[VIDEO] A beautiful and classy rumba on Dancing With The Stars

Rumer-Willis-and-Val-Chmerkovskiy-dance-PERFECT-Rumba-VIDEOWhen I watch Dancing With The Stars, I almost invariably end up fast forwarding through the rumbas. Rather than being classy, sinuous dances, they’re invariably sleazy gyrations that look like the prelude to a strip show. Except that last night I got to see a different kind of rumba. Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy did one of the most beautiful, elegant, sensual (but not sleazy) rumbas I’ve ever seen. It was mesmerizing and fully deserved the perfect score it got from the judges:

Rumer Willis is an interesting person. She’s a ferociously hard worker, a real talent, and never seems to play the diva — which is something one might expect from the child of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Instead, she has a down-to-earth sweetness that is very endearing. She is also one of the most talented natural dancers I’ve seen on the show in the years I’ve been watching.

The Bookworm Beat 4-14-15 — the procrastination edition and open thread

Woman writingI have work to do today, but no actual deadlines, so naturally I’m procrastinating like crazy. And what better way to do so than to share a few interesting things with you? How about my starting with the most inspirational. I’ll go from the sublime to the ridiculous, which means I’ll end with links to articles about Hillary’s candidacy.

Noah Galloway, American soldier, DWTS contender

Noah Galloway lost his left arm and leg in Iraq. His appearance on Dancing With The Stars was a little bit by way of being a gimmick because how can someone dance without an arm and with a totally lost leg (i.e., no knee)?

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A belated Dancing With The Stars wrap-up (including some surprising facts)

DancingRegular readers know that I’m quite fond of Dancing With The Stars.  I like it on several levels.  First, it’s what I call a “getting it right” show.  The stars begin as neophytes, and through a lot of hard work, all get better and some get totally wonderful.  Second, I love watching dancing and the pros on this show are really good.  Third, I like the camaraderie that develops on the show.  It most certainly could be faked, but I actually don’t think so.  These people are living in each other’s back pockets for weeks at a time, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.  Given how much I liked the show, I thought I’d share a season wrap-up with you, including a few facts and tidbits that aren’t so obvious.

This season, after a lackluster start, proved to be one of the most exciting Dancing With The Stars seasons I’ve watched.  While those who dropped out early were an unimpressive bunch (although I think Randy Couture should have lasted much longer than he did), the four stars going into the finals proved to be really exciting dancers who matured beautifully during the short season.  Here’s a bit about each of those four:

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The Bookworm Beat (11/19/14) — It was a dark and stormy day edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingThat global warming sure has caused global cooling with a vengeance. My thoughts are with all of those who are suffering the brunt of this blast (or vortex?). Stay warm and safe, please.

Here, I’m happy to say, it’s raining! Considering that Marin is constantly hovering just a few gallons away from water rationing during this drought, rain is always good news. Equally good is the fact that it’s supposed to rain for another day, and then rain again in five days. Woo-hoo!!!

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[VIDEO] Dancing With The Stars: Sadie Robertson finally brings class back to Rumba

When I watch Dancing With The Stars, I never watch the Rumba.  Invariably, there’s no line between sexy and sleazy, so I always feel like a peeping Tom, watching a bedroom ritual. Certainly there’s never room at all for elegance and romance.  That is, until Sadie Robertson does the Rumba, which Mark Ballas choreographed beautifully with respect for Sadie’s strong religious and moral beliefs. Fred and Ginger could have done this without embarrassment:

What I watch when the family steals the TV from me during Dancing With The Stars

I was watching Dancing With The Stars.  Then, the family descended, insisting (collectively) that it needed to watch something else.  So I found this instead:

Have I mentioned that today has been a Murphy’s Law day?

Also, am I the only one who’s ever noticed that watching baseball players is like watching a whole team of people with Tourette’s? This is not meant to denigrate people who struggle with Tourette’s. I’ve known some people with this condition and admire greatly their courage in going through life. This is just an observation about the obsessive spitting, twitching, licking, uniform adjusting, cap fussing, ticcing, manic behavior you see when you watch pitcher and batter in close-up during a baseball game. And let me just say that the spitting is revolting.

Blogging will resume tomorrow. Since it’s 9:25 p.m. now and this is the first time I’ve gotten to my computer in 12 hours, you can probably guess that I’m not ready to start writing anything.

On Dancing With The Stars, Sadie Robertson continues to charm

I meant to post this last week, but I thought I’d get it in before tonight, when there’s a new episode of Dancing With The Stars.  Sadie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, claims never to have danced before appearing on DWTS.  If that’s true, all I can say is that she’s a natural and utterly charming.  She’s helped, too, by Mark Ballas’s delightful choreography:

Oh, and for those familiar with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire and the dance called “The Carlton,” Alfonso Ribeiro, who originated the dance, comes back with it on DWTS. I should add here that he’s my favorite kind of performer: hard-working, incredibly good, professional, optimistic, and gracious:

A delight from Dancing With The Stars

Those of you who don’t watch Dancing With The Stars might not know this, but one of the contestants is 17-year-old Sadie Robertson, of the Duck Dynasty family.  She is an absolute delight as a dancer.  Although she’s never danced before, she turns out to be a natural, from the tips of her fingers to her always well-placed toes.  Although the judges didn’t agree, I thought she turned in the best performance last night:

And I was sad to see ” target=”_blank”>Randy Couture get sent home. I knew he wasn’t going to last, because he’s not a good dancer, but there was something appealing about him. In addition to his good looks, I like that he served his country for six years (retiring with the rank of sergeant) and that he’s a kick-ass fighter.

Tuesday afternoon Open Thread


Sorry for the silence today. I had some bills to pay this morning, and then I took my mother out for lunch and shopping. Normally, I would come home from such an outing a nervous wreck. Today, though, my oldest best friend in the world, whom I’ve known since I was three, joined us. She is an absolute delight. With her, the conversation was lively, my mother was more cheerful, we found the things my mom needed, and lunch was fun. I was so grateful for my friend’s presence and think (hope) that she also had a good time.

Anyway, this is the first minute I’ve sat down at my computer today. I’m now heading down to watching Dancing With The Stars with my daughter. I already watched it last night while she was babysitting. I do feel, though, that when a teenager begs for your company, that’s a pretty fine compliment and shouldn’t be ignored.

Here’s the usual Tuesday Amy Purdy video. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer even notice that her legs aren’t like everyone else’s. I don’t particularly like the rumba, but this is still a good one:

Strange day Open Thread


This has been a very strange day, starting at about 3 am when I awoke to find that the power had gone out. By the time I’d notified PG&E, I was wide awake and suspected that my day had begun early. Then, one of the dogs came down, which she only does when she needs that rare night-time walk. By the time I finished with that, I was certain that sleep had fled. Except that my dog cuddled up next to me and I was able to sleep again until my back-up alarm went off. The day has continued in that mode since then — something’s happened that shouldn’t have happened, that should have disrupted things but, instead, it actually made things flow more easily.

We often complain about Murphy’s Law days and the negative impact they have on our lives. As of now, I’m in awe about a Murphy’s Law day — everything going wrong — and the way each wrong thing has paved the way for something that’s actually better than the status quo would have been.

Anyway, what with one thing and another (including that power outage), I haven’t had a chance even to read the news. I’m heading off for a couple of hours now, but hope to write more upon my return. Until then, please enjoy this open thread. Also, I cannot guarantee that my friend the Canardvark will be able to post today, but if he does, I can guarantee that it’s really good and worth the three minutes of your time that it will take.

Oh, also, because this is the Tuesday after Dancing With The Stars, here’s another Amy Purdy moment. She wasn’t the best dancer of the evening, but I continue to be deeply impressed by her abilities: