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Bookworm Beat Woman Writing American Left's Fascism Russia Hoax

The Bookworm Beat 9/13/16 — the “I feel deplorably faint” edition and open thread

I’m going to divide this post into “Hillary stuff” and everything else. Let’s go to town and have fun. Hillary stuff: Ah, Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.” It’s the gift that will keep giving and giving and giving. Scott Adams believes that the same people who feel guilty knocking her off

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[VIDEOS] About Hillary’s fainting spell … and the world she wants to lead *UPDATED*

Hillary’s campaign is in cover-up mode, but it’s clear to the meanest intelligence that something bad happened today at the 911 Memorial. It’s so bad that Chris Cillizza has had to concede that Hillary’s health, rather than being a fevered imagining in the right-wing swamps (which he argued a little

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