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Bookworm Beat 12/21/16 — the “election that never ends” edition

Yes, the Electoral College has spoken on the election, but the Progressives’ weeping, wailing, beating of breasts, and rending of garments continues unabated. That’s why you’ll find these articles pertinent, interesting, amusing and, sometimes, frightening. Don’t attack people from whom you want something. Hillary wanted votes from Americans but she

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PBS savagely attacks Donald Trump, using a sober tone to hide its basic dishonesty

Tuesday night, PBS’s Frontline premiered The Choice 2016, which purported to be a documentary examining the lives and careers of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was not, in fact, an honest documentary. It was a savage hit piece, using a patina of documentary sobriety to hide its core dishonesty.

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#NeverTrumpers — we’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well

During the primaries, I was a #NeverTrumper, because I preferred Ted Cruz’s more constitutionally pure political ideology. Unfortunately for me, Ted Cruz didn’t win the primary. The iconoclastic, highly eccentric, often bombastic, and really rather vulgar Donald Trump did. What I did not do when Trump became the Republican candidate was

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Bookworm Beat Honduran Invasion Ukraine

The Bookworm Beat 5/13/16 — the “to Trump or not to Trump” edition and open thread

I’ll be away all day tomorrow, first doing an activity with the kids, and then listening to this year’s best a cappella groups (although this wonderful group from Israel won’t be there). I therefore hope that this post gives you lots of interesting stuff to read on Saturday. Pro-Trump?  Anti-Trump?

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