Is the Obama campaign going to “announce” victory to depress the vote?

If true, this is a very effective (and completely immoral) tactic:

New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor, based in Chicago, tells TheBlaze that the Obama campaign may be planning to preemptively announce victory in the presidential election based on early voting numbers in an attempt to “demoralize Mitt Romney supporters.”

Citing a “very solid source” in Chicago, Thor says the Obama campaign is looking to make it appear to voters that they have “this thing sewed up and are less than 24 hours to victory,” according to his source.

Meanwhile, team Obama will also urge voters to get out and vote so they can say they were part of the important 2012 election that resulted in a second term for Obama.

No matter what you hear in the news, VOTE.  In an election that has the possibility to be very close, every vote counts.  Do not let the other side play mind games with you.