, North Korea, Hiterlite Germany, Soviet or Putin-esque Russia, etc.

UPDATESo far, Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air, has my favorite post about what the whole Left wing attack on Joe means.

UPDATE IILee Cary also weighs in on the larger meaning of the MSM’s attacks on Little Ol’ Joe.

UPDATE IIIAce explains why the media’s savage personal attacks on anyone who threatens the Obama campaign stifle the free-flow of information relevant to voters in this election.